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  1. Brilliant Carlos just what I have been looking for , still have a few sceneries to be done but plenty of time to wait.
  2. Hello Jack, It is indeed with Orbx's TE and I have all the UK TE which I like. Thanks to all with your kind comments. Jock
  3. Thank You Ian outstanding airport as normal. Jock
  4. Hi Laurie, Sorry I don't know as I just wanted to see the plane in flight and when flying over Edinburgh Airport (Orbx) I thought I would take a couple of shots. Thanks for the kind replies folks. Jock
  5. On Patrol looking for the Big Bears from Russia.
  6. Thank You for all your replies. Jock
  7. Lovely shots HeKa48 and well done. At the moment I am watching all Star Wars films and I love them. 5 Discs down and 4 to go.
  8. Thank You for your replies.
  9. Spitfire over the Land of make Believe.
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