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  1. Good Afternoon, A minute ago my Jaw dropped as I was flying around Bristol Airport I saw a passenger plane coming into land, it was brilliant to see as this is the first time since release that I saw other traffic. I followed the jet to its parking bay.
  2. Good Morning, Where to start? I purchased Prepar3d V5 on the understanding that Orbx and other developers would update their software for this version. We will release the updates when HF2 is out well the fix has been out for weeks and still nothing or maybe one or two updates. Due to the new Microsoft Flight Sim I have ceased purchasing from Orbx and other developers but I still have room for the 56 updates which I am waiting for from all developers on my SSD. I have also an empty SSD waiting for Microsoft as I removed X-Plane 11 from my system. It will not be long until 18th August and
  3. Thank You for all your kind comments. Only ever spent a weekend in Dusseldorf in early 70s as I was stationed in Munster but all I can remember is the tall buildings.
  4. Many thanks for all your very welcome comments.
  5. Many thanks for all your wishes as to the new monitor I purchased at the right time for £509 and yesterday the price has risen to £630. Still waiting though but should be in my hands by early next week or in a few days. Jock
  6. All I need is for my new Samsung 32inch G7 monitor to turn up but it looks like a wee while yet. This is a wee present from me to me.
  7. Could be worse Jack but all is well. Ringo Starr's birthday as well but not keen on his drumming I prefered Pete Best
  8. Happy Birthday to you to Jack and thanks. 68 and still here he he he. Jock
  9. Brilliant Carlos just what I have been looking for , still have a few sceneries to be done but plenty of time to wait.
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