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  1. I have the same motherboard but an i9 9700k. I clean the fans about twice a year or more if needed, therefore I do not have a build up of dust and my temps are fine no matter what I throw at it. Considering that I built my computer I take pride in looking after it.
  2. With the last two Flight Simulator failures I think I will bide my time with this new Sim and have a wait and see approach. I have Prepar3d, X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS2 to keep me going and downloading Washington XP as I write.
  3. Hi. I have just downloaded the CityScape and its wonderful. Have flown for 30 mins in both normal flight and then Virtual Reality and am gobsmacked as its brilliant in both flights and its also huge. I would love to see Edinburgh and Glasgow CityScapes in the future but am in no hurry. Well done ORBX once again and thanks.
  4. Having just purchased the Aerosoft Airport I cannot wait for the CityScape and keep checking. I have removed the city from the airport scenery and was just a tick in a box to install the new CityScape. Thanks ORBX once again.
  5. According to the Broadband Speed checkers I use my download speeds are shown as 212mb/s. I use about 4 of them and run the checker 3 times. When I come to download it depends on the servers from whence I download and never do I get the top speed. I usually get between 3mb/s to 28mb/s. I also had my setup checked with Virgin Media and my settings are perfect. I am paying for 200 mb/s but will never get that when downloading.
  6. Hello Bernd1151, My name is David and just to let you know that I was based in York Kaserine (Barracks) in the early 70s and I remember a lot about Munster. I believe the barracks are now demolished and a housing estate has risen from the ashes. I also believe that the old barracks was used for the displaced people before being demolished. David
  7. Good Morning, I would like to praise the staff at ORBX for all their software. Last week I had to renew my motherboard so therefore a new install of all my software (I wanted to do this). I have lots and lots of ORBX software so wasn't looking forward to downloading it all but I did and I was pleasantly surprised as it was brilliantly fast (not like a few months ago when it was slow), not bad for a soon to be 66years old, stripping the computer and new building. Everything is working as it should but I am still loading lots of Flight Sim software. So once again many thanks ORBX and looking forward to any new scenery which will be released.
  8. Hi Ian, With all the outstanding photos does it mean that we are near to read your famous quote very shortly. Jock
  9. Lawrence, Have been known to change my underwear at least yearly ha ha ha ha ha. Jock
  10. Oh before I forget I've never had a beard, moustache or long hair. I have shaved every day since I started sometimes twice a day during Military Service. Had long sideboards once but had to shave them off. Jock
  11. Thanks Gypsy Pilot, don't think the overall bib would suit me anyway. Take care.
  12. Remembering the good times from childhood to now and the funny things that happened to you ie. here is a little story and it begins on my 7th birthday. I got a pair of roller skates from my parents and I decided to take them to school. I had planned to not go to school but to go up to my Gran's house nearby. As it was nearly summer I was working in her garden and had built a wall of dirt which I could hide behind. I waited till she went to the shops and pulled out my shiny roller skates and put them on. I loved skating up and down the street until unknown to me a hand reached out and grabbed my hair and it was my mother who started to hit me and my Gran stood there laughing. I was then frog marched to the school and my Mother told the teacher what I had done and she in turn gave me the belt (sore) as I was bad. My Gran had saw me heading up to the back of her garden and when she met my mother in the village she told her where I was. The skates were taken off me for a long time and I never did it again or did I?. Hope you all get the story and its very true because I was there. he he he .
  13. 65 and still wearing identical clothes which I wore a long long time ago i.e. jeans and t-shirt with sneekers or trainers, and still have my hair but a bit grey. Never worn a pair of Bib overalls in my life.
  14. You can do what you like whenever you like. You can use your Flight Sims at any time. Do not sit all day and look at the box get out for a wee walk now and again. Joke with people about your age (I'm younger than I look)
  15. I wish everybody a Happy and Fruitful New Year and that all goes well. It won't be long till the Bells ring out in Scotland and Edinburgh will have the best party in all the world. Take care and Awe the Best. Jock
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