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  1. Thanks for the wishes guys, but as my father-in-law always said, "It's just another day."
  2. Awesome, Jack! In the fourth pix I can see my old abode. 1600 Bertha St. Apt. 1 - corner of Bertha and Venetia St..
  3. The government checking up on the McArthur River world-class zinc-lead mine (MRM).
  4. Doesn't appear or do that in my sim. (P3Dv3.5). Been up and down the loch many times.
  5. I set out from the Laggan Locks, headed SW along the shore to see if there were any anomalies in my sim. About halfway down the loch I thought I saw 'Nessie' . I wondered how "Nessie' managed to sneak through two sets of canal locks to get here. As I sailed closer, I found it wasn't that kind of sea monster !
  6. Amazing what happens when one moves a slider ! Thanks all !
  7. The missing terminal should be just a misplaced file as you can see it, (the terminal) in the announcement thread.
  8. I, along with Errol, am missing the passenger terminal at Charleston's KCHS. Just the jetways appear. Looks like the deplaning passengers will have to take to the stairs and walk across the ramp ! (I have taken the liberty of copying Errol's two pictures from his reporting of the missing building. Thanks Errol.) Joe
  9. A super rendition of Charleston ! Some really detailed portions of downtown are very recognisable. The only nitpicking I will do concerns the 'old' Yorktown and the some of the static aircraft. Alan, If you do a V2 could you separate the static aircraft (C17 and A380)so one may replace them with AI aircraft of their choosing ? Yes, that's he Boeing facility. However there is a big mistake as the three aircraft sitting on the Boeing ramp are Airbus 380s not 787s. I have not yet found a way to eliminate the wrong aircraft. If it was an honest error it should be corrected. If it was a joke . . . . . . . .
  10. Patience ? Looks like I won't be flying to Charleston too often. Finally after 6% for 37 minutes there was KCHS. Visits will have to wait for P3Dv4 or the new MSFS.
  11. Newly installed Charleston Cityscape will not load into sim (P3Dv3.5). Loading stops at 6% Terrain Data when attempting to start scenario at KCHS. Just stops, No error messages. If I start some distance away - KECG - simulator loads properly. If I then select 'go to airport' - KCHS, the progress bar stops at 36% Terrain Data. I have ensured there is no other Charleston/KCHS scenery active or installed. I have deactivated Charleston in the P3D scenery and after selecting KCHS the sim will load normally at the base KCHS scenery. I have verified the files in/with ORBX Central (v4.0.27) and receive the green check mark. I have removed and reloaded Charleston with the same results. I have uninstalled and erased the complete Charleston folder and re-downloaded and installed the product once more - with the same above results. Win10, P3Dv3.5, on separate SSDs. Intel i5, 16.0G RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Any recommendations or solutions would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  12. Jack, That was just an old replay. You know, you've done it a hundred times before. Now if you did it inverted. . . . . . . . . just remember to push the stick forward as you go underneath the bridge!
  13. This is just super ! Finally an East Coast city. Can't wait. Not to be 'nitpicky', but over at 'Patriot's Point' at least change the color of the USS Yorktown's flight deck to gray. The Yorktown is/was an angle deck carrier - last one I was stationed on.
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