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  1. I was fortunate to see aurora borealis twice in my life, once in February 1975 just 10 miles north of Quebec city and another time in October 1997 in Ste-Julie Quebec (south shore of Montreal but about 20km so sky was dark enough) Also saw it only once in FSX in January 2007 on a flight from CYVR to CYUL over Alberta must still have snapshot of it somewhere, will post them when I find them later tonight Alain from Montreal
  2. You made me realized that, both times thru Denver was always east-west, once going to San-Franscisco (Bonneville Salt Flats and Reno) and came back to Montreal thru Yellowstone (passing right next to Jackson hole airport) and South Dakota (Devil's tower and Mount Rushmore) in september of 2010 and last time in september 2011 going to Vegas via Arches in Utah and Grand Canyon South rim and back from Phoenix.. We are planning to go back west this september with our new toyhauler, thru denver again on I-70 to North rim of Grand Canyon then Vegas; maybe will get back East on I-70 to Denver and down south from there to I-10 and Louisiana.. Can you tell that west of Nebraska is our favorite area of the USA ?! I do not know Canada as much, never went east of Quebec province or west of Windsor Ontario LOLLLL... Maybe ORBX's Maritimes scenery will help in that regard...
  3. I really like Colorado , the view of the Rockies coming from the east on I-70 before Denver on a clear day is majestic ! Maybe one day soon we will see all the States around and including the Grand Canyon, Arches, Zion etc THAT would be amazing ! Alain from Montreal
  4. Having been there 2 years ago, it is spot on ! the whole area is breath taking, a must see in real life ! flying in FSX is only a tease, but a very convincing one ! Can't wait to go back.....
  5. Wait up you Camaro guys! I own a 2010 Challenger R/T that can challenge you on Jackson's runway Alex, I will send you pictures
  6. I am also pretty sure I did buy 8 products in the fall of 2010 to qualify for this free scenery, but cannot find any reference of what was required to make sure of if I indeed qualify, can you please Tim or Alex post the requirement list ? Thank you
  7. Let me be the third Canadian to support the St-Lawrence river region ! I live close, in Montreal south shore area and just love to go camping in Ontario's Provincial parks along the seaway Alain from Montreal
  8. Made a short flight, yesterday, from Cody Wyoming, fly west following the road, over Buffalo Bill reservoir and you will find yourself right over "Old Faithfull" after a couple of minutes ! I was there last September on vacation, the "déjà vu" was very strong
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