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  1. I suggest you re-read my post...I have zero issues completing flights with lots of VAS left using P3Dv3.2 despite using a myriad of add-ons and fairly high settings...they very same settings and add-ons that in P3Dv3.4 will cause an OOM CTD 9 out of 10 times. If the problem were the settings or the add-ons used I would see the same problem in P3Dv3.2, don't you agree?
  2. In my case pushing 3.2 vs 3.4 with the exact same settings and amount of add-ons yields a very different result where the biggest difference is in 3.4 my flight usually ends up on my desktop after having a CTD due to an OOM condition while doing the very same flight in 3.2 ends exactly where it was planned to end...by the gate at my destination airport. So yeah...the product is fine but not all versions of it and certainly not for everyone depending on what settings and add-ons you use for your normal flying.
  3. Can't say for sure since I decided to go all the way doing a fresh installation of P3Dv3.2 but I've heard people saying reinstalling the client should be all it takes. I always use an application called AOMEI Backupper which allows me to make a complete backup before I do any potentially dangerous operations. That way it's very easy to get back to where I was before I changed anything should I want to and there's a fully functional free version available if you like to try it out.
  4. I'm using FlyInside myself with no OOM/VAS issues doing all my flying in the NGX with all global Orbx products, AS16 wx, lots of payware airports etc but maybe I'm a bit more conservative looking at the various settings both inside P3D as well as in FlyInside.
  5. As for OOMs in P3Dv3 I solved that issue by going back from v3.4 to v3.2 and many others did the same thing. Might be worth a try if you haven't already and are currently on 3.4.
  6. Like so many else I'm really looking forward to this one and can only hope it will see the daylight before our environment turns 64 bit
  7. Haven't read through all posts so sorry if the answer is already in here somewhere but how come did PP act in this way and are they even legally allowed to freeze one of their customers funds like this?! Like many others I too find PP very convenient and easy to use but I also had my disputes with them when I sometimes bought something that was later cancelled for whatever reason. The company I bought the product from was always very fast to pay my money back and I also got a confirmation from PP the money was refunded but then waiting until I actually got the money back on my bank account...now the speed of that was everything but impressive. At the same time when it was the other way around and me paying for something the money is always withdrawn from my account the same moment I press the 'Buy' button...interesting how the communication is so fast in one direction but not the other... Hope everything will be sorted one way or the other!!
  8. Just wanted to say bravo regarding FTX Central 3 and also the integration with OrbxDirect! Brilliant to have everything in one place both when it comes to making sure my products are up to date, any configuration tools needed as well as the very easy way to check out new products I don't already own and buy them should I want to. Absolutely brilliant Orbx!!
  9. Sorry for asking something I think was already asked and answered somewhere in this thread but will the approach and runway lights be ON by default also during IFR conditions or are they only controlled based on time of day?
  10. +1 for a Venice if other European airports are planned for. Can only imagine how that scene would look in the quality seen in this thread!
  11. Wow...just wow... From the screenshots this looks like one of the most impressive airport sceneries I've ever seen!!
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