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  1. Many thanks for this Raz, this is great news and I'm very much looking forward to the update
  2. I realize that Jon. Hence I quoted Ed's post hoping for exactly what you mention, how he might have some news for us. Or if not, maybe will be able to reach out to Gaya (again).
  3. Another month passed and still nothing. Can you please let us know if you talked to the developer or found out what updates we can expect in the near future for this product? Just landed on runway 34 and seeing this takes away quite a bit of the fun using this product
  4. Hello Ed, Just wanted to ask if you were able to talk to this partner and if you have any news to share with us in regards of upcoming fixes to address the current issues?
  5. Thanks for commenting Ed, would be great if the long outstanding issues could be addressed by the developer.
  6. I'm 100% with you Nick in what you say above. Which is something I've also made clear in previous posts, how you can't be held technically responsible for someone else's products. This is something I was fully aware of when I started this topic. I never expected you to fix the issues. Rather, I wanted your view on this since this is about a product I and others bought from you. Even when it was developed by someone else. If I was in your shoes, a situation like this would make me question if I wanted to continue the partnership with developers "using" my well-known brand and platfo
  7. Now I see what you mean Jon. I guess the fault is mine where I've until now have failed to see Orbx Central as a market place. To me, Orbx Central has rather been a very convenient tool to install and configure your products. And lately also partner's products. Also, comparing Orbx Central to SimMarket for example, I've seen Gaya more like a partner of yours where other developers without mentioning any names with their products sold by SimMarket for example, in that case SimMarket to me is rather a publisher and pure market place/website. Not a tool/market place like i
  8. Hello Jon, What you suggest has already been done. Both by myself and others. Which is also explained in the first post above as well as in the linked threads in more detail if you haven't read through them yet. Unfortunately, the outcome hasn't been particularly impressive. Which is why you received this question in here. After all, we're discussing a partner of yours you decided to work with. As well as sell this partner's products via your own platform (Orbx Central). Based on that, you also have a responsibility towards your customers, don't you think? Not a technic
  9. So @Raz Goeta, do you have some info/update for us regarding the outstanding issues with the X-Plane version of the LOWW scenery?
  10. @KBNOtaku Thanks buddy! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though Gaya will reconsider how to treat X-Plane customers.
  11. For others interested, I created this thread to ask Orbx what can be done to have the current issues with LOWW addressed since nothing seems to happen for quite some time now. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/201985-Orbx-can-you-help-us-with-this/
  12. Thanks Jon, I fully understand and let's see what Raz can find out for us.
  13. I and others bought Vienna for X-Plane via Orbx Central and have found several issues/bugs with the product. When we've tried to get the developer's attention to address these issues, both via forum posts and filed support tickets, we have either not received a response at all or the developer said there are no planned updates at this time. Here's two examples -> https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/197148-gaya-loww-runway-approach-lights-totally-misplaced/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/200658-x-plane-11-loww/?tab=comments#comment-1715122
  14. I bought this scenery not that long ago and noticed this issue on my first landing. I reported it to the developer via the ticket system and got a nice response back how these lights of course should not be designed like this but how they instead should be of the type that is "sunken" into the ground. And how I could expect it to be fixed in the next update which at that time was said to be only a couple of days away. Then when I hadn't seen this update after a couple of weeks, I again reached out to the developer asking for status for the upcoming fix. I was told the fix had alrea
  15. What is this option about? I fail to find any clues in the UI as well as in the product documentation.
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