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  1. That is what I remember too being said in the beginning of 2019 IIRC. That's the reason I'm asking for an update hoping it maybe will come in 2020 when it didn't come in 2019. Unless we're in for a surprise what's left of the year
  2. Any plans for an X-Plane version of ESSA in 2020?
  3. Yep, what you say about this being a visual approach if of course correct. Meaning you must have the runway in sight and thus being able to judge when to start the turn to final.
  4. That's interesting Jarrad, thanks for sharing! I wonder if they then use some other visual cue to know when to start turning onto base/final.
  5. Nice, thanks for the screenshot! Good to have this visual cue when doing the circling 08 approach but would have been nice if this very important building would have been modeled a bit closer to the real thing.
  6. @wolfko Maybe you're right. Would be nice if someone who already owns the scenery could post a screenshot of the church. Can't imagine though such an important visual cue would have been left out of the scenery.
  7. Just wanted to ask if the church used as a visual cue when doing the circling 08 approach is included in the scenery? I would have assumed so but then watched the latest stream by FlightDeck2Sim who said he couldn't find it. Maybe he just missed it? Here's the stream and the point in the stream where he mentions this ->
  8. Got it, thanks Steve! Since I moved over to X-Plane, I've gotten used to very easy installations of airport scenery where no extra or external software is required. Usually, you simply copy the complete folder into place and that's it. Will think this over if I find this single scenery worth installing extra software just to get it in place and manage it.
  9. And you need to have FTX Central installed in order to install LOWI (and turn off static aircraft)? Or is it also possible to install LOWI separately and still turn off static aircraft?
  10. That's a very interesting question! Normally, you shouldn't get any static models if you have the 'Draw parked aircraft' option in X-Plane unchecked. Did you already uncheck that option? I really do hope there's a way to disable static aircraft models since I do all my flying online.
  11. Wow, truly looking forward to this one! How will it work with existing Ortho4XP scenery? I already have most of Europe including this area covered by ZL17. Guess I'll be fine as long as the airport scenery stays above Ortho4XP scenery in scenery_packs.ini?
  12. I suggest you re-read my post...I have zero issues completing flights with lots of VAS left using P3Dv3.2 despite using a myriad of add-ons and fairly high settings...they very same settings and add-ons that in P3Dv3.4 will cause an OOM CTD 9 out of 10 times. If the problem were the settings or the add-ons used I would see the same problem in P3Dv3.2, don't you agree?
  13. In my case pushing 3.2 vs 3.4 with the exact same settings and amount of add-ons yields a very different result where the biggest difference is in 3.4 my flight usually ends up on my desktop after having a CTD due to an OOM condition while doing the very same flight in 3.2 ends exactly where it was planned to end...by the gate at my destination airport. So yeah...the product is fine but not all versions of it and certainly not for everyone depending on what settings and add-ons you use for your normal flying.
  14. Can't say for sure since I decided to go all the way doing a fresh installation of P3Dv3.2 but I've heard people saying reinstalling the client should be all it takes. I always use an application called AOMEI Backupper which allows me to make a complete backup before I do any potentially dangerous operations. That way it's very easy to get back to where I was before I changed anything should I want to and there's a fully functional free version available if you like to try it out.
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