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  1. For XP11 I have been using some high-end 4Tb HDDs for a while not and have not noticed any performance issues during flight. Sure, they take a while to load initially, but once it is done, everything runs perfectly fine. I assume the same is true for P3D. If you are just using one or two TE regions, SSDs are fine, but I have almost 35% of the globe in Ortho4XP, therefore using only SSDs would be cost-prohibitive.
  2. After seeing that video you still need to be reminded of the benefits of XP11?
  3. I understand that there are business reasons to say that the P3D version will look very similar to the XP11, but having both platforms and a pretty high-end machine, I don`t believe this can be the case. The rendering engine of XP11 is far more advanced, and it is really hard to go back to P3D after flying on XP11 for a while.
  4. I would also support a subscription service. In the times of Netflix or Spotify, it is really hard to deny the advantages of this model.
  5. Very good! Even though I already have 4Tb of Orthoscenery for XP11, I would gladly pay to get guaranteed compatibility and a hassle-free experience. Day one costumer here!
  6. Very good! I have always been a MSFS/P3D user but today I am using XP11 about 50% of the time. Even though I have no real use case for Meigs, I have bought it regardless to support further development for the XP platform. Looking forward for the new releases!
  7. I already have the whole of Europe in Orthophotos for XP11 but, as I`ve said before, I would gladly pay for a product that offers a superior quality/experience!
  8. Fine, but please don’t call it reliable. Not even P3Dv4 or XP11 achieve that.
  9. I`d love to have Orbx regions using photoreal scenery. I do have several TB of Orthophoto, but I would gladly pay for a hassle-free experience with the Orbx quality touch and customizations on top. Being that said, starting with Airports and getting a feel of the XP platform as a general is also a fine approach!
  10. Huh....? What is this all about then? "That said I guess the cat is out of the bag that Orbx is developing for XP (I revealed this in a recent interview at Cosford FlightSim show), and I would be interested to hear if there is interest in a NetherlandsXP as a payware product with all the usual Orbx 3D POIs modelled etc?"
  11. I have almost ALL Orbx Products and cannot wait to have at least some of it also on XP11. This sim has so much potential. We just need top tier developers like Orbx to divert some resources to it.
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