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  1. Those are some good news. While I will try to buy things as much as possible from the built-in marketplace, Orbx may be an exception due to the painless and straightforward way Central is designed. Looking forward to remaining a customer on this next chapter of flight simulation history.
  2. Tried to Verify files (picture attached) and re-install. No go, unfortunately.
  3. Sure, I thought it was clear that the building above was floating. Here are additional screnshots and also pictures of my Custom Scenery folder and scenery_packs.ini. Please process my refund request (My account is thiago@gcbraun.com.br). Thank you for your support! scenery_packs.ini
  4. Hello, I have tried with your suggestions and buildings are still floating (pic attached showing my XP11 custom scenery folder just with EGPB and Orbx libs). New ini file also attached. If TEGB is required to use this scenery, I`d like to ask for a refund, considering that I am not willing to purchase TEGB. Thanks scenery_packs.ini
  5. Hi, I have removed this Ortho4XP tile and also my UHD Mesh (scenery_packs.ini attached), but even when using the default XP config, I still get these elevation anomalies. Before buying the product, I checked and TEGB was *not* a requirement for this scenery. Is there a way to disable these walls, at least? I have tried to re-name some .obj files in the Orbx folder without success. Thanks scenery_packs.ini
  6. Hi, how can I fix these floating objects in EGPB? scenery_packs.ini is also attached. Thanks scenery_packs.ini
  7. For XP11 I have been using some high-end 4Tb HDDs for a while not and have not noticed any performance issues during flight. Sure, they take a while to load initially, but once it is done, everything runs perfectly fine. I assume the same is true for P3D. If you are just using one or two TE regions, SSDs are fine, but I have almost 35% of the globe in Ortho4XP, therefore using only SSDs would be cost-prohibitive.
  8. Hi, here are some pictures with Chaseplane Off and using the default F22. The problem is the same. For the moment I have deleted hazards.bgl and the problem is gone. Any other ideas? I think this all started when I installed and then uninstalled Vector. I will never install Vector again, for sure. Thanks
  9. Hello, I am since months experiencing an issue with hundreds of Antennas appearing all over the northern part of the eastern coast of the US (KIAD - KJFK - KBOS area). Currently I have FTX Global and OpenLC NA installed. I had also Vector, but that is uninstalled now. P3D 4.4 in use, but this issue started with 4.2 or 4.3. The problem is similar to those described here: Does anyone know the name of this particular object so that I may exclude it?
  10. I was not aware that there was a CP for the sceneries. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am experiencing some texture corruption in the Alps neat the German/Swiss border. I do own Germany North/South, Global, OpenLC Europe and LOWI. I have already re-installed FTX Global and forced the migration of unified lclookup, but the corruption is still there. I have just re-installed the 4.3 client and not the content/scenery. On settings I have FTX entries placed below my last add-on and openLC entries right below FTX. Any tips on what I should do?
  12. Hello, As seen below, I cannot load procedures from the default XP11 G1000, even though there are published RNAV approaches, for example, for RW21. I also get an error saying that the runway cannot be found. Picture attached.
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