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  1. Thank you all, very much appreciate the kind words!
  2. Apparently my previous post was removed?? No idea as these are legitimate questions and I would like to purchase my new computer shortly. If there is something wrong with this post please feel free to let me know what that might be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all, I am upgrading my computer and purchasing a new laptop solely for the purposes of Orbx and Prepar3D. For the most part, I have the build figured but there a several items for which I am unsure: 1. The memory options are DDR4 2400MHz or DDR4 2667MHz, the price is the same, is the higher rating preferable? 2. The monitor is noted as 120Hz G-Sync enabled, I am not accustomed to such a high refresh rate but understand that with G-Sync it should be fine, is there any reason for concern using 120Hz vs 60Hz? 3. Within my budget its appears a 256GB SSD (boot) coupled with a 1TB HDD is the way to go, can anyone comment as to the installed size of the average region as well as the average airport? Thank you so much in advance, it is greatly appreciated! Cheers, Mark
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT Customer Survey - SAK Airports

    Whitehorse (CYXY) would be my preference by far.