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  1. Oh crikey!! dam I wont be able to sleep now until its out!!! Looks great,thanks John n all the gang...…..Doc
  2. Gday mate, I use a Quest Kodiak for all my flying in PNG,I wonder if this one would be better or worse,it has less wing area and no trike undercarriage,what do uou think? Doc
  3. Hi, Great shots,I fly there a lot in FSX and my Quest Kodiak,as I use triple screens I have not been able to put up screenshots,sadly!
  4. Hi teecee, If you print the manual it has images and instructions for all the displays etc,you can also click on the PDF screens to bring them up large,the reverse pich is magic on the PNG jungle strips! enjoy ,Doc
  5. Well after getting a Quest Kodiak,I rarely fly anything else,plan your trip and its loaded into the MFD screen on dash,then off into the wilds of PNG,or wherever you are going that day,wonderfull! Doc.
  6. Hi,I have mine screwed down to a custom made console,with the grey knob wound out to its free position,quite a few turns,its quite free,it has been in use for many months now and I really like it,I have shortened the lightest spring on the stick as I found it too stiff ,much nicer to me now,enjoy, cheers Doc
  7. Wow,I was there in FSX a few weeks ago in my Quest Kodiak but did not sight this,must go back for a look,great work!!!,wonderfull effort, Doc.
  8. MMmm,Ihave lots of pics but they are all triple screen ones,Oh well,not possible I guess! Doc.
  9. Hi Scott, Thanks very much,it sounds like a simple question but I have not been able to find an answer in spite of a lot of looking!! As windows is forever making changes its been a pain for some time,have a great 2019, Doc.
  10. Hi everyone ,can anyone tell me how to save all my control settings,every time Windows 10 does an upgrade I loose all my flight control settings and spend hours redoing them,very annoying to say the least!! Doc
  11. Yes having been involved in the development of irrigated agriculture both on the Fitzroy and the Ord rivers right from clearing the land and setting up the first irrigated crops I too am looking forward to seeing more detail in this wonderfull area of Oz,keep up the great work JV,Doc…….
  12. Hi Ray,I fly a lot in this area in a Quest Kodiak which is a great plane for very short strips,this one looks like it would be very interesting too and maybe a bit faster,what is it and where did you purchase it from if you don't mind me askig,great images too,Doc
  13. Aw com on fellers we are all young at heart or we would not be here,whats age got to do with it,the mix of people and the smell of Avgas here on the forums is great! stir,stir,Doc.....
  14. Sorry,I use a triple screen setup and have no idea how to send screen shots,Doc
  15. Great stuff Jack,I often fly in the same area in my Quest Kodiak which is great on short bush strips with reverse pitch etc,have not tried to put up screen shots yet must try sometime, the Orbx scenery in that area is really something! Doc
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