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  1. Great info,thanks to all who commented,I will go on enjoying FSX and all the great software from Orbx without worrying about a few extra fps,better fuel up,Doc.
  2. Hi Jack, I too have been wondering if it would be worthwhile to go to SSDs but the size of the job is a bit daunting and my system works fine on two 1tb drives,a GTX1070,water cooled cpu etc,so I have just enjoyed what I have,Doc.
  3. Wonderfull,this is a GREAT aircraft,I fly in nothing else these days! Doc.
  4. Hi Guys, I haven't been to Africa but I have seen some of South Americas coastal regions where all of the rain falls on the other side of the huge mountain range,Peru gets no rain only sea mists for instance, so you really need to know a lot of the climate in the area before commenting too much,great work by the team anyway,Doc.
  5. Hi all, Great images,I often wonder if this aircraft would be as good,or better, on short strips as the Quest Kodiak that I have been using for all my PNG flights,the Kodiak has full glass screens with ,moving trace on the map etc,etc,wonder if anyone has tried both! Doc.
  6. Hi all, I have been putting off this upgrade for fear of problems that might occur but it went well,no dramas at all,very impressive,now to check out some of the remote airstrips etc,fun,fun,many thanks ORBX,great work again!,Doc
  7. Thank you for posting this,very interesting to say the least,Doc.
  8. Thanks for that info Holger,really looking forward to upcoming service pack for AUv2, cheers,Doc.
  9. Hi,yes lord knows how many hours I have spent in a Quest Kodiak in the magic series done by Orbx,Ive loved every hour of it,some more of this would be GREAT,I am so looking forward to all the new small strips for AUS to be added,great work ORBX, Doc.
  10. Im back,sorry guys still craters at Pearse but wrapped with every other area I have been to so far,all runs very smooth,great detail,better frame rates etc,etc super job,could not be happier with FSX,Doc
  11. Hi Richard, Thanks for that,I will go there again and see if it OK now,I had a BIG crater on each end and no strip in between yesterday,must be a problem on my copy!!hopefully! Doc.
  12. I have been trying all the local strips that I use including Whyndam ,Kununurra etc,all good,wondering if some of you locals have used the Pearse strip and its OK? Doc.
  13. Hi agn,Now installed without problems ,lots of new detail even on Perth so will explore the east when time permits,should be a blast,thanks to all the Orbx crew,keep up the good work, cheers from rainy Perth,Doc.
  14. Yes,I must admit I was a bit sad to see this post this am,it sure took the urgency out of downloading Oz V2 ,oh well! Doc
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