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  1. Nick, will there be a fix for this? I have my mesh set to 1m
  2. Hi, After downloading the latest update for EGPH i have no taxiway edge lights, please see attached screens. I still believe the main airport building is still to dark. Main Runway lights are spot on There seems to be a few blue taxiway lights at the entrance to 06 and 24 I have highlighted in chart were I can see a few blue taxiway edge lights but the main taxiway has none Can you advise? Joe
  3. Swap your fx file to effects and BGL file to scenery
  4. Come on Guys, This needs to be sorted ASAP.. Now at my 6th hour and only downloaded 8 products after I had to reinstall P3D, which is stressful enough
  5. Still extremely slow and getting interruptions as well down to 594kb/s
  6. I Went for a refund and if the update sorts the issues I will repurchase. It is very disappointing that an update is taking this long. I too will wait for reviews before purchasing any further airports!
  7. Hi Team, We are now approaching 6 weeks since the first reported issues, do we have an ETA on the update.?
  8. Hi Misha, appreciated your early response, if a RWY designator change could be patched in the meantime that would be super.
  9. Wow, This is typical of Orbx, get your money !!! a simple fix as Gsalden said less than 30 mins work. From MAY you mean to say you haven't found 30mins! Guys it's time to treat your customer with a bit of respect?
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