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  1. I had that sinking feeling when learning to fly Class 2 microlight in NZ many years ago. One of my very early solos, lost a spark plug above tiger country more miles from the airfield than I should have been (ahem!). I got back ok on reduced power, but it wasn't a comfortable flight ... especially given the very low cruise speed and distance ... seemed like a lifetime. Then to top it all off, I called the 'emergency' landing on local traffic and on very short final some idiot taxied onto the runway. Lucky I was running slow, but I was pretty darned annoyed. Learned a lot that day!
  2. Exactly. ... and it isn't beyond the realms of possibility to have different modes (Easy / Advanced) as many game titles do that may have an effect. Be patient people, this speculation is worthless ... just wait and see ... if it is any good then buy, and if not, then don't ... this is not worth getting hot under the collar about!
  3. ... are you trying to tell me MS is getting into the cloud business ?!
  4. It's gonna have to be "some sort of revamp" to succeed !! More of a re-write, than a 're-vamp', I'm sure most people would expect given the legacy of what went before!
  5. We will just need to wait and see ... endless speculation will get us nowhere...
  6. My thoughts exactly, but we'll have to wait and see. If it comes on PC day1 *without* native VR I think some people will commit suicide!!
  7. Just saw this... https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/208245/microsoft-bringing-back-flight-simulator-in-2020?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=microsoft-bringing-back-flight-simulator-in-2020
  8. Not sure if this was posted before... From the comments: Pacific Aerospace Cresco 750 9 hrs a day, 2 engine starts, 120 landings! Time to dig out NZSI / NZNI and all those additional airstrips (BGL files!) and have a crack yourself
  9. Weird, we read all over various forums about wanting support for "other-than-FSX" and when you do that you get flak! There is simply no pleasing everyone all of the time. You guys at ORBX are doing a great job across the board and I'm sure the vast majority of your customer base appreciates that regardless of which sim they use.
  10. I sure wish you could get the original dev to update the -4 for -4 ... :-|
  11. Given how popular this little aeroplane appeared to be at release, I'm genuinely surprised no-one else has been able to offer you some feedback on this issue. I'd love to put it into P3Dv4 but I'm trying, for the most part, to stick to P3D-compatible-installers only (making an exception for the Baytower RV7 - I need to have some sort of RV in my fleet; I love the Vertigo RV-8 as well but I cannot recall if I got that one working or not)
  12. The RV-4 was a great plane which sadly hasn't survived the transition to P3Dv4 I don't ever recall the instruments being dim though - admittedly it was quite some time ago. I'm not sure whether the original developer is still with ORBX, but I do recall reading that this plane is no longer being supported; well, at least from the perspective of updates/code fixes ... someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  13. If I recall, I felt the ORBX mesh better than the FS Global 2010 (which I didn't re-install on a re-build). I use just the ORBX NI/SI now. If there is a better mesh, I'm all for it ... will keep an eye on this thread ...
  14. I have a good few up until about 18 months ago. Then my interest dwindled and I've barely touched the sim over the last year. I think this happened while I was in a rental waiting for my new home to be built; I had nowhere to setup the sim and played other games that didn't require all the gear. Then when my home was finally built, I got the sim setup but never quite got back into it. My P3D 'world trip' faltered. I tried, and didn't much like, the VR experience (hired a Vive Pro). Decided to concentrate on "just NZ" when I re-installed P3Dv4 but even so *still* haven't got back into it. Part of my lack of enthusiasm is that in my life I no longer have time or funds to fly for real ... I mostly used my flight sim for 'training' or 'testing' on real world flights I wanted to do (low, slow, VFR stuff). I also moved from Hamilton to Christchurch (NZ, obviously) and no longer 'know' the local area, whereas I spent near 20 years skydiving in the general Waikato region and 2 or 3 years flying around there (until early 2017 when I left). So no, not too many purchases for the last 18 months or so ... but anything NZ is eagerly snapped up (I have a competing airport not yet installed but purchased day1). I'm really hoping ORBX come along with NZ TE ... maybe that will drive some enthusiasm ... we'll see.
  15. They should make it random and *very* rarely sighted then ... just like the 'real' thing (in which I personally don't believe, btw)
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