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  1. Have you Got the public beta for TACPAC?, its awsome and changes the whole sim for mil flyers.
  2. Have you had a look here http://www.aussieairliners.org/index/australian/austindex.html it may be a start at least, lots of period pics and history of just about everything that has operated commercially in the skys here in australia.
  3. In Real life Melbourne YMML, Just got back from Perth, only to be lasered in the face by some imbecile in broadmeadows area as I was turning finals on the RWY34 VOR approach, "Nice work u TWAT"!!! this used to happen only once in a while, now it seems to happen nearly all the time, and I'm gettin sick of it , it made my eyes itchy afterwards, not to mention what could have potentially happened, Give me 5 Minutes alone and a baseball bat with that douche and I can guarantee they'll never do it again...just having a rant....feel A little better now....as for FSX been alternating between KHQM and KBVS Mainly as the strips long enough to test out most stuff and KBVS is nice and central to KORS, Darrington etc.... have Used YMAV alot to test out the heavy Iron and military fast Jets, Mirage etc, just like they used to in real life.
  4. Formally coming from an Australian GA (General Aviation) Charter and Commuter background 5000hrs+ and not really counting anymore, From a real world perspective. A Light GA aircraft from a C-152 up to say a C-340, Beech Duke or Piper Navajo Cheiftain cabin class of aircraft. It is or was, common practice for private and commercial pilots to leave the beacon switch permanently on, so as to safeguard against inadvertantly leaving the Battery Master switch on, thus draining the life out of battery, which was very inconvenient to say the least, especially if one happend to be in a remote area with no ground services at the time. It's happened and will continue to happen a lot of pilots. So when leaving the aircraft parked on the ramp if heading into town with clients or at the end of the day, the red flashing beacon would really stand out and save embarassment. Side Note! I've noticed too, a few of the developers for the FS series, payware and freeware, quite often code the beacon to the hot battery bus so the red beacon will operate with Master Batter switch off, which in the real world is not true to life or is very rare... Nav lights for VFR flights were rarely used if at all during daytime operations. as in the air from another aeroplane's perspective they can hardly be seen for traffic separation purposes strobes on the other hand, are quite visable. As far as landing lights were concerned, their use on the ground or in the air during daytime seemed to always be frowned upon by most charter companies and flying schools I knew or worked for, as the sealed beam lights had a very limited lifespan and were expensive to replace for charter companies and flying schools all struggling to make a profit, in a very small and competitive industry. However, landing light use was encouraged when operating at airports that had high volumes of aircraft traffic, such as Jandakot or Moorabbin as well as Airports with known Bird hazards or Wildlife (kangaroos, cattle , buffalo which can be potentialy fatal if you hit one on take off or landing on bush strips. Landing lights were often used too for High visibilty in VFR transit lanes and the old GAAP VFR entry points. If you can get access to a VTC chart for an Australian capital city, you will quite often see them marked on those charts. For night operation: Before engine start, pilots of lighties like a cessna single or a light multi engined aircraft. would often flash their landing lights on then off before announcing clear prop through the storm window and then engaging the starter Good armanship too dictated that whilst taxiing at night directly toward an opposite taxiing aircraft on a ramp or taxiway and when at a holding point too, if 2 aircraft are facing each other on oppsite sides of the duty runway waiting to line up and take off, it was good form to switch each others landing lights off so as not to ruin each others night vision. and finally for strobes, if fitted to an aircraft. They were required to be on at all times once entering or crossing an active runway and at all times whilst airborne. the caveat of all this is that they are real world observations from a pilots perspective and general armanship it will not contravene a company's SOP's standard operating procedures or any countries official aviation regulations hope this clears things up a little. Regards, 2cans P.S to all at ORBX/FTX I love your rendition of YMML, I use it regularly. It is uncannily accurate and my RW home base. However I find myself waiting an eternity for those stop bars to go from red to off when cleared by FSX ATC to line up and depart lol cheers!
  5. Brings back a lot of memories of getting my night hours up, many years ago. Also amazed at how much the airport has changed over the years since Lindsay Fox got involved.
  6. Have a few hundred hours flying these IRL, they sure have captured the essence of the old girl, Does any one know if they replicated the fuel system of the the 310, as the real thing had the potential to be a bit of a handful for the un-initiated. It would be be a wonderful addition to the collection, A decent rendition has been a long time coming. a descent payload machine for its class, plenty of room for bags freight oversize items in nose locker (as compared to a baron...pain in the Butt to load) plus plenty of room in the wing lockers too , Is quite a workhorse in the charter scene in outback/country Australia..Will lift.6 x burly blokes+gear Full mains 800 to 1200M strip 34C Day ....No problem... T
  7. If you need Airside pics For YBCG, I fly into there every other day and night, Infact I was there tonight Back home in Melbourne now though, I fly into just about all the capitals so if Orbx, Ozx , private freeware venture, Whom ever FS Magician, need reference pics let me know, can't help to much with GA areas they would have to be "zoom" shots I guess, but main apron tower taxiways etc, shouldn't be a problem, Been flying anyware between 60 to 100 Hrs per Month , So frequency isn't a problem, What is a problem though, lol, is working a 12 hr roster 4 sector Day then getting home, giving the "cheese and kisses" a peck on the cheek Loading up FSX and zooming up the ORBX coast at ZOT Ft for a few hours, till my eyes swell up an close over, then hit the hay and do it all over again. It can't be healthy. Yes, I'm an FS addict
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