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  1. #43 too. But many great pics this month ! Cheers zinj
  2. zinj

    Hazy day

    Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole is just behind. During a relaxing flight to KIDA. Thanks guys ! Cheers zinj
  3. Thanks Jack, and of course, this is not entirely wrong, there is a little bit of post processing ... colors, lighting, contrast, grass, heat effect, and maybe I forget a few ...
  4. Thanks a lot ! Cheers zinj
  5. Smashing shots Ricardo...as usual !
  6. Serenity and fullness... Thanks Iain for my new wallpaper ! Cheers zinj
  7. Thanks a lot guys ! And a very special thank you to Jarrad for this jewel of a scenery ! One of my favourite P3D spots ! Cheers ! zinj
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