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  1. Fiat G.91 "Gina" around il Vesuvio ! Lovely landscape ! Cheers ! zinj
  2. zinj


    Be careful ! Close your pockets otherwise objects will fall ... Stunning shot ! Cheers zinj
  3. zinj


    Just before landing at Dillingham Cheers zinj
  4. zinj


    Thanks a lot. Glad you like them. Cheers zinj
  5. First flight with the Milviz PC-6 around Jacksons Intl Airport. Lovely place, lovely plane... Stay safe ! Cheers zinj
  6. Thanks ! Aeroplane Heaven ! And it'free now Here ! Cheers
  7. A member of Taylor's family ? WHo knows... Cheers ! zinj
  8. Three works of art ! Colors, lighting, centering, everything is perfect ! Wonderful Mister Iain ! Cheers zinj
  9. zinj


    I took advantage of the stay at home sale to test True Earth GBN: the landscape is so detailed, fantastic! A little test flight between Dundee and Edimburgh with my new plane. Next time, I will take my golf clubs... what a dream. Cheers ! zinj
  10. But it's Mr. Bob Hoover... Cheers ! zinj
  11. Hi Jack, Nice pics ! Have you solved your elevation issue at EGHA ? Cheers zinj
  12. I love this little airport ! Cheers ! zinj
  13. Camouflaged in a tuft of grass at the end of the runway in Dundee, I was able to shoot the saab 340 Loganair which came from Stansted... Cheers ! zinj
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