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  1. Thank you very much to all contributors. I am very honored to have been selected from all the great screenshots of this month. Cheers zinj
  2. Big thanks to Jan Kees for the job ! Cheers zinj
  3. Thank you very much
  4. Aussi beau que la chanson de Cabrel ! Bravo ! Cheers zinj
  5. Great set ! Where is this beautiful landscape ? Cheers zinj
  6. That leaves me speechless ... or just to say : don't use the last shot for the screenshot contest...! Cheers zinj
  7. Impressive set of shots ! Cheers zinj
  8. Piper Pacer Super Pack by Lionheart . Great little addon ! Thanks guys ! zinj
  9. Thanks a lot chaps ! Cheers zinj
  10. Four people tied for first place. How can I do...? I fought with myself to choose... So, # 38 for me but it was painful...
  11. Kinda nice shot at KIDA
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