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  1. Hip Hip Horray. Have birthday old friend.
  2. Good to see the mighty Strat in the air. I recently reinstalled FSX so I could fly the B377, and flew from Perth to the Gold Coast. Suffered cabin pressure loss about 30 mins prior to descent, successfully got down to 10,000ft and then about 40nm to go I had OOM. 7 hrs wasted and not recorded.
  3. 32 degrees and lovely blue skies here in Perth, Western Australia.
  4. Fly the TrueEarth areas with Summer Season, or at least not winter season will do the trick.
  5. Using/sharing objects out of libraries from payware is almost always a no go due to EULA requirements, so no using of Orbx objects. Using/sharing objects out of libraries from freeware normally requires obtaining the owners permission and including credits with your shared package. Using/sharing objects the standard FSX/P3D libraries is ok.
  6. Day 1 purchase for sure. Soo looking forward to the new AUS. Is there any chance for the Abrolhos Islands (off Geraldton) to get the same treatment as the Great Barrier Reef?
  7. Hi John, we are all still around, we just don't have a forum to communicate on. I emailed Jay the other day and he indicated he was having someone look at fixing OZx. In these days of having instant availability to pretty much everything, sometimes things don't fall into this ideal, unfortunately. Hang in there. The OZx Flying Club are doing a bottom of Tasmania to top of Queensland inland trip and Craig is doing scenery in advance of each week's flights. Once it is complete he will look at releasing a new package of many small airstrips through Victoria, Western New South Wales and Queensland. So during the site downtime, work still continues. We are down but not out.
  8. Jay is working on it when he has time. We just have to have patience.
  9. Thanks guys for making the transition so easy. A few clicks and a look up on the iblueyonder account and Nantucket is installing. Well done all involved. Ed, could you add to the release page any recommendations about what to do with the previous iblueyonder installation. Also, is there going to be the same mechanism for transferring the free sceneries over as well at some stage? Thanks also to Bill and the Orbx team for the sale. Time to add Minute man - Plum Island to the list. Looking forward to doing an east coast tour when its all done. Thanks again. Cheers Trev
  10. Chester announcement is at the bottom of the third page because it isn't pinned.
  11. Nice vid. Especially the last helipad. Just a reminder, all the PNW helipads have been fixed for P3D and are now useable again.
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