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  1. Fantastic mate. Thanks very much for helping out. No I just have to figure out the setup.
  2. Since the demise of Hovercontrol I was wondering if anyone had a download of the freeware scenery at Scar Creek, CBA7, BC, Canda? The 2 zip files are Scar Creek Outposts 2010 Scar Creek Loads 2 We OZx guys are doing some helicopter flights in Tuesday nights and I remembered there was some scenery based around Scar Creek and it had some sling operations. Hopefully someone still has these files. Thanks
  3. 30nm off the coast from Geraldton and 50nm north south, the Abrolhas islands are almost completely missing in AUS v2, yet they lie within the AUS v2 bounds. There are 2 dirt strips on Rat and East Wallabi Islands. This area is a major cray fishing and marine area. Is there any chance they could be included at some stage? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houtman_Abrolhos I posted this almost 2 weeks ago in the 'Community Airport, POI requests and photo submissions' but almost no one reads those entires it seems. Thank you very much for considering this.
  4. Pedestrians should really be social distancing. This definately needs looking at. Or am I wrong and the sliding scale sets the spacing?
  5. Nice pics mate. I saw a 210 do a run from Port Hedland up to Broome and back on flightradar24 1 or 2 days ago doing some survey.
  6. Dawn Service in our driveways this year. Candles and people standing out front up and down the street. Very special in these strange times of social isolation. 3 of my Grandad's older half brothers served in WWI. 2 off them remain in the Somme at Heilly Station d2016 and Villers-Bretonneux, d1918. The oldest served from Gallipoli to France and managed to survive. Lest we forget.
  7. Thanks Ken. Boulder city looks fantastic. Unfortunately I have been out of work for 3 weeks and the future is not looking certain so it puts the brakes on new scenery for now. I've still got those old green and yellow dodo paints we used to fly back in the day.
  8. Good stuff Mish. Good scenic flight from SB. Hope you are staying safe mate.
  9. Hip Hip Horray. Have birthday old friend.
  10. Good to see the mighty Strat in the air. I recently reinstalled FSX so I could fly the B377, and flew from Perth to the Gold Coast. Suffered cabin pressure loss about 30 mins prior to descent, successfully got down to 10,000ft and then about 40nm to go I had OOM. 7 hrs wasted and not recorded.
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