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  1. Well, I made that too easy. YPPH Perth it is. Your turn wolfgo. The photo is actually around the Freight Apron near the threshold of Runway 06. Hence the Australian air Express and Toll Priority freighters in the photo. I hope Jarrad Marshall's version of Perth Airport is not too far away. Cheers Bernie.
  2. Hi all. This is not a current Orbx airport but hopefully it will be in the very near future. It has been promised by a well known Orbx developer. The photo was taken on 1 June 2008 so the airport has changed quite dramatically. The occasion was a visit to the airport by a group of VOZ Forum members where we were escorted by a forum member and had a good look at a Beechcraft 1900C. The interesting thing about this aircraft is that it was not fitted with an autopilot, the crew had to hand fly it on FIFO flights all around the area. The answer is actually staring you in the face.
  3. Hi Scott. As you are a Victorian resident, it could only have been YMML, YMEN, or YMMB. My first guess would have been YMMB as you live close by. However after I downloaded the photo and zoomed in, I could see that the aircraft belonged to the Air Ambulance. not the Royal Flying Doctor as ikbenik called it. A quick search brought up the Air Ambulance as being based at Essendon. The answer is, therefore, YMEN now called Essendon Fields Airport. Cheers Bernie. PS, I have found a photo of an Orbx airport so I can post that one if I am successful..
  4. Sorry, I have not got any more photos of real life Orbx airport. Anyone can have a go. Cheers Bernie.
  5. YMML Melbourne. I have not got any more Orbx Airport airport photo's so someone will have to share their photo's for me if I am correct. Cheers Bernie.
  6. Well said, sir. I agree whole heartedly. Cheers Bernie
  7. It worked fine for me in Australia. Just went to youtube.com and searched for Smithsonian and scrolled down to the result for Northern California. Easy. Cheers Bernie
  8. Correct Greg. Phew, I was beginning to think no-one was going to guess it. My wife and I went to Anchorage last year to visit a friend and she took us to the Alaska Air Museum at Lake Hood. That was a very interesting experience. I was in heaven almost. Your turn to post a photo Greg. Cheers Bernie.
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