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  1. Thanks Jack, glad you enjoyed. Thank you Steve. Well with FSX and P3D i used to use the UK2000 version. The reason for that was i was only running FTXGlobal and Landclass Europe to help save on VAS. But now with P3Dv4 I'm running those for Europe but also FTXEngland which i had collecting dust, which comes with modified default airports which actually are really good looking. So i might actually just to stick to what would be default airports where they would normally be heavy hitting on frames etc. If you look over on the FlyUK forum I've actually posted a full flight log of pics and you will see.
  2. great set of shots, like others have touched on though, all i can hear is "bank angle, bank angle" lol
  3. lovely bunch of shots, what king air are you using?
  4. Thanks for the comments chaps, yes the island hoping is proving to be great fun, about half hour of water between each one at the moment, makes a refreshing change at times compared to doing a long haul flight at night. this is the route set out for the island tour
  5. Currently doing a tour of the Caribbean islands, really is making for some nice viewing out of the cockpit. Couldn't think what to say about this shot it just one of my favourites.
  6. cracking shots, so clear, how do you always keep your shots so crisp, i keep losing a bit of sharpness in mine compared how i see it.
  7. Thank you for your kind words guys, ive really enjoyed taking some shots again and flying GA, ive spent to much time lately doing long haul. As for the paint job, what would you say if i said that its my first attempt at doing a repaint?? I did kind of have a helping hand as i used some parts of the supplied repaints as a base template. Through google i learnt how to find what files i needed, i selected the fuselage from one scheme and the wings from another and used them a base, to then add what you see colour wise and the writing (unfortunately it cant be made public Rob dues to the VA i fly for specifics on the aircraft, sorry). I then downloaded the proper paint kit to use some of the layers to add things back like the panel lines and hatches. Then to finish it off i worked out how to add which colour out of the choices i wanted as an interior. I think it took me about 36 hours to do, what with swapping and changing, reloading to see what it looks like, and then touching up final bits.
  8. Having just picked up my newly repainted Lancair Legacy i decided to pop and see my mate down at EGTH Old Warden, such a crisp beautiful day out, they were having a bit of an open day and he had asked me to bring the Lanc along for people to see. After leaving her static for a while i decided to take to the sky to show her off a little more. Parked up for the static display. Lets get in the air, all clear, start engine. Getting an admiring glance on the way past, i know i know, its a bit tight with the engine running around here. Cleared take off runway 21. Positive rate, gear up. A nice fly over to show off a little to the public. Lets head out a little and see what she can do, its been a while, such a great aircraft to fly. Time to head home, one last fly over to make sure runways are clear, any excuse. Nice smooth landing in and taxi off. Quick cup of tea and crumpets before heading home.
  9. sexy, that is all, beautiful as always
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