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  1. Many posts about that. It’s a London thing. I get the same sitting at Heathrow facing the city and I don’t even have EGLC
  2. That looks stunning, well done to the developers. Can I also say im loving how ORBX are previewing new products with the double images and slide bar. For comparison you can not get any better in my eyes, well done for that touch.
  3. many moons ago I posted the correct flight plan for the mach loop on here for people to follow, its the the only reason I have FTX whales installed
  4. You cant once you have the new ORBX central installed, as you have been advised it is built into the global base pack. it does the same thing, even looks the same so you have no need to install it.
  5. Does that work ok? doesn't leave any parts that are bit into the main terminal model at all?
  6. I can confirm it worked for me, so the system and method does work. Thanks Mitchell.
  7. I keep getting the same for AYPY, will try that and report back.
  8. If I may, can I suggest this little free package. https://www.fsreborn.com/ai-lights-reborn-free-edition, Admin please delete if not allowed.
  9. That will be why its the only oz airport out of all the ones I own that hasn't updated either, thanks for the info. Wish I had found this before I tried uninstalling and re installing it lol
  10. Hi Ben, I have a question that is related to a part jack asked bu isn't answered. FTX global, the manual says due to technical reason it cant be migrated, but it also doesn't have the uninstall option in ORBX Central, so we cant un install it and the reinstall it in the library even, or am I missing something. Thank you
  11. I have now Jack and its all working fine, out of everything I own ORBX wise I only have a couple of items left to migrate, each time I moved somethign I tested it and it works, as well as get the message come up asking if I want to add it to the add-on list or whatever it says.
  12. As advised in another topic I tried just migrating one airport, to see. how it worked, when I did so, the airport migrated across, and I was left with zero files for that airport in the old directory.
  13. Hi Nick, I take it that its because its still very very early days that only 4 of the airports out of the whole list of updates through the manual zip way, had updates applied through the New ORBX Central today when ive loaded it up etc.
  14. Just a thought, once you have selected your desired settings for LDDU in central, once you have loaded up the sim and are o the ramp. Have your tried restarting Coualt and re running the airport cache manually, from the drop down menu. Also if after that the trailer is still sunk, bring up the edit parking space panel and tell us what it is saying the airport elevation is, and we will compare to ours, I say ours because someone may see it before me.
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