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  1. Any chance for creating a version for Aerofly FS2 someday? Regards, Ray
  2. Hello Sylvain, Is there any hope of us seeing your magnificent Samedan LSZS airport as AFS2 Freeware? Now wouldn't that be an outstanding release from a Orbx? I really enjoy the long approach down the valley and checking out the golf course at the threshold. Regards, Ray
  3. Wow, double wow. This is some serious cultivation upgrades. I didn’t know Switzerland even had this many trees and unique buildings. Now I understand what JV meant when he said we would like the price. Excellent. Thanks JV, thanks Sylvain. Regards, Ray
  4. This is a very nice surprise. Saanen has been one of my favorite airports dating back many years. I was so disappointed that the DLC gave it such minimal attention. Maybe the Orbx Global Freeware Airports will continue to be introduced for AFS2. Thanks Sylvain. Regards, Ray
  5. JV, if imminent and ASAP means this week then maybe you can break the news about this next AFS2 airport for the weekend. Regards, Ray
  6. I agree. We now have 3 payware airports so I guess we can keep the question PENDING for a full year. Duh. JV says the 4th airport for AFS2 is imminent. Regards, Ray
  7. Let's have a race to see if KSFF gets to markets before the update patch for S45. S45 expanded area was in final testing two weekends ago. Either one will be a winner. Ray
  8. Is this a Maybe, because you said LAST weekend or Monday, which was 4 days ago? The sooner the better or maybe go ahead and release KSFF. Ray Before someone jumps my case about not having a signature, maybe JayKae or someone can find it for me. Check raymar99. I can't log on for some reason but yet here I am. duh. Here is an image
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