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  1. Just catching up after being in hospital and rehab. for a bit and wanted to say that flying the Link Trainer was the norm for awhile after WWII and as a Naval Cadet pursuing my Wings of Gold I sat it the spinning tilting blue box a few hours. I prefered the actual aircraft personally.
  2. When flying most GA aircraft on one engine always remember the old saying: "It has just enough power to get you to the scene of the crash!"
  3. Have not experienced using VR myself but if, as Aussieman points out the movement speed is excessive I'm not sure I'd be too quick to adopt the technique. I base my opinion on real life IFR flying where rapid head movement can and does induce inner ear fluid movement. This causes the inner ear to produce feedback that can lead to confusion, and a breakdown of the pilots scan.
  4. When Monument Valley was first released I had problems with floating terrain etc. Another person posted a solution that worked for me so the Monument Valley display properly. I quote his reply to remove a file from "Utah Complete" if you have that scenery installed. It may work for the problems in the posts above. If you have James Udall's scenery of Utah Complete (a nice addition), file cvxLAKEPOWELL.bgl intrudes upon Monument Valley so it should be removed.
  5. I'm pretty sure there are not too many Viet Namese who frequent these forums to comment on the war, U.S troops who served in Viet Nam number 300,000 while Australian personal was approx. 60,000. The 5 to 1 difference would account for more stories.
  6. I've been down in boonies so long my nose would probably bleed up high!
  7. Most important memories for me were first cruise on USS Forestal. Shortly after arriving on station had ordnance prematurely released from A/C on flight deck with catastrophic results killing 135 crew members in a matter of minutes. Not what you call nice memories. Returned home to repair the damage and transferred to HC-2 returned to Vietnam Aboard USS America CV 66. I was very happy to serve as Plane Guard rescuing our guys when they had to ditch. Although not as exciting as flying air strikes as before it was much more rewarding in my mind.
  8. I guess I'm getting Bi-American (PNW + FL southern) OH yeah I do speak fluent Profane!
  9. All worked as it was supposed to. Don't know if the other card has a problem or what but I have the airports in my system so problem is resolved.
  10. FWIW I used another credit card and only bought the 2B2 and 6B6 fields and this time the purchase went through. I'll attempt to buy the KACK files and see it that works.
  11. Hmmm, guess Florida money isn't good enough for the latest ORBX software and the 'Bill's Back' files. I'll just empty my cart and silently slink away as it appears that no solution is forthcoming on this "problem".
  12. Brevity doesn't always equal quality. (cannot download what? Trying to reinstall what?) a tad more information would probably assist in helping with your problem.
  13. Nick, FWIW I received a mail notice about my new VISA card being a "chip" card and having a PIN number. I thought perhaps this was to be used instead of the three digits on the reverse of the card when entering data for payment. I tried changing to that new number but still do not get a link for downloading. I do want purchase the two airports but at this point it seems that I may not be able to do so unless I can get a link to download.
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