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  1. I had MSI's Afterburner running on boot-up. After I disabled it, CP finally successfully updated to v 1.7.7 and runs properly!
  2. Disabling AfterBurner updates CP to v1.1.77--Great call! Thanks
  3. Negative-only Win Defender which has been configured according to the installation instructions--
  4. ChasePlane_Report_1587146076.txt
  5. Update--Apparently the issue is the "immersive updater." If I delete in the local tmp directory, the folder "85b75v4b...." and open CP, everything is OK. If within CP I attempt to download the update, I'm in the same loop as described above. It's the download of the update that's the problem--I appreciate your comments and assistance--
  6. One more thing, the "immersive_updater_cp.exe" was the crashing program. Also the graphics drivers are the latest--
  7. Thanks--I was using Prepar3D v4.5 and I don't have simconnect.xml in the appdata… directory. Checked again administrative rights. The event log lists a faulting module "d3d9.dll"; the graphics drivers are to update
  8. Followed the required steps for migration setup, launched CP from Orbx and nothing happens. Uninstalled, rebooted, and tried again--same result. Any suggestions would be appreciated--Thanks
  9. I have been unable to use the Jetway at Gate 15 with single aisle jet aircraft (MaddogX, PMDG 737, FSL A320X). GSX shows the gate as unavailable, and the manual commands do not work--Any help would be appreciated--Thanks rw
  10. I tried the install again and have the PMDG 737-700 running. There's only 1 issue (apparently) and that's the CDU. The PERF page always shows the CG at 2632% irrespective of the loading (a message is invariably generated that states the aircraft is unflyable). In the fs9 version, it's 24% for the configured loading. The question is where's this number coming from and can I change it? I will continue the search through the aircraft.cfg file. Thanks again for you help. Happy New Year-- Robert
  11. I would appreciate a pm with the directions--Thanks, Robert
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