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  1. Yep, I love Walter's place too ... very nice area to fly around also .... Happy Flights ...
  2. Reducing start up time when loading FSX

    My 120Gb SSD recently reached it's load limit, so I copied the fsx folder back to my D: drive, which is a normal HDD and my load times are now at least double (a non-timed, educated guess). So, that now gives me more time to do flight planning ;-)
  3. Thanks for this BB. Very useful.
  4. Members' Rankings

    I was a "postie" once ... does that count for anything? Hey !! One more post to my collection
  5. By today's standard, my FSX computer is low spec, but I have no trouble with the J41 and my Orbx airports. I love flying the J41 in Brindabella colours from Canberra to Tamworth. Or Qantas colours (ficticious) Melbourne to Launy. I dont own the other, so can't comment. Happy flights!
  6. bailif RE: Jacqueline Cochran. Certainly another Lovely Lady that was smitten with flight! According to the magazine that I'm currently reading about the Concorde, the two Jacquelines competed and swapped the "World's Fastest Woman" title nine times between themselves! WooHoooo! Talk about Fast Women! My previous post regarding Jaqueline Auriol, was in reference to piloting the Concorde. The magazine says that Jaqueline Auriol piloted the first prototype Concorde, 001, in 1969, one of only three women to sit in the left seat of Concorde.
  7. Speaking about the Ladies, I never knew till this week that there were two female captains that flew the Concorde, one Brit - Barbara Harmer - and the other one French - Beatrice Vialle, and one other that took part in the trials of the Concorde - Jacqueline Auriol. Some ladies get bitten big time!!
  8. Jackson hole- Coverage map

    The FTX "Regions" are very large areas in themselves. I have had the Australia "Region" since it came out on DVD and I still have not flown in every area yet. I purchased the USA/Canada "Regions" last year and have hardly scratched the surface with them. Sure you can fly "out-of" any of these "Regions", but, you will be needing a fast aircraft and lots of time on your hands. Two to three hours flights will keep you "inside" the FTX world of your choice most of the time. If you have a need to fly between the FTX "Regions", then simply save your flight mid-way, (always a good idea just incase the missus comes home) reload the next "Region", then resume your flight. I made the mistake of "turning off" the FTX area I flew in the other day. Standard FSX ... Yuck! Happy flights mate ...
  9. So how does one become a "Life Member"?

    And here's me thinking that you have to do something really bad to get "Life" !! Some of these posts crack me up Keep 'em coming guys
  10. Volume discount for loyal customers?

    +1 : What Derek said .... I love the Orbx stuff, who doesn't? But, even though I bought other areas, I mostly fly in FTXAU. I only have 24hours in my day, and I need some of that to sleep, otherwise my flight preps are rubbish! Oh, and there's a couple of other things that need to be taken care of .... So, if you are "strapped for cash", and who isn't these days? then just purchase what you need. And if Orbx discounts it, then, great! We are the customers, not the CEOs. They make. We buy. Simple process really.
  11. Orbx Australia

    Hey Chaps, don't forget the free mesh that goes with Orbx Australia. It gives you some hills to fly over! Happy flights "Down Under" eveyone !!
  12. YBCS is a good starting choice. Beautiful area to fly in. You then might like to work your way down the East Coast of Australia. Lots of sweet airports to explore as you head south from Cairns. Because I live in Melbourne, my favorite four are YMML, YMEN, YMMB and YMAV. They are situated around Port Phillip Bay, in Victoria.
  13. What Zoom?

    Teecee, if you do not have TrackIR, then map a button to the [shift - o] feature, which will turn on/off mouse-n-wheel panning and zooming.Then just use your mouse wheel to "zoom-in-and-out" on the fly (pun intended) and use the mouse to "look-around". I use the mouse-n-wheel all the time in the VC. Makes doing circuits much easier too.
  14. Windows 7 crash...

    I was getting CTDs for a while till I worked out that it was being caused by some "free" scenery that I had installed some time ago. All I have done to stop the CTDs was to un-check the scenery in the FSX scenery library. That way I can "switch it back on" when I want to visit the area it covers. Many flights later, still going fine.
  15. Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

    I have that book also, and found it easy to follow and very informative.