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  1. Thanks, Kulbit, for your help with this. I've installed KEDW in FSX and I'm now working through a few things. No buildings show on the main field (though vehicles and other objects like cargo containers do). Buildings in the nearby residential area show up fine. I placed the KEDW scenery quite high, above my other non-Orbx US sceneries, and the libraries much lower, just above the Orbx installations. Also the runway markings on the dry lake seem to be raised on low ridges. Not too bad at a distance but not good for landing I'm working on it but wondering if I ought to deactivate the KEDW files in Orbx Vector or not. I'll try it later, out of time today. I'm posting here in case others have similar issues. I hope I'll post answers later. Again, thanks! Below - Edwards with no buildings. Below, ridges under dry lake markings.
  2. Kulbit, my expertise is limited to past versions of Edwards in earlier versions of MSFS, and "Proximo" fits nicely with my memory of the best of those, down to the compass rose and strips on the lake. I looked at MAIW but couldn't see it as a download. Can you point me to it more precisely? I would be using it in FSX. I'm hoping it's portable, no issues with transparency and the like.
  3. Enjoy the barbies and a coldie or two. I got lucky, woke to the sound of kookaburras this morning. Not bad for the suburbs.
  4. I would like Orbx to cover all of Europe one day, but to be realistic, we can adopt a few band-aid measures. I've got 40-odd French scenery items on top of Orbx landclass & vector. They are generally not airports but VFR features (I have a few fields which don't seem to clash, but it's always trial and error and dumping a nice field because of floating grass). There is a pack of nice chateaux in the Loire valley, which work in FS9 or FSX. With Orbx vector, there's a slight conflict where two different river banks show at a couple, but I've kept them anyway. Purists may not, or someone may find a fix. I just fly by at a little distance and don't look at the water Here's what I mean;- Also there is an Alsace VFR pack which adds numerous stately structures. Nothing's perfect, there's a beer brewery that looks oversize to me, but 95% is a good hit rate. There are some nice addons at Lorient - an old coastal fort and the former U-boat pens - and in general it's just a matter of browse and try. The net result is that I am committed to a tour of France trying to identify things which are bad fits. Not many are. Sources are mixed but very easy to find. I'll help if anyone is really stuck.
  5. I must say I'm enjoying the thoughts coming out in this discussion. There's a related viewpoint in this thread; As for my opinion... Easter Eggs! Most people love finding unexpected goodies, and if some don't, they are still there for those who do. Some users, to my slight surprise, are there to fly aircraft. Anything not modelling an aircraft, or our own house in the landscape, is a waste of resources. However, we all come to FS for different things and I thank designers who know this. I am impressed that somebody thought "let's surprise those nitpickers who look inside the buildings". We never expected, two iterations of FS ago, to see what Orbx now regularly delivers. We didn't expect squirrels and butterflies in long waving grass, leaves falling, deer grazing, or snow-flow. One day someone will find FS (or P3D or whatever) can accommodate an enhanced version of Google 3D maps, and not only will we find our houses there, but we will be able to step inside them, fire up a digitally modelled computer, load a virtual FS and complain because our pixel puppydog isn't sitting in his usual spot. Go on, Orbx, I dare ya!
  6. Basically, the airport is what I fly in and out of. Since FS lets us use helicopters and boats, external detail counts even more. The regional scenery, and what's visible from where I'm parked is the base line. But - to be ultra-realistic - if we care to, we can walk from the car park and through the buildings, even into some terminals. I've done an avatar tour of many Orbx sceneries. The ability to do it, or even to want to do it, speaks highly of Orbx's detailed work. Strolling round Innsbruck was as much fun as flying into it or going low and slow in a helicopter, train-spotting. I've walked to several waterfronts through nicely modelled local towns, and even driven from airports to the local CBD, when I feel like something different. It's primarily a flight simulator, but I like to pick up what I can of the local scenery, and at last Orbx makes that possible. It's about enjoyment.
  7. I am with Brett T. Not a lot I could add to his reasoning. I find that my interest in FS diminishes according to my chances of getting it set up to my liking before the hardware can no longer cope. I am still setting FSX up after a year with a replacement PC. If I just about have it done in time to start all over again I'd rather step off the treadmill! I suppose I'm wondering if Orbx will continue to provide scenery in its present format as well as photoreal. If customers can choose, everyone should be happy.
  8. Lawrence, I once had that and contacted Microsoft. They sent me a code as long as Gone with the Wind. I called them, and an operator asked me for the code, then cut me off half way. I called back and another operator just listened to the first four letters then registered FS for me without going through it. Left me thinking they can do it easily, but want us to jump through hoops. In short, as of maybe a year ago anyway, MS will still fix it, though I can't help with details other than saying contact them. I am just at a loss as to why it was at all necessary.
  9. Though not a pilot, and enjoying both the C185 and Aerosoft Beaver, I've had fun with the Porter in FS9 and FSX. You can get a payware one, but presently I am using Tim Conrad's free PC-6. The only tweak I made was to dig out a decent Pratt & Whitney turbine sound. All I could find was a set for a twin. I used it, editing the sound.fg for one engine;- [SOUND_ENGINE] number_of_engines=1 (and removed references to ENGINE 2 in that section) I've taken off and landed in FS football stadiums in it. Lots of power in hand.
  10. Thank you! And for all we demand this scenery or that from you, a surprise like NZWR out of the blue is a great feeling!
  11. Gotta say I've done this a bit finding paints, when I used to do that. But - just cos we can - I sometimes open our local air traffic, pick a flight, find a pic on airliners.net, step out into my driveway and spot the plane (or photograph it) then go to the airport webcam and watch it park ... so colour me 'geek'.
  12. Scott, doesn't Airliners.net let you call up aircraft by various criteria,? Searching "DC3" (or C47") and, say, Alaska, would probably unearth some tail numbers.
  13. A man's attending a big football game. It's packed, but he sees an empty seat. "Can I take that seat?" he asks the man next to it. "Well, I'd rather you didn't," he replies. "You see, my wife loved coming to the games with me. That would have been where she sat. But she's dead." "Oh. I'm sorry. But couldn't you have a friend use the seat?" "No. They're all at the funeral."
  14. As I recall JV said the Netherlands wouldn't be done by Orbx because of the excellent freeware available. I threw up my hands in despair because at the time there was no fast broadband in my area and that scenery was massive. I have it installed now and, even though I hear voices disliking photoreal, I am happy with it. Cities are a little sparser in terms of 3D scenery than Orbx, but in general - and especially as it's free (you can donate!) it has the Netherlands covered with photoreal, autogen, landmarks and airfields. However, Belgium is another story. Therefore I think one day, as suggested above, a BeNeLux package would be welcome. Alternatively, Vector and Open LC form a good basis for third party designers or perhaps an odd full-fat scenery. I'll take whatever Orbx offers.
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