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  1. and you may find every time Windows 10 updates it reverts back... That's what I found, very frustrating.. Dave
  2. Hello Rockliffe, If you do not want to build them yourself, check out the GoFlight modules. I have several and find them excellent and with FSUIPC and or Spad.Next very easy to program. Dave
  3. Hello, I have just purchased some TE regions in the end of year sale.. With Oregon and Washington what regions do they replace?...does Washington replace Pacific Northwest so I need to uninstall it? What about Oregon? The 2 California's were self explanatory (I hope) Dave
  4. Enlightened me to Christopher.. I will try your mods.. Thank you Dave
  5. Hello, Flying out of KRDU with Orbx Global enabled I can see Black scenry tiles with orange lights bleeding through the existing scenery. it's as if the night time tiles are being used even though it is the middle of the day.. Any suggestion please? Dave
  6. On a seperate issue I got this for Prepar3d v4.. I can see no mention of an update and nothing allowing me to buy the v5 at a discount unless I am missing something.. Dave
  7. As True Earth products have been discounted for Prepar3d v5 is there a special budle price for the USA versions... I own all the regions previously released. Dave
  8. Look great Ams, Do you mind sharing your settings as I would like to give them a try. Dave
  9. Hi Guys, I have True Earth UK installed all regions... I notice all my roads have a blueish tint to them...very unrealistic..Is there a way to change this? Dave
  10. Hi Guys, How on earth do I move my seat back in MSFS 2020...Bugging me as I am far to close to the dashboard.. Dave
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