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  1. Brilliant shots. Only live an hour away and still can't believe how spot on the scenery is...!
  2. I don't know what you consider "warts" but this is just wonderful stuff John - can't wait!
  3. Beautiful. But this ^^ has me really excited in the near-term...!
  4. Shot 2 has me really excited Iain - road traffic juddering along on vector roads has always been somewhat of an immersion killer in P3D, and the new tech seems to have finally fixed that thanks to the photoscenery. Can't wait!
  5. Stunning stuff Iain! Thanks very much, but hopefully it isn't too much longer for those famous words...
  6. Can't wait for the P3D version! Perhaps you can release seasonal packs John (as someone else had suggested) if it simplifies things...
  7. Thanks very much for the early impressions from P3D, Jarrad - that's great to hear! I'd second the recommendation to run photoscenery off an SSD for P3D - I only run Hawaii Photoreal, but it certainly did make a difference in how quickly the tiles resolved on my system. Also wanted to add that I was experiencing blurries with Gold Coast (which uses the same tech) but this was traced down to to a conflict with AU and Vector - since getting that sorted, terrain draw has been sharp even into the distance; here's hoping that's a good preview for how the other TrueEarth regions will behave...
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