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  1. Looks good, getting the airports co-operation is also good work. This is an airport that not so long was trying to get airport spotters arrested, who were outside the boundaries. This means I can now tour the airport without fear! It also means that buying GBTrueSouth is now on my list. It will make for some amazing approaches. Neil
  2. Thanks Ben, forgot to mention that ORBXDirect pages back to normal, looking good.
  3. Think everything is back to normal. There is an FTXCentral update, and a libraries update. It appears that an uninstall of V1 is required, so did all that. Now downloading 9.71GB, not as large as some thought. Looking forward to this!!!
  4. Just received e-mail notification, went to the order page, and it has a few problems, all the visuals are missing from my account. Backed out, and will wait till the page returns to normal. Release has not been announced on Orbx forums page either. Any comment.
  5. I have put in an app, have tested all the previous versions. Think I would like to test out a complete re-install of P3DV4, with my almost complete library of Orbx,. Looking forward to this. If I get selected of course!
  6. Hi, nice to have you back. Always appreciated your opinions and insights. Lots of new stuff to look at!
  7. Be greatfull, flew in and Easyjet lost my baggage (what realism).
  8. Yes Olbia is beautiful. Airport is really nicely done, and the surrounding area is really impressive. The whole package is just tremendous value!
  9. Another wonderful work, looking forward to it, Italy is hard to beat.
  10. I agree with the request for Southwest Alaska, as long as we include Red Dog! There is not much to the North Slope.
  11. Wonderful repaint, have you made it available to others.
  12. All really good choices, Olbia, Santa Monica, hope there is room for LEBL Barcelona, to complete the cityscape. Very happy to see that Vancouver will be included in the True Earth NW series. A Vancouver cityscape would be outstanding, an airport approach/departure with a really scenic setting. Also a great setting for floatplanes, helicopter services. With a little luck the coverage will extend to Whistler and the ski resorts. Campbell river complements the existing set of floatplane destinations, terrific IFR flying. Overall a set of releases which will renew interest in many areas, Australia looks, what it is, amazing!
  13. Flight was an emerging technology, it was going to happen. Leonardo da Vinci, set the realisable goal for powered flight, after that everyone was just refining the details! Looking at early flight is fascinating. Bleriot gets high marks in my book, he developed the first aircraft configuration, and control layout, that everyone today can understand. Walk up to the Wright Flyer, and your first thoughts are, how do you fly this thing. Where the Wrights shone, was in there engineering approach, testing and design. Unfortunately the Wrights wanted to Patent powered flight, and set out on patent suits that setback early American aviation, ask Glenn Curtiss. Meanwhile the Europeans ignored the patent issues and just developed aircraft. Remember when MS FS included the Wright flyer, maybe it could be brought back, along with something from Santos Dumont, and Bleriot. Certainly we have much better scenery now.
  14. For tubeliners, go with OpenLC_EU, I found it made a large difference over a really large area. There are a lot of airport sceneries available, which mesh with OpenLC, coverage.
  15. I second Tennyson, on the updated KSAN. Just completed my first approach, Sweetwater Visual, and it is stunning!! All the visual reporting points are there, the surrounding area is just beautifully done. A very well done piece of work, congrats Matteo. The double wall will be patched in time. Bottom line, buy it and enjoy!
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