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  1. A welcome update, pleased to see Marcus will be porting over his work to MSFS. Now looking forward to Matteo's projects, especially Congonhas, which should be a wow! Neil
  2. How ever you cut it, may be some hyperbole, this is great news. A new flight sim base product, which is meant for the consumer market (unlike P3D), a large customer base. Increased sales, means more of the products we like to see. I always remember one of the releases of Microsoft Halo, it was huge, for a flight simmer, it was astounding. Perhaps flight simming will move from niche product to mainstream.
  3. Replies on DX12 and Windows 7 Aero-3FSX - thanks for a good summary of advice on Windows 7. W10 will be on my next desktop, an upgrade is in my plans for MSFS 2020. W2DR - excellent link to discussion of DX12 and Windows 7, we shall have to see. This probably means that I will not be downloading V5 on day 1. Thanks to all for the discussion, and stay safe. Neil
  4. Thanks, I am reluctant to upgrade from Windows 7 at this time. It appears that Microsoft is releasing DX12, for some games, ie World of Warcraft, with a patch required for the game. This is what I am reading from PCGamer. Microsoft then must work with Lockheed Martin, for a P3D solution. I will have to wait and see if MS comes up with a solution. Are you running Windows 7, perhaps you can lead on this one. Neil
  5. Orbx has developed the new default airport for P3DV5, this is good news. Bad news, at least for me, is DivX12, which I believe is tied to Windows 10, not good for non-users. So once the non-disclosure is over , we will find where our Orbx sceneries fit in. Neil
  6. I was there about 1972. Always remember getting off the plane, wandered thru passport control (just waved the passport), picked up the bags, and walked out for a cab! How things change. It is a nice airport, to fly in to. Will be getting this one. Don't remember the schnitzel, but loved the coffee and the pastries.
  7. You are quite right, at one time Orbx contemplated addressing this. There are some excellent airports for Brazil, by one developer. But beyond that there is little. Still you can do the Sao Paulo to Rio shuttle, and it does look good with Orbx Landclass and Trees.
  8. Hi, Mauricio. To check version, in P3d, under Help, there is "About P3D", this will display your current version. The Current P3D version Hope this helps, will check back, now for supper. Neil
  9. Resolved, re-installed 4.5, went from to You are quite correct that the platform needs to be current, even if there is nothing on the bug that seems relevant. Thanks Neil
  10. Ok, will re-install the client. This will take a little bit of time. Thanks, Neil
  11. Just to add for Marcus, I have Gothenburg installed without problem.
  12. Yes, 4.5, have your other products installed without problem.
  13. Installed ESKS, followed settings for Norway installed, ie box off for Global /Open LC in Central. Ramp area appears to floating above landscape.
  14. John Venema hinted at a possible update, to follow a team meeting in mid February, may have something to share. There is a lot to consider, meaning the impact of MSFS 2020. the potential game changer. MSFS is going to show a list of third party developers in the next few updates, then we will see if Orbx is on the list, I suspect so. There are short term and long term planning decisions to be made, especially to continue on P3D scenery development or throttle back till the market gets sorted out. What about individual developers, start a new project, complete in progress asap, or just sit it out till things become clear. I would love to see the completion of last years in potential development, Bodo etc. There was also earlier hint of Burbank and some Alaska airports, all good stuff. Things are different now, remember the plan to rollout products, major scenic areas each quarter, airports several per month, just wow. So its all in the fullness of time. Neil
  15. Thanks for the update, looking forward to what John Venema provides for a year ahead review. Certainly sounds like full speed ahead.
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