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  1. looks great Filou, look forward to trying out your presets when you post them!
  2. just a few more that I have found using uwxp 2.4and 2.5 and xvision and Maxx Fx to control the finer details. thanks for looking M
  3. They look Great Jack, been playing with 2.5 has real potential but there is a lot to take in, I know some hot fixes are already out over at xplane.org cheers M
  4. HI Mark yes defo get it its by far and away the most realistic warbird I have flown across all sims , everything feels right and the sounds are the best I have heard, so as you can guess I love it mate.
  5. Thanks Mark, will do, I think My benckmark for me has always been REX in terms of weather I just did a quick flight out from Popham keep playing around with settings looking a little more REX?
  6. Hi Mark I am using Xvision also just working out how UXWP 2.5 fits in with Xvision , seems ok but I hear some are not liking its look?? as weather engines go for me its the best at the moment. I never liked xEnvirio I have sky maxx pro which in fairness is good but needs a big update. Do you just use Xplane default or a Plug in of sorts.M
  7. Have not posted any shots in ages so A real mix of sorts some using the New UWXP 2.5 which looks fantastic but a lot to learn and apply me thinks hope you all like. M
  8. Great Shots Mark are you using Xvision ? if so what pre-set are you using cheers M
  9. I live 10 mins from Biggin Hill they have just opened a memorial museum which is fantastic, and we have the Biggin hill heritage flight there also almost a squadron of flying spitfires and other birds. I hope Orbx will one day do Biggin hill in xp11 fingers crossed. M
  10. yes that's Unbelievable love 8k now
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