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  1. Martin Poole

    Two simple shots

    very nice for two simple shots the light looks fantastic
  2. Martin Poole

    Few from Wales.

    epic these screens
  3. Martin Poole

    Could this be Camelot?

    very nice screens
  4. Martin Poole

    Blue is the colour!

    great morning shot
  5. Martin Poole

    Hawking around in XP11.30

    thanks Guys
  6. Martin Poole

    Hawking around in XP11.30

    I would say one thing that XP11 lacks is great quality FAST jets!! that was until JF released this Hawk which is a real beauty and combined with true earth it looks so real I might just start wearing a flying Suit.
  7. Martin Poole

    Bush plane.

    great shots. M
  8. Martin Poole


    great great shot Filou
  9. Martin Poole

    Finals into RAF Valley.

    really nice love the repaint also great job
  10. Martin Poole

    Where the wife suggested I go last night.

    very nice set
  11. Top set Renault looked like a lovely evening to take up a spit
  12. Martin Poole

    V-Tail Cross Country - Part 1

    Fantastic set indeed Chunk
  13. Martin Poole

    It's CargoLogical

    Very nice shots jack do miss snow in xp11
  14. Martin Poole

    A couple of OLD MASTERS in portrait

    thanks for all your comments, I love the Vulcan been lucky to see it Fly many times such a shame it no longer Graces the UK skies.
  15. Its nice once and a while to turn it on its head. Thanks for looking. m