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  1. Totally amazing that one Filou
  2. its using a plugin called xwing, its great for screenshots http://www.xpluginsdk.org/xwing.htm
  3. thanks Jack , its from the org store ,its one of my fav planes to fly low and slow. M https://store.x-plane.org/PA22-Tri-Pacer_p_632.html
  4. Just a few before making more SSD space. M
  5. thanks All for your Comments, having a blast using xwing
  6. Great work Jack looks splendid indeed
  7. its always nice flying with a friend over Oban Scotland the good old days.
  8. yes indeed Filou one great French Display Team for one great French screenshot Artist .
  9. thanks all for comments yes Jack big external tanks lets just say there display lasted for ages
  10. The Patrouille de France about to display at RIAT 2019
  11. thanks All for your fine comments everyone, Jack by all means mate use an Honour indeed.
  12. Hunting alone and in a pack well kind off !!!!
  13. Super fast and super cool shots
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