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  1. Thank you for this update. I hope down the road something new comes out from this arena; but at the same excited to see what other projects come out in 2020. It is always fun to see the preview thread of upcoming projects. Have a great day
  2. Hi guys, Super excited that openLC Africa is in beta testing. I am just wondering will there any more improvements for the base Vector product in the near future. For example the not all the road lights turn on some parts of the highway (you can see few threads created by me on support). With OpenLC EU, NA, SA and now Africa - this is massive part of the globe to see and enjoy in the sim. It would be cool if some of the tech from True Earth series comes into Vector. I am just guessing and speculating here. To all the Orbx devs - thank you for all the wonderful addons. Airwolf
  3. Yeah, See this thread - see the response. I dunno what else to say
  4. Hi guys, I have joined PE, and I am just in awe of it. This is phenomenal and the realism it brings to the sim - is just amazing. I know (already own TE Washington & Oregon) covers the big chunk of the northern part of the PE area. Also do know Southern California is coming. But will the other areas on their network be covered by TE, or do I need to start creating Ortho4XP packages for the remaining areas? I just want all the areas of TE to be able used in PE network. Suggestions? Thank you for your time.
  5. JV - tell us - give some hints now. Looking forward to it
  6. Hey Nick, Thanks for the update. I truly was hoping that this lighting bug/issue can be fixed on Vector; but from what I can infer now - that this issue may not get fixed at all - just disappointed So many highways with no lights...... The Orbx Lights are my fav Orbx innovation
  7. Hey guys, Is vector going to be further developed and improved? this thread started on Nov 20, and it is approaching Dec 20 soon. Any input from Devs regarding this issue would be great. Thanks
  8. Hi - can you check that location without no clouds. Looks like Cloud shadow....
  9. I shared this joke with so many friends and family - everyone loves it. Excellent
  10. Jack - how did you get selected - I have been trying to get in to the club. Congrats though.
  11. Get the SD - you can always update to HD later for like 10 bucks. First you will save tons of space when in SD and above 2000 Feet, it all looks good. Honestly, SD looks fine to me even below 2000 Feet. I am just flat out blown away on how XP-11 renders all of this. This is OMG scenery for me. I can not believe we have come this far in flight simulation. Thank you Orbx Team!!!
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