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  1. OMG!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow yay - I see Simpsons!!!! D'oh this I have to have in my sim
  2. Get well soon. Wish you a speedy recovery!!!!
  3. Hey Jarrad this is happening even on default KBFI airport in Orbx PNW. I know in the screenshot it doesn't show as it would come and disappear by the time I clicked the 'v' key it may have resurfaced back to normal. Please take my word for it. Would this have to do the fast that I also have Pilots 2020 Ultimate Mesh NG installed? Anyway I figured this data could be relevant to you that is why I am passing it. Thanks
  4. LOWI on my new sim - especially with my new found tweak on p3dv5-hf1 Competing after many years. Looking forward to the competition.
  5. I guess next time I should force land there at KFHR and alternate would be KORS (if plane speed can't land here, I guess I could just hop and land in KORS)
  6. Hey guys, I actually had this bug with P3Dv4.5HF3 but not with P3Dv5HF1. One work around for 4.5HF3 was to install openLC Na into the sim and then export it out to a directory - that solved it but it wasted my time - I hated doing that but at least it was a work around. P3D5 HF1 recommended install is complete uninstall of P3Dv5. I have all my addons installed outside; never had a problem.
  7. Thanks for the heads up - please when testing or final solution allow the product to be installed outside the sim. I have insane amount of Orbx products for once everything is outside and I love it as p3Dv5 will get updates and those updates will require me to whack my sim. External method save me insane amounts of time. Thanks you
  8. Following up with my new found tweaks - see my previous post on here or go to avsim. P3Dv5 + Orbx is match made in Heaven. I am grateful that Orbx was involved behind the scenes for sim development. I can finally see KFHR the way it was meant to be seen from above - no texture blurries - just sublime. I can pick up the sand!!!! All images are full 4K. You may have to click to see it. FPS is constant 30 and monitor is 4k @ 30hz.
  9. Yes, I have it installed. I did see some buildings affected in PNW. Isn't that a good thing?
  10. How are you getting those clouds? 2nd pic clouds - is that in sim? how? omg it is so real.
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