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  1. Been away for a while from this thread.... I am confused - I thought there is going to be all seasons slightly lower lod version for TE products. Is that on the back burner for now? I really can not tell the difference between lod 14 and 15. All seasons with slightly lower LoD is huge winner for me
  2. Think like this TE is next evolution of FTX Region products...its is way better. Just when FTX regions came out, it was way too advanced for 32bit systems and hardware...soon everyone's hardware got better and along with faster storage. Now we have 64bit sims, we are pushing the sim even further. Have you tried TE in VR, it is jaw dropping amazing so real, so life like experience - and you get get to experience it in your own home. Pretty soon FTX regions will look dated (the sim people walking around is extremely dated - they all look like 90s graphics but it is done for performance and sim engine limitations etc)- hence the need to evolve and give more to the customers. Just like any industry; change is progress. Within the next 3-5 years, we will be probably crossing 10TB+ PCI SSDs, even your default windows 10 base installation keeps getting larger and larger. I have 2 usb of 2 previous window 10 generation installations, guess what they keep getting bigger. Connections to the net will keep getting faster, market evolution is always working. I honestly can not wait to have all my FTX regions converted to TE regions and more. I want whole of US in TE, maybe global 2.0 will be bigger scale TE based enhancement. One can dream.
  3. I am 100% sold on 2 package offers John. So looking forward to all FTX regions to become TE as time progresses.....I am hoping for this....one TE region at a time
  4. LOD 14 package with seasons is pretty much the same size as lod 15 summer season. I assume from what I can INFER from JV that the cost would be free unless they start doing LOD 15 with seasons (that will make the additional cost along with space). That is what I can tell by reading the posts....if I made a mistake, then I apologize up front.
  5. I can not tell the difference between LOD 14 vs Lod 15....and now that there is choice to buy 2 versions while keep costs the same (I am counting on free downloads) - this is a win win. I may just buy 2 b/c for VR I want clearest LOD I can do....but see my post above. We have a winner Lod 14 package with all seasons and Lod 15 package for Summer fans. Everyone wins including Orbx :
  6. Yes, this is the ultimate compromise and win win scenario plus I love free lifetime downloads (This is a must for me). This option works the best....LOD 14 is still mind blowing amazing if one wants all seasons, and who want extreme LOD15 can buy the Summer edition. You literally made 2 products by changing the LOD - amazing!!!! and pretty much satisfy all types of customers JV - just brilliant move by the way. Best part is LOD 14 All Seasons is almost equivalent in same size of LOD15 Summer Edition. This way we get lifetime free downloads also - keeps cost in check - yep in my book this is settled
  7. I tapped my budget way out during 2018 sale (now it is last year...lol). Thank you for the sale!!!!!!
  8. Thanks JV, for those shots - wow. TE England looks excellent for me. TE experience goes up x100 when used in VR environment. FTX Regions is awesome in VR, and then I saw TE Netherlands in VR, I was like OMG!!! what just happened.... Can not wait to fly in VR with Vertx's DA62 over TE England.... I do have to have to get a new 1tb ssd.....512gb ssd just isn't cutting it.....lol. Happy New Year everyone.... 2019 is going to be an awesome year for simming !!!!!!
  9. JV, please don't get riled up especially at the start of the new year 2019. I am sure once it is released everyone will forget and enjoy TE. I am a huge fan of TE - what a dream sim product. I love Netherlands TE. Can not wait for these new TE products. In VR, the experience is truly out of this world "of this world...lol" And a very Happy New Year 2019 to you and to entire Orbx Team
  10. I just got it. My final purchase for a while. I love these Orbx 45% sales...very grateful that they have them. Thanks for the sales and products, Orbx Happy new year 2019
  11. Hi, I just bought the license for openLC SA and low and behold, Orbx has freeware mesh for the region? any ideas from where it covers? like all of Mexico and below? I have FS Global 2010 Mesh and I am wondering what resolution is this mesh - what is its detail etc? how detailed is it vs third party? Please share your insights. Thanks
  12. Thanks...Oops I have KSFF. So will look into PVDZ and CYSE Keep on with list everyone
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone, I have 2 Questions about some airports - who ever is active on here, feel free to chime in - Looking for some insights. Question 1) Will I able to do LPV landings with NZ airports --> NZGS, NZMF, NZQN, NZWR? Does NZ even do GPS landings - I have the Vertx DA62, trying to figure out. Planning last minute purchases of the Orbx Sale. Question 2) Suggest me some good ole airports in North America - I do not have many for PNW-PFJ-CRM-NRM-SAK --- I have plenty of Cali airports Here is what I have for the regions mentioned above - KORS, KFHR, PAHO, PAJN, PAEN, PAYA, W16, KJAC, KBZN, KRDD - What are other other good ones for the regions above? I want to be able to do LPV, and scenery has to be amazing as I will be using VR; the regions are amazing in VR, I want the fidelity as high as possible. Thank you
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