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  1. Yo!!! Have a fantasic Happy Birthday Ben. Do remember to party today!!! You are still in Orlando - Go to Disney World!!!!
  2. Wow - Thank You....OMG - This is the most excellent news. Very grateful that you guys are doing this. Stunning I have already submitted by name on the beta sign up list. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
  3. Thanks guys, Got YBAS, YBBN, YBCG, YMAV, YMEN, YMML, YSCB, Canberra and Gold Coast Cityscapes. I can not wait to spend time in V2 Australia
  4. I really want to beta test this. For years, I have been manually installing non-Orbx sceneries outside the root directory via addon method and symlink. Will the new installer make all the files in sim directory/Scenery/World/Scenery & sim Directory/Scenery/Global/scenery outside the root directory. I would love to have all Orbx files outside the sim. Also the effects and effect/textures. Super excited once you guys do this, and I am betting that other major sceneries developers will follow the direction the leader is taking.
  5. Hi guys, I am excited to see V2 (like everyone else)...and I can spend days and days in one whole country region. I do own some airports, from what I have read the addon airports will go into V2 as usual. Just wondering will the current airports be upgraded for a fee or everything is fine...they all will seemlessly blend in with V2. Now for the fun part I own these airports YBCS, YBRM, YPJT for Australia. What other good airports Australia has where I can fly with MaddogX, Majestic Q400, PMDG 737, 777 and with my entire suite of A2A civilian planes. I am planning to get the two cityscapes Canberra + Gold Coast. Thank you
  6. Hey, I just signed up via google forms to beta test this (like a minute before this post) - I wish I could put my handle name on it - but I did put my email address (you will be able to find me). Thanks
  7. Wow - been waiting for this ever since LM allowed addons to be installed outside root/sim directory This will save me so so much time when LM updates P3D - omg. I wish I was beta testing this when I had the time, but now will be patiently waiting for this release. Thank You.
  8. Hi, A year ago, JV responded to my question in the LM portion of the site (looks like all got changed). He mentioned that Orbx will be using the new addon method of having the sceneries installed outside the root sim directory Any updates on that procedure? I am not asking for dates - just an idea that it will happen or not. It will be so much beneficial as P3D gets upgraded regularly and saves times
  9. Been away for a while from this thread.... I am confused - I thought there is going to be all seasons slightly lower lod version for TE products. Is that on the back burner for now? I really can not tell the difference between lod 14 and 15. All seasons with slightly lower LoD is huge winner for me
  10. Think like this TE is next evolution of FTX Region products...its is way better. Just when FTX regions came out, it was way too advanced for 32bit systems and hardware...soon everyone's hardware got better and along with faster storage. Now we have 64bit sims, we are pushing the sim even further. Have you tried TE in VR, it is jaw dropping amazing so real, so life like experience - and you get get to experience it in your own home. Pretty soon FTX regions will look dated (the sim people walking around is extremely dated - they all look like 90s graphics but it is done for performance and sim engine limitations etc)- hence the need to evolve and give more to the customers. Just like any industry; change is progress. Within the next 3-5 years, we will be probably crossing 10TB+ PCI SSDs, even your default windows 10 base installation keeps getting larger and larger. I have 2 usb of 2 previous window 10 generation installations, guess what they keep getting bigger. Connections to the net will keep getting faster, market evolution is always working. I honestly can not wait to have all my FTX regions converted to TE regions and more. I want whole of US in TE, maybe global 2.0 will be bigger scale TE based enhancement. One can dream.
  11. I am 100% sold on 2 package offers John. So looking forward to all FTX regions to become TE as time progresses.....I am hoping for this....one TE region at a time
  12. LOD 14 package with seasons is pretty much the same size as lod 15 summer season. I assume from what I can INFER from JV that the cost would be free unless they start doing LOD 15 with seasons (that will make the additional cost along with space). That is what I can tell by reading the posts....if I made a mistake, then I apologize up front.
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