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  1. Hallo alan2, that is correct, this is the first beta - Study of Sond project. When everything is in satisfying users is running and the beginning - problems are solved, it goes on. The type of sound from mono to 7.1 are very different. The expectations of users as well. This is as far as possible, with the sound in the project are introduced. Greeting Sven
  2. Hello, here's something to try. Under this link I have sounds for Warnervale and YPEC set. <Link removed by JV> They tried again. If you like it, there's more of it. But please observe the following. The best impression you have of each Adventure - Point. To control the volume inside and outside of the aircraft, please use the slider in FSX - sound. So far it went, I used real sounds. If some users have a better or have the original recordings, I would like to build one and then there is an update for the Soundset. To install and more Please note in the installation. Enjoy the sounds Sven
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