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  1. @Jarrad Marshalli take the opportunity since the post has been "resumed". Are there plans to make KTEX available for P3DV5?
  2. @Ed Correia thanks, as usual for your prompt and kind feedback. If the product won't be available for P3D would be a pity. At least, with all the work done, maybe someone else in your big team can provide it to P3DV4/P3DV5. I'm continuing keep my fingers crossed. I can't imagine to not get the ENBO scenery for the sim after that preview!!
  3. @Ed Correia Sorry again for the message, I've waited about 6 more months, any news on Bodo? It's a pity that an airport (almost finished on what has been previewed) it has completely disappeared. Just to understand if i should continue hoping for a release or closing definitively it. I know that your past previews were only an indication on the Work In Progress, but i desperately waiting for a lot of time (like others in the forum) for that amazing airport. Thanks for your understanding, enjoy your week
  4. @Finni Hansen roger, in case you need me for some tests just let me know, it would be a pleasure
  5. @Finni Hansen Hi, i've googled a little bit and i've found that in order to be correctly displayed once landing, dynamic lights effects must have to effects files: the fx file + the controller one which sounds like: [controller.0] lifetime=0.0, 0.0 type=3 distance=15000.00, 15000.00 delay=5.00, 5.00 x offset=0.00, 0.00 y offset=0.00, 0.00 z offset=0.00, 0.00 effect.0=NAME OF EFFECT, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 maybe ENAL is missing the controller file?
  6. @Finni Hansen just landed and confirm that Dyn Lights have been loaded correctly. For you info I've made some flights in the region in these days and I've touched ESSA (Orbx), ESSV (Orbx), BIKF (MK Partner) and ENGM (Aerosoft) and i've not noted any strange behaviour in the dynamic lights on landing. The settings have been remained the same on P3D. Sincererly speaking it's the first time I've landed on ENAL during night so i didn't noted it before! From my experience from another Dev (even here, it's just for your info ) there was this problem and he solved modifying a B
  7. Hello @Finni Hansen, i've made a flight on P3DV5.1 to ENAL (departing from ESGG) and once landed the dynamic lights of the terminal weren't present. Once on stand i've reloaded the library and the lights have been successfully loaded. Could you please double check it ? Is there something i can do to fix it? Thanks
  8. Amazing, a big lack also in P3D world. Should we expect also a version for P3DV5 ? @Rasha Tucakov a true masterpiece, congratulations
  9. @Nick Cooper @Rasha Tucakov any feedback on it?
  10. Hello @sonny147 i can confirm that there's a problem in this specific point and that a hotfix is on its way Thanks for sharing
  11. @sonny147 hi! Thanks for the post. Some questions about your Sim: Did you have other Software house EDDT scenery or any other freeware versions which may can Interfere with Gaya one?
  12. @Mar:kus Czie:gler Hi! Unfortunately on LOWW i didn't find any evident issue (as i've found on LGKO) which cause a drop in the frame rate. Please also consider that i've never had big troubles on LOWW as I've had on P3DV4. No improvements in your experience?
  13. Hello @Allex could you please provide further details? Which Sim? Which Settings? Thanks
  14. Hello @Nick Farrington i've a slightly low configuration (1080ti at 4.6 Ghz) and i can confirm that Wien on P3DV5 runs smooth on my pc. I've unlimited FPS in sim with 30 limited by Nvidia Control Panel (vsync active from Nividia too). I'm not running Inspector. My fps are stuck to 30 (even with heavy demanding aircrafts) and no stuttering at all. For sure in my rig LOWW runs better than it was on P3DV4. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the airport? Are you sure you are running the last updated version of it? What about the performance during day time? Do you have any differe
  15. @Nick Cooper @Rasha Tucakov thanks for the reply, but it seems strange. Maybe i didn't use the proper words: At holding point Alpha i have rwy 14 going from my right to my left and rwy 32 going from my left to my right. According to the sign, rwy 14 goes from my left to my right and 32 from my right to my left (inverted). The sign should be with 32 on the left side of it and 14 on the right side of it. Hoping now i've explained myself in a better way Regards
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