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  1. Hello, I personally don't have FS2020 yet, but have you tried following this topic suggestions? I don't know if files are still the same ones ore not, but in P3DV4 helped to gain FPS which were lost. Let us know
  2. Hello @westbros of course lights should be included in the scenery. I would suggest you to disinstall and re-install (with administrator rights) KOS in your simulator. Please also double check that you have the last displayed available scenery. If it doesn't work, could you provide more information of your sim (which one) and specifications? Thanks
  3. Hello @53North have you tried to disinstall and reinstall the scenery via Orbx Central? Also check that you have the last version of KOS
  4. Hello @Kelemen Gabor so correct me if I'm wrong, you can't see the jetway which connect the airport building to your plane, right? In this case did you previously have another LOWW Scenery? If yes be sure that you have completely uninstall it. If the above doesn't work just double check that your SODE (SimObject Display Engine) is working properly (Active - Green). Just double check that the scenery is updated to the last version trough Orbx Central. Let us know
  5. Hello Guys, today (P3DV5) I've tried two flights (one from a near airport in Austria) another one from another country, during night time and I wasn't unable to replicate this issue. Could you please double check if you have the latest Wien scenery installed through Central and also if SODE is correctly installed and active? Regards
  6. @Jacob Schumann hello Jacob, Global nor Austria Professional are not mandatory for LOWW Scenery. However, consider that the scenery has been designed to blend the best with the two above-mentioned options. Regards
  7. @HomoPrintus i ll' get back to you this afternoon once in front of my pc giving manual instructions to add it. In the meanwhile are you sure to execute Orbx Central as administrator?
  8. Hello @HomoPrintus It seems that the airport hasn't been inserted in your library. Could you please double check your Addon.cfg entries and see if KOS is correctly activated?
  9. Finalssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing shots @Iain Emms!
  10. @aceridgey from my experience (i was the author of the post) i've not found a specific issue caused by a specific file, but i've see a boost in performance only after the removal of the indicated ones together. Consider that the BGL you are going to disable won't impact your experience with the scenery. Regards
  11. Hello @aceridgey have you tried what it's suggested below?
  12. @PhugoidEffect Hello. This is strange since all the things that can interact with the performance are deactivated with the above mentioned fix. Do you have it during day/night? What which aircraft? What are your pc specs? Give us a little bit more information to look in Regards
  13. Also from my side, any news on this Scandinavian pearl? From the screenshots it seemed almost done!
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