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  1. @carlosqr i know but it's not a product for P3DV4 (at least was native for FSX). A re-edition would be really appreciated. Yes i've forgot about Zadar!
  2. Croatia finally is reaching its completion. LDZA, LDDU, LDPL now LDRI.... Maybe one day also LDSP will arrive! Congratulations, the screenshots speak themselves, as usual (unfortunately) first day buy from my side!
  3. @Nick Cooper thanks for that. Any Estimation about the possible fix? This issue is quite Annoying considering that there are only these two squares? Regards
  4. @Nick Cooper Hello Nick, yes i do confirm. The second screenshot is with the airport completely un-installed from the simulator. It's "an error" contained in folder #2 of Africa Landclasses.
  5. Hello Guys, finally a great Nairobi (HKJK) scenery has been added to our simulators. After the Africa Landclass Update, there is an autogen issue around the airport caused by Africa Lanclass (Entry 2 of Africa Landclass in the library). Please refer to the screenshot red squares in the attached pictures. One picture is with FSDG Scenery, the other one not. Are you able to sort it our with a small bgl or a quick update through FTX Central? It's really a pity that an issue like this has been introduced with the service pack of the landclass. Hope to hear back from you soon, regards
  6. This Error is displayed both for LEAS and LEBB. Once pushed Continue and after "Verify Files" on Central, it isn't present anymore. Maybe is the cause of the issue with these two sceneries?
  7. I've also installed a fresh copy of LEAS in P3DV4, the Airport hasn't been automatically loaded to the library. Once added manually, i've the problem which has been reported above. Hope that you can solve it!
  8. @Kevv hello, maybe have you applied any shader or specific profile? I think that intensity is not directly managed by the scenery but it seems more a simulator setting.
  9. Hello, unfortunately not yet. Gaya is working on it (he replied that the issue has been identified and solved) and yesterday confirmed that an update will come shortly. Regards
  10. What a fantasti News @Raz Goeta! Finally today the maiden flight from LOWW!
  11. @Raz Goeta I imagine, but i've wrongly posted the reply on the "white patch" post. impatiently waiting…..
  12. @Raz Goeta hi, I'm posting even here the issue in order to give a sort of continuity to the topic (which was born specifically for this issue). Even after updating to 1.0.1 the ILS is incorrected (switched) and the frequency is still wrong.
  13. @Raz Goeta hi! I've downloaded the update, no ILS update and still wrong runways unfortunately:
  14. Thanks Ed, it seemed only a little bit strange!
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