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  1. Hi there, a little forum access problem: the mobile theme doesn't show the "google login" button (it shows twitter and FB only). From my android phone I have to switch to full version, login with google account and then go back to mobile version...
  2. Hello, most the file with PAKT in their name are under the FSX/Orbx folder, except a few fx_Orbx_PAKT_* under FSX/Effects all named. And if I slew up to the apron level I can then fly away, but the airport is "desert" since most static objects (airplanes, people, etc) are below it. Also, doing a quick circuit around it, the entire runway/aprons models is not "seating" on the ground, but elevated, floating, by a few meters... EDIT: just flushing the scenery cache (by just accessing the FSX scenery library screen, making no changhes) seemed to fix all issues! I now span at the corr
  3. Sorry to reopen bu I have almost the same issue. The following 3 screen have been taken at 3 successive sim restart: As you can see I got positioned at 3 different levels. Also when my a/c was positioned correctly, all the other apron objects were still buried. The suggestions given above did not fix the problem. I think something was wrong with installation. I followed the install order as per sticky in this forum, with a minor deviation due to a problem: Install FTX-PNWhere the problem, after the installation, trying to switch FTX Central to NA raised an error. Following another
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