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  1. For what it's worth, I saw the exact same problem once I upgraded to the new Orbx Central. Thanks, Joshua
  2. Matteo, Yes, the gates are always the same that are not docking with the AI aircraft. Yes, I can put my PMDG 737NG at the one of those "non-docking" gates and get it to dock just fine with my airplane. I don't know if that helps clear anything up or just muddies the water even more Thanks for staying on top of this! Joshua
  3. Matteo and Carlos, Thank you for your responses. Carlos, I did reset the SODE jetways in the sim and it did not resolve the initial problem. It was a good suggestion though and much appreciated. Matteo, I think you are right about the afcad file sensitivity. I confirmed I was using the correct afcad (ADE file). I then loaded up the airport with AI aircraft to put planes at all the gates. Over half of the jetways did not dock with the airplanes, but the remaining jetways did just fine. At this point, I don't think it is an error on my part (or yours). It just may be that the ADE needs to be tweaked to instantiate the rest of the SODE jetways which given its sensitivity is not an easy task. Thankfully though, I also moved my PMDG 737 around to different gates and it docked just fine with that aircraft. Thank you so much for taking a look at this! Joshua
  4. Matteo, I'm only aware of using the KSAN AFCAD, but just to be sure, where would it be located and what would it's name be? That way I can make sure I'm using the right file. Thanks again for all the help! Sincerely, Joshua
  5. Matteo, Thank you for your responses. I don't think its UTLive because those models work at other payware airports that have SODE jetways enabled. I've attached a picture to show what the issue is. You'll see the jetways docks with the Alaskan Airlines 737 in the foreground, but not with the same 737 american airlines model in the background. So far I've only found a handful of gates that will dock with the AI planes. Could it be an AFCAD issue? I really appreciate the help and responses. Thanks, Joshua
  6. All, Just bumping this as it's been a week. Thanks, Joshua
  7. All, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have San Diego International with the SODE jetways. I've configured them to connect to my AI aircraft from UTLive; however, very few of them do dock with the AI. I only seem to have this issue at KSAN. I'm assuming it's user error, but I can't find anything I've missed. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Joshua
  8. This image was taken today leaving Burlington, VT to the northwest across the lake. I hope you enjoy. Joshua
  9. To whom it may concern, I was flying from Halifax to Quebec City via KMLT. I noticed Mt. Katahdin had fields on it. I have FTX Global, FTX Vector, and openLC North America installed. Can someone please take a look at this and let me know if this is a problem on my system? Thanks, Joshua Global openLC North America FSS0505238
  10. JV, Thank you for the explanation. That makes perfect sense. I took your advice and measured the impact. If I back off one on the autogen slider while I have lights enabled, there is no dip in my FPS. So, I'll turn off lights during the day to enjoy the autogen, and back autogen off at night and enable lights to enjoy the night views. This works well for me. I appreciate all the help from everyone!! Thanks again, Joshua
  11. All, So, I've done more testing always starting from a clean install of FSX. I've tested FTXG1.1, FTXG1.2, and FTXG1.3 separately with no other addon software whatsoever (no AI, no FTX Vector, no EnbSeries, no FTX regions, and no addon airports). In all cases, clicking add vector lights drops my fps on average by 8. I know I've seen that the lights are supposed to have no effect on FPS, but I am not seeing that on my computer (no matter how many times I do a clean install or what version of FTXG I use). Can someone please tell me how to get the lights without any impact on frame rates? Thanks, Joshua
  12. Richard, Thank you for your response. Can you compare FRAPS measurements with FTXG and without FTXG though? While it may not be entirely accurate FPS measures, should the relative measurements still be good? I've done this test multiple times and keep finding the same average measurments +/- 1 fps. The FRAPS measurements also seem to follow the internal FPS monitor in FSX. I have done a few more tests, did a full reinstall of FSX, Acceleration, and FTXG just in case I made an installation mistake and got the following measurements. So, its better than the original 48 fps I was getting by quite a lot, but it seems that turning on the global lights are really doing a number on my rig. Could it be I'm running in Windows 8.1 and I have an installation issue? Min: Max: Avg: Notes: 44 83 63.360 Base install of FSX with Acceleration on FSMark11 41 82 62.407 Base install of FSX with FTX Global, Trees on, Lights off 36 72 54.533 Base install of FSX with FTX Global, Trees on, Lights on Thanks, Joshua
  13. Rob, I've had some time to try some of your suggestions. Just to be clear, a clean installation of FSX with Acceleration and reasonable settings achieves 63.360 fps. Adding FTXG only, it falls to 48.423 and stutters. So, I figured I might be overdriving the GPU as you suggested and limited fps to 30. For FSX with Acceleration and FTXG only (no AI, no ground shadows, no EnbSeries, no fsx.cfg "tweaks" besides HIGHMEMFIX), fraps gives me the following: Min: 12 Max: 31 Avg: 29.717 So, it is in the ballpark of 30, but you really notice those 12 fps frames as stutters. I remove FTXG and the system is silky smooth again. It's quite vexing. Is there anything else that FTXG is adding besides new textures? Thanks, Joshua
  14. Oops! I'm sorry. Those frame rates I quoted are with ground shadows off. Sorry for the typo. Thanks, Joshua
  15. Rob, I'm sorry you must have misread my table. Adding FTXG dropped my frame rate from 63.360 to 48.423 (and that's with ground shadows on). That's nearly 15 frames per second less. AI only drops it 6 frames per second which I expect given the hundreds of airplanes generated in the Boston area. Also, I'm apologize for not posting what happened when I turned ground shadows off. Here is the new table with ground shadows on and off: Temp: Min: Max: Avg: Settings: 54C 44 83 63.360 Base 56C 27 68 48.423 Base+FTXG 54C 45 83 64.037 Base+Ground Shadows 54C 38 75 58.577 Base+Ground Shadows+AI 55C 36 73 58.280 Base+Ground Shadows+AI+EnbSeries 55C 25 55 40.567 Base+Ground Shadows+AI+EnbSeries+FTXG 61C 29 70 49.703 Base+Ground Shadows+FTXG So, I'm really interested in why I am seeing such a significant drop in fps when adding FTXG. It doesn't make sense to me; so, I keep thinking I might have something off in my configuration or an issue with the install. I'm worried that once I install the PMDG planes and a busy addon airport like Brisbane, I'll be in the teens when I could be in the upper 20's where things make a big difference. Thanks, Joshua
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