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  1. Dissapointing, but its better than it was with FTX global.
  2. YES......finally, and now no houses and hotels on top of Table Mountain. I will check the rest of SA and see how the Karoo (semi arid desert) looks.
  3. hello This is normal and it will look a whole lot better if you purchase and install the Open LC's for the different regions. Unfortunately it gets better the more you spend.
  4. Hello Nick I will look at the GSX settings, but I have had no problems with any other airport be it Orbx or another developer.
  5. Hello Nick The post you directed me to did not give me an instant solution as FS Dreamteam did. My question is.....why did Orbx central when installing the full version of PAKT, not remove or switch off those 3 files in the PFJ folder ?
  6. hello The chaps on the FS Dreamteam sorted it instantly. It was an Orbx problem........I was told to switch off the 3 PAKT files in the PFJ Scenery folder and no floating jetways.
  7. hello Sheldo Uncheck the triple buffering on your frame rate controls, and go for 8xMSAA. I have UK2000 EGBB installed in TEGB and looks and works very well. Airport vehicle density to 0 (zero). Also switch FXAA to ON. Hope it helps. app
  8. Hello Carlos I have trees everywhere now, and it actually now looks excellent. I have all the trees in TEGB and I have trees in the normal 11S Sekiu. I do not have the Orbx addon Sekiu or 0S9 Jefferson County. Some screenshots below.
  9. hello I dont have FSDreamteam KLAS, but I have FlyTampa KLAS and it works well. Saying that I have FSDreamteams LFSB, KCLT, KDFW, KIAH, LSGG, PHNL, KSDF and CYVR. PANK is upt north by quite a way from KLAS and the SCA scenery.
  10. PAKT Ketchikan floatily light jetway, or hot air balloon ? Have tried reinstalling, GSX updated, verified files and sync simulator. I'm stumped.
  11. They have to stay warm in this crap weather.
  12. Fixed it! Copied the "AutogenDescriptions_Legacy" xml from the original install which I had made a copy off, and all trees are present and correct. Av it.
  13. I also noticed that in the updated version of Kos there is no "AutogenDescriptions_Legacy" xml.
  14. I was just reading that the Orbx Libraries have also been updated to fix the tree issue in KOS...........I dont think so, or maybe this update is what removed the trees.
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