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  1. Hello, is th release of the TrueEarth sceneries at the US west coast still planned for P3Dv4? And if yes, is there an idea, when this could be the case? I´m eagerly waiting for these, especially when fed with the gorgeous screenshots from XPlane. Thanks Christian
  2. "If OrbX creates a TE PNW package for P3D, I'm in! " Me as well - at the day it is published. Any idea when TE WA, OR, CA could arrive for P3D ? Cheers Christian
  3. It would be great, if the Autogen of the photo scenery would go a bit beyond the photo scenery area for those who use a photo scenery like Megascenery or Bluesky. If the Autogen doesn‘t go up to the border of the tile then there is an Autogen free area until the next tile starts. In the Autogen annotator the tile borders can easily be seen... Thank you Christian
  4. The old German Landmarks were the problem. I deactivated them when I bought FTXGEN and later on activeted them without the landclass subfolder and without anything in the northern part of Germany, but obviously there is still a landclass file left that messes up the Brocken. Thank you very much, Holger!
  5. Does anyone know what's wrong here? I think it was OK after I installed FTXGEN, but now there is obviously a wrong texture used. A new migration force and a new installation of FTXGEN didn´t help. What texture should be used here (file name) ? Maybe it is missing or the terrain.cfg has a problem. It is on the "Brocken", the highest mountain in northern Germany. Thank you very much Christian
  6. Please, reduce the size of the trees behind the tower in Jena. I´ve flown there on my own and it look much different behind the buildings and hence the impression of the P3D screenshots is not quite real. Attached is a picture I took when I was there recently. Nevertheless, thank you very much for providing those nice German airports! Cheers Christian
  7. Very nice, and afterwards Eureka and Arcata airport and the bay is done
  8. Beautiful shots! Unfortunately Vashon is not (yet?) compatible with Prepar3d v2
  9. Hi Vlad, I tried a lot of different variants, including library copy from LKHV to LKPM, but this library order change is something I didn't try. But it works ) Thank you for this idea ! By the way, Poprad airport (Tatry) is nice as well ;-) Cheers Christian
  10. Hello, I had Vlads freeware scenery of LKHV and his freeware of LKPM (Pribram) installed and both worked fine. Today I bought Vlads payware scenery of LKHV, deactivated the LKHV freeware and installed the payware. It works fine, but it deactivates the buildings in Pribram. I deactivated LKHV payware and the buildings in Pribram are there again. This means I can have both freeware sceneries activated and they work fine. When I deactivate LKHV freeware LKPM is still OK, but as soon as I activate the LKHV payware the buildings in Pribram are gone again. Could you please check this, since both freeware sceneries and the payware scenery are from the same author (Vlad) and it woul be nice to run the payware LKHV and the freeware LKPM scenery in parallel. Thank you Christian
  11. Great pictures! Would like to use it in P3D2.5 again...
  12. That's great! I've been waiting for this for very long. A slight extension of the photo coverage area to the northwest would have been great. There is a small airfield of a flying community, called Blue Ribbon and an inclusion in the photo caverage area would be great... Cheers Christian
  13. It would be nice to have the possibility to install them manually to be able to select which airports to install/not to install. I have for some airports that are included more detailed sceneries and hence have to delete some of the freeware airports afterwards manually. The possibility to select which airports to install or to have them in a zip file rather than in an installer would be great... Happy Easter Christian
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