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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. I closed this issue. Best regards, Maarten
  2. Hallo nick, Ik had holgermesh reeds geinstalleerd vandaag maar nog niets anders met de sim gedaan. Ik heb hem net erweer afgehaald. Heb ik iets doms gedaan met gevolgen, kun je me dat nog zeggen? Maarten
  3. Hi Nick, Did you mean I have to deinstall again Australia Holgermesh after I had Australia V2 installed?? And can tell you me why, did Australia V2 has all of it inside? Thanks, Maarten
  4. Hi Nick, I followed the hint of Aussie123: IN CENTRAL I deinstalled Austraia V1, Australia Holgermesh and Tasmania Demo. Then i tried again to install Australia V2 and now it succeeded without the ERROR popup!! Problem solved!! Afterwards in CENTRAL my Australia V1 is vanished in my products and I reintalled Australia Holgermesh (OK!) and tryed to reintall Tasmania Demo which gave me the same ERROR I had before by installing Australia V2. May be someone can help me with this issue. Regards, Maarten
  5. Note: I also removed Tasmania Demo, but got the same ERROR by reinstall Tasmania Demo!! May be anybody can explane? regards, Maarten
  6. Bingo! I removed AUS V1 and Holgermesh and can install AUS V2 now without any problems. I 'am happy now. Thanks a lot for your help. With winged regards Maarten
  7. I Just purchased by Visa: Quote: "Receipt Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd Level 10, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia I59 120 838 244 Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd Level 10, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia ABN 59 120 838 244 The products you ordered have been added to your account. Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5e7cd249ba3f3. AU Australia v2 x1 $29.48 AUD Global openLC Africa x1 $47.16 AUD Total: $76.64 AUD The total price includes GST for Australian customers. © Orbx Simulation Systems 2020" Now I have problems to install AU Australia v2. I tell you What I did: 1- I open Orbx CENTRAL 2- I get AU Australia v2 at My Products 3- at "options" I pushed "Install" 4- I chose "P3D4V4" 5- I get "ERROR"[in red letters] with quote: "error:This product cannot be installed as it is ot compatable with the following products. They will need to be unistalled before this product can be installed" Underneth this message at "options" a symbole is constantly running like it is searching for something! I didn't know how contact Orbx themselves. Can anybody help me to solve my problem to install my purchased "AU Australia v2"? Thanks in advance, Maarten
  8. I can't open FTX Central anymore. Who can help me?
  9. Hi Holger, Yes, I meant the antenna masts lights. Thanks a lot. Now I understand why these blinking lights are missing! With winged greetings, Maarten Zwollo
  10. First thanks for your reply.Yes, I did with no result either. I think their is a bug in Patch 002. I removed NZSI and reinstalled it again with Patch 001. (Boxed version). Everything works fine with red blinking light poles!! When I now installed patch 002 the blinking red lights are disappeared!! [My testing position in FSX: Cessna climbing at LAT S41.22.36/LON E173.59.94/ALT 2856Ft/MAG8(North)] When you climb a little farther north you overfly the light pole on top of a station. This is near Picton Airport
  11. No lights on light poles after installing Patch NZSI.002. Can anybody help me.
  12. No lights on light poles after installing Patch NZSI.002. Can anybody help me.
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