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  1. Thank you Nick, registering SODE in P3D has done the trick. I must have missed instructions telling me to do this so thanks for your assistance.
  2. IN FSX there is a SODE connection in add-on but that is not the case in P3D so not sure how to activate SODE in P3D. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I used "Verify Files" as suggested in FTX central but the jetways still do not display. Should I download a new version? Cheers, Chris
  4. I installed LEAS scenery but the jetways do not display. I have checked for SODE and it is installed and shows the files for LEAS airport but they do not display. Do I need to do something to correct this?
  5. A fix for this will be included with the first service pack. Cheers, Chris
  6. There will be a significant update to KSMF when the service pack is released. Please be patient as there are hundreds of airports included with this release. Chris
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