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  1. Greetings. I have wondered this in P3dv4 and now in P3dv5. should the boxes for the two items; Be checked or unchecked. I have both HD trees installed and use all Orbx terrain classes. Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation High-resolution terrain features As now I have the terrain features checked and the vegetation unchecked. Thank you, Wayne L Pierce
  2. I have read some of the other post about this. It seems to have straightened itself out. I had to uninstall all from 3 places and start the computer a few times to get things straightened out. If is doesn't work I will come back. Thank you
  3. Greetings, This page is were the support link sends me. It is not freeware. I hope someone looks here. I have transferred all my Oldprop products to Orbx and have just purchased the NGXu immersion for V2. the VFX central will not run message says "Failed to install product because for there was no launch argument". The "new" immersion manager will not launch either. After this none of the //42 oldprop products will start and operate. The old addage goes "they were working before" applies here. Any help Wayne
  4. I had this but found the an OZX file and an ANT Aussie file bgl was doubling up. Turned those off and it got rid of the 2nd Big Red Rock.
  5. Greetings, I use KSAN quite often, I live here, and have replaced the Jetways using GSX2. All gates with jetways work correctly after that treatment. I turn off the jetway BGL for KSAN , BUT, If you start FTX central often it overwrites the jetway off and messes up the GSX2 entries each time.
  6. I see this also. The trees have changed and are now looking more Cartoonish than realistic. The scenery is starting to look more generic to suit the other sims Orbx releases for also. The trees are made with an + configuration for side viewing, not for top down. They used to have more loose foliage and appeared much more realistic. Not anymore. I am sure this is to save frame rates and less use of the system for scenery and for use of the same trees in the library for all the sims. If your flying at high elevations then it may be OK, but the low and slow it looks terrible. It has been this way for some time now.
  7. IF they are in your ORBX account you still need to download them to FTX central. Click on the button for each airport that says info from your account page in ORBX direct.
  8. Alex, I just spent all morning this day, Saturday from 8:00AM to 1:30 PM working on this problem. It sure takes a long time to unload change settings and reload P3D. To make a very long and detailed report short as I took 4 pages, handwritten notes on what I did for each step. I will not relay all that here though. In short; I am using P3DV4.1. There was no error message at all in the event viewer as it never was a computer - P3D error. I like others have a lot of addons to my system which all work wonderfully together, sort of. After all was said and done the last thing I did was disable the .bgl files in the folder NZNI for NZWR. With these files turned off I was able to "fly" the NZWR airport and use the view keys as they should be. It was working correctly when I turned off the computer a few ago. If these files were supposed to be turned off automatically, they weren't. If these files were to be left active that's what is causing my problem. So with that I guess you can say it is fixed. No controllers were at fault, no other scenery was causing an issue, no CFG's were making a problem, just these files. Thank You, Wayne
  9. I am having the same problem over and over again. I have tried many different things. It is when switching views that causes CTD. I does not happen anywhere else in the flight sim world just at this new addon. I cannot use it as it is. I do not have the x52 even the keyboard views causes CTD. All my hardware work for the rest of the sim. I have tried some above posters methods already . It is just the new NZWR I am having this problem. No the S key isn't mapped to anything else.Collision is turned off. All my settings are the same which work fine. I cannot use this airport If I just sit in my plane and look out the front window its ok. FYI. Wayne
  10. Greetings, I made a flight to the So American airport of SAWH with just FTX global, then after I bought the FTX LC South America I went there again. The airport buildings and extras are gone. I went back again with just Global and they are again there. Does the Land Class over ride the global airport scenery? It would be very nice to have the airports and scenery extras still active. Am I missing something? Thank You, Wayne Just FTX Global Same spot with LC South America activated.
  11. This happened after the partial Freeware download for me. It remained after the Freeware was removed. All ORBX libs were updated via FTXC3 and all scenery areas were updated also before the Freeware load. I re-loaded the P3DV4 client which repaired the waves, but then had to reload some A/C and FSUIPC. I will now wait until the full Monty is available. FYI. Wayne
  12. Pyskie, Your just a little behind the flight path. Dovetail had released their "flight" on Steam, many months ago using the steam platform. Called FSX-steam. They now have a pilot training flight program;Dovetail flight school. Also on Steam. http://www.dovetailgames.com/products I am an owner of the Steam flight products, but do not fly on them as I use P3Dv4 only. Wayne
  13. Here is the real world shot and the FTX CRM scenery location. Almost Identical with a few exceptions. It looks as if the CRM area is using a basic industrial overlay for the area in question, not individually detailed. Google Earth on the left showing roads in yellow and CRM on the right with vector installed. Nothing is wrong with the installation. Just FYI.
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