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  1. Hello After ObjectFlow 2 released, what do I have to do with the fastlane?
  2. Hello I see AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand P3Dv4 for free but I could not add to my account, is there anyone has the same issue? thanks, oeps there is already post it sorry
  3. Hello I did search on the forum before open a new topic, but could not find it so far but I need to know, maybe it is a silly question, my question is do I need to open FTX central everytime before I start the P3DV4? thanks.
  4. After flying around in the area as I mention earlier on, it is accurate indeed again thanks Nick.
  5. Thanks Nick, you really take time to look at it, super and very much appreciated, I see also this morning ;-) FYI the high way not quite, I will make a printscreen later on and will post it here,
  6. Hello ORBX users Is there anyone could share her/his opinion about how accurate the vector global is, I fly this morning in south east Asia especially on java Madura, and just take a look how accurate the vector is, as I have been there many times, well I see the big bridge between Java and Madura and also a highway but they are not really as in real world (no expected as google earth), or maybe because so far there is no Asia OLC , yet or maybe I should check in Europe, any opinion welcome ;-) and thanks
  7. Hello Stewart Just want to let you know I change my setting like Nick, so I got really good result, again thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks again Stewart for your kind information, much appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for your reply stewart, I use P3DV4 at moment I have only europe, and of course the global,vector and the Tree HD as well, just wondering what will be the best setting for the ORBX. and I fly with all PMDG aircrafts and A2A.
  10. Hello I search on the forum about the setting for ORBX, but culd not find it , just wondering if someone can tell me what is the best settng for ORBX, at the moment I have Global,Vector,Tree and some europe , and my system is i7700K 16 Gb RAM and 1080Ti, thanks.
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