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  1. Brisbane was made for FTX so you just have to accept as is for P3D v4. I believe Ant's YBBN will work with this particular flight simulator (as an alternative). Do you have FSX ground poly (default) or Photoreal ground textures enabled in the configuration section of the Orbx Central control panel? Try the other alternative and see if that improves things.
  2. I took an international flight when the international terminal was the shed that is now the cargo section and a taxi to 19 took around a quarter of an hour (hold for domestic terminal traffic). One wondered if the aircraft had enough fuel to reach its destination or whether there should be a mobile top up at the threshold of 19 .
  3. A search of ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery only results in 3 files, ...elevation_adjustment.bgl is not one of them. This file is suspect. Disable it and see what happens.
  4. Thank you Graham for your persistence. The Options - Lighting - Sim Objects corrected the shadow situation. I also found Gold Coast Cityscene near the top of the orbx airport sceneries in the scenery library (above YBCG and YSPT), so I moved it toward the bottom (under YBCG and YSPT) and this fixed the trees on the southern tarmac of YBCG (as well as other problems). Have not tested the YBCG central configuration, but with the two major problems fixed, this is just an annoyance as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again.
  5. The YBCG Cpl now offers the AU2 option, but after ticking ad saving, the AU2 option is not saved.
  6. Uninstalled and then reinstalled. Same problem persists, but now southern apron has trees on it. I note that I still have the "old" configuration options, although I did have the "new" one at some stage in the past.
  7. The paved areas are just above the ground. Shadows are shown on the ground, but not on the "hovering" pavement just above it. A hint of what is happening is when the tyres sink more than usual into the pavement. I don't have knowledge in developing airports so I don't know if it is a relative easy fix (although I doubt it).
  8. Coolangatta had to fight to get one, and they have international heavies as traffic. Heavy rain squalls is the main reason for requesting it. Very tongue in cheek, is it because of the smelter's pollution that Gladstone has it ?
  9. Unfortunately the Evans Head fly in (AU) was recently held when bad weather was expected so not many aircraft attended. So thanks for the "reproduction" shots.
  10. There are only a few enhanced airports in AU2 with moving people. One I have come across recently is YMDG Mudgee with a man sweeping in front of the terminal.
  11. ADE_FTX_AUS_YMHB.bgl.old etc. No copying or pasting and especially no deleting, just rename the 3 files with .old on the end. But note that this is only considered a test to see if AU2 is what you are having problems with. You may accept the result or not. Be prepared to undo what has been done.
  12. You're right Bernie. Undiagnosed dyslexia? Disable the 3 entries in FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY as a trial. ADE_FTX_AUS_YMHB.bgl ADE_FTX_AUS_YMHB_CVX.bgl FTX_AUS_YHBA_objects.bgl (just put a .old suffix to them ie .bgl.old).
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