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  1. Suggest the blue box is something to do with "the quinto landing challenge" what ever that is.
  2. I suspect that you are looking at the full featured V1 airport that Orbx offers. Orbx can comment on a V2 that has been proposed that will include the new layout.
  3. Thank you Graham and others.
  4. Just found out that city POIs can be enabled/disabled in the control panel.
  5. For both FSX and P3D, the west approach to 08 is the default for AI aircraft. When I had FSX, as part of Orbx LOWI, Graham Eccleston made AI aircraft on the 08 approach fly down the western valley and do a dog leg into LOWI (replicating the RNP Y RWY 08 approach?). It worked wonderfully! I had UT2 at that stage. Now that I have P3Dv4, and Traffic Global, AI aircraft on the western 08 approach, aligned with the runway, fly over the high mountains to the west (Brechten and Rangger Kopfl KUDAV), can't descend fast enough to the runway, and do a go around through (and I mea
  6. Did the crew self isolate once landed?
  7. The auto update updated LOWI to P3Dv5 and now in v4 any contact with the ground causes an aircraft crash (cant even spawn). Orbx suggests turning off crash detection, but for someone who likes to do silly things at lowi (landing on 08 in heavy aircraft) this is not an option.
  8. This looks similar to the problem people have been having at LOWI. Research how they corrected it. I think it has something to do with object flow.
  9. I reiterate that the black line progressively disappears as you approach it. It actually runs next to the P3D boundary. However, there is a noticeable colour shift along the ex black line. P3d border to the left of it. P3D border right (now reversed direction). ex black line left.
  10. Only default mesh used. Only other addons that could influence it : Orbx AU2, global, vector; Rex skyforce.
  11. Black line progressively disappears as you approach it. Initially thought it may be a fence line, but not so.
  12. refer to invisible walls caused by v5 update.
  13. Could you check that the texture does not appear on other ground surfaces such as concrete or grass (thinking it may be the Rex global grass texture).
  14. Pacifica Airlines, Orbit Airlines, etc will still be flying uninterrupted
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