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  1. Too salty to be lake Amadeus (another photoreal dry lake). Was flying around central Australia in AU2 yesterday. Orbx staff have done well to put various photoreal areas around AU2.
  2. Gold Coast cityscene covers Coolangatta to Nerang to Coomera as far as I remember. Other users may be able to provide far more accurate northern coverage.
  3. In Australia there used to be "Broadband for Seniors" kiosks (several on the Gold Coast), where you could go with your USB stick or external hard drive, and use their computers for free to download large files. Due to the length of time of download, you would have to allow others access to the computer. As long as you stipulated why (this is my major hobby) and the supervisor agreed, you could generally do it. Alas, this scheme ended a couple of years ago, but the resources were transferred to other organisations. May be you can locate one of these organisations.
  4. First step. Everything is now done by a program that you download called FTX Central. Go to https://orbxdirect.com/ and up in the left hand corner there is a green square that says "Get FTX Central". Click on it and download and install the program. I'll let others tell you what to do after you have successfully done that, although you may figure out how to upgrade SP3 to SP4 yourself. Edit - Ooops. I see that you already have FTX Central.
  5. Or get it from the horses mouth. https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/AeroProcChartsTOC.htm
  6. My understanding is that it will be the last of the LCs to be developed.
  7. Will you be mainly flying in Australia or the pacific?
  8. Have a look at the date of the post. Please await for an Orbx admin to officially confirm.
  9. Looks like you may have to go the long way to get to the file. http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/australia.html and then scroll down to OZx (look for the red printing). It is a reuploaded zip file dated 01-23-201. Looks like the flightsim search generates a new number for each search.
  10. The YBCG ILS is now in operation. Also, for those searching for the complete OzX. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=69457881
  11. The cargo area at YBBN is in the old "tin shed" international terminal at the south western side of the airport. http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/pending/dap/BBNAP04-158_28FEB2019.PDF
  12. No scenery available, but if you have Ultimate Traffic 2 (not UTL), Wilson HKNW is a very active GA airport with shuttle flights to the various game reserves.
  13. Hint - near YBBN - from an Aussie near YBBN .
  14. You are better the Chinese pilots that roll their 747 and break it in the process .
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