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  1. I will hold off for a few service packs to see what issues get addressed and which don't (hopefully none.) I would also like to see some reviews. I typically don't buy day of release for these reasons. I am really quite disappointed that all the recent Carenado stuff is glass. I wish they would go back to at least some steam. It would be nice and enable some of us with lower spec systems to run their aircraft at more acceptable frame rates. I don't like to takeoff and have immediate stutters and freezing. It is not fun and removes all the immersion. John
  2. All for an Orbx Hawaii! I don't think it would take too terribly long given the small size needed for the islands too. I can't imagine having Orbx in Hawaii. That would be cool. I fly over there a lot and I would certainly buy it. I bet it wold be NGX heaven, a lot of people would probably fly their NGX, etc there. John
  3. Beautiful shots! Amazing colors and lovely angles. How is she on frames? Carenado's previous G1000 are killers.
  4. I am a younger pilot who isn't even 20. I don't hate glass panels, if they are done well, I don't mind them. Problem is, not many are. I much prefer steam gauges. John
  5. Here is one I really like. I have been out of the sim for a bit, very busy at school, but here is a recent one. Uploaded with ImageShack.us CT210 on final for BFI after a cargo run John
  6. Great shots Sam, the crop crcles are so real, well done. I see that Waco is becoming a hit here in the forums.
  7. They looks very real Bug, nicely done and great composition. The last gives a real sense of speed.
  8. Amazing set Cristoph, well done. The first is my favorite, it is extremely eye-catching.
  9. Nicely done James! Really crisp, and of very high quality, it looks like fun to fly that thing.
  10. Amazing set! They are all fantastic, very crisp and contrasty. I have to say the last is my favorite, I really like the composition.
  11. Wow Eric. 3 is a real stunner, but they are all so well done as always is the case for your shots, well done again.
  12. Very nice couple! I feel like I am right in front of the plane, very realisitc. Well done Eric.
  13. Very nice! A true classic looking very nice in the sun. I can hear those engines even now. How did you taxi out without squashing that Cessna?
  14. Wow amazing, especially that Juneau shot. More work for a 73G.
  15. Ah, yes the infamous crosswind on a WW2 aircraft, that will generate a lot of yaw. Thanks for clarifying and nice shots again!
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