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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for the X Plane YBRM scenery pack earlier this year, With so many of us now going over to X Plane, is there a possible chance of some more Aussie scenery, like YBCS for instance? JohnG
  2. I have spent about 7 years flying FSX with dozens of addons including many different Orbx sceneries. I have always held the quality and high detail of Orbx products in high regard. Recently, I gave XPLANE a try. I was immediately impressed so much, I have now migrated to this great simulator. Being a 64 bit system like P3D it runs very smoothly indeed and the graphics are fantastic. Every day there are many like myself who are becoming X Plane enthusiasts, and I for one, would love to see some of the well known ORBX Australian sceneries like YBRM and YBCS being made available, if possible, for X Plane. Thanking You, J G
  3. I'm sure a splendid rendition of WA's Perth airport will appear in the not too distant future. YPPH, is a favorite destination for many simmers including myself and deserving of a place in the ORBX / FTX library. Come on guys, 4 months maybe?
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