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  1. Found default buildings at NZAR over top of with Orbx new zealand north island . Also Huntly power station has disappeared since installing into P3dV5. Not A big problem just something to have a look at . Cheers
  2. Hi Adam , just checked and the same problem p3dv5 ,clean install. Brett
  3. Hi Graham , tried that and turned that file off and this is the end result . I'm just going to wait for the fix . At least we have found the problem . Cheers Brett
  4. Here is a small video showing what is happening Cheers Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 2020-04-20 16-26-40.mp4
  5. Cheers But I have tried that , makes no difference
  6. Hi Graham Here are my settings . I don't have any third party mesh installed . I do have TOGA Projects ENVTEX installed their updated version for V5 but I have tried without them and have the same results. Cheers Brett
  7. Having strange texture flickering and runway lights with NZQN p3dV5 .Have uninstalled and installed , verified files and still the same .So far I have only seen this at Queenstown. Also square texture at the end of runway and by the apron. Cheers
  8. Frank , I have to agree to a certain extent. I have enjoyed watching and reading what you have been doing Look forward to meeting you at Richard ' s next month for the v8's . Cheers Brett [emoji106]
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