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  1. Hello, What's the status and the release date for Sumburgh airport? Keep the good job Best Regards
  2. It's amazing but Aberdeen airport is it include? If yes I think it will be great if we can see it in deep like Dundee and also the Shetland islands. I love Scotland and I think it will be a Masterpiece!!! THE BEST SCENERY EVER MADE FOR FSX!!!
  3. slipstream I haven't flown play sims Scotland photo scenery @ 60ccpp because my PC dosen't have enough power. I have Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 32Bits with only an Intel cpu Quadcore at 3.61Ghz with 4Gb of ram. With FSX Acceleration I cannot use a photoscenery for a wide area without to have performance problems. I plan to buy soon Windows 7 Utlimate in 64bits because there will be no limitations for the 4Gb of ram and the VRAM will increase and also because this OS is much better than Vista for to play FSX.
  4. I hope the next scenery will be Scotland. Actually I fly around Inverness with FSX and the Highlands are beautiful.
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