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  1. We are looking into shader-based tech for seasonal variations that does not require new textures to be installed. This will take some R&D but we’re definitely committed to doing it.
  2. For Immediate Release Toowong, Australia, March 21st, 2018 Bill Womack Rejoins the Orbx Team Orbx today announced that renowned flight simulation developer Bill Womack has rejoined the Orbx team and all his iBlueYonder titles for FSX/P3D and X-Plane will now be published through OrbxDirect.com Orbx CEO John Venema today said “I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Bill back into the Orbx family! He and I have remained great friends for the past decade and I was delighted when he approached me to have us publish his iconic airports he has developed under his own brand iBlueYonder in the intervening years.” Bill Womack said “My goals have always closely tracked with those of Orbx; to create small airfields that are full of character and long on immersion. Lately though, I’ve been branching out to larger, more complex projects that require more time and energy than one person can give. It takes a team to get work of this caliber done, and Orbx certainly has the right developers for the job.” Bill continued “I’ve also been expanding my reach to target new simulator platforms such as X-Plane 11. Here again, Orbx is on that same wavelength, not only with X-Plane, but Aerofly FS2 as well. The combination of our years of experience with the potential of these new sims is incredibly exciting.” John Venema added “We been discussing some of his projects that are planned and I can say we are all excited at what is coming down the line. Bill is very enthusiastic about the X-Plane platform so that fits with our expansion plans for 2018/19 perfectly.” Bill concluded with “So why rejoin the Orbx development team? In short, it’s just the best fit I could imagine. My work has always been built to fit nicely into the Orbx ecosystem, and with their support and that of the huge Orbx community, the potential for creating increasingly amazing products is unlimited. I’m so tickled to be back!” Venema finished with “Please join me in welcoming Bill back to the team and to celebrate we will be holding a ‘Bill’s Back!’ special discount on all his airports for Orbx customers and also providing a free license transfer service for all iBlueYonder.com customers who will be able to transfer their previous purchases from iBlueYonder to OrbxDirect and also benefit from new PeopleFlow and ObjectFlow upgrades to their airports”. Nantucket Island and Minute Man & Plum Island for FSX/P3D and X-Plane 11 will soon be available on the OrbxDirect store. End Release
  3. SFO was a project put on hold because of developer commitments to other projects and real life etc. We have offered it to another FS publisher but this has not progressed thus far, so we may put it back on our roadmap soon because I agree it would make a popular CityScene destination.
  4. https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/130380-future-batteries-coming-soon-charge-in-seconds-last-months-and-power-over-the-air
  5. Actually the elevation mesh included will be the same or better as what is in our FTX Regions, so that is 10m. Apologies for the typo.
  6. X-Plane 11 itself is between 60-79GB to download from either Laminar and Steam, so I am puzzled why a region download of the same or smaller size would prove a stumbling block. We have no plans to distribute any Orbx products on physical media. I sense this topic is heading for a case of over-scrutiny by several forum members. Please allow the community to digest the announcement without subjecting it to forensic analysis. We have not yet determined download or installation sizes so please don’t put the cart before the horse folks
  7. Hi Kevin, we have tree data for England and Wales only, so yes please; if you have data for other parts for the uK then contact the team at info@orbxsystems.com - make it attention to Tony Wroblewski. Much appreciated! You could buy two copies with £300, it will be closer to £150.
  8. It would not be too hard to create some ReShade 3.x presets to create seasons in XP11. That would allow dynamic season switching with a bit of clever coding. Something we can look into of course. @kevinfirth 60cm is not going to happen, the imagery license costs would be exponentially higher and the stress on HDD and GPU multiplied by 4. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how lovely 1m is going to look. I would think perhaps 5-6 years down the track when GPU DRAM and HDD/SSD storage at at much higher levels we could like into making a Pro version.
  9. Answering some questions raised: Each region will cost A$54.95 just like our LC based regions. Therefore all of UK + Ireland will cost A$274.75 or £150/€165/USD200. This is before we offer a discount for customers who already own the equivalent LC regions. (N.Ireland may be cheaper due to its small size). Orbx won’t offer a subscription service, that business model is fraught with danger and complexity. Our cash flow is more than sufficient month to month. There is 20m elevation mesh for England, Wales and Scotland. Default for Ireland and N.Ireland, although we will investigate new sources. Coverage will include all islands which are part of the UK. We don’t know installation sizes yet, it’s a bit premature to ask us that. It’s safe to say they will be large.
  10. These regions will be 1m/pixel resolution downsampled from 12.5cm. There is no way the consumer FS market could cope with regions at higher resolutions, nor could our online store infrastructure cope with the delivery bandwidth and costs. I can assure you that 1m/pixel resolution is more than crisp in the sim, all our Netherlands preview shots have used a lower resolution 2m/pixel during the beta stage and it looks stunning. Consider that moving from 1m/pixel textures to 25cm/pixel textures is sixteen (16!!) times the texture size and GPU memory requirements. Just not even feasible with today’s GPUs and storage. And you don’t want to wait 15 minutes loading a flight either ....
  11. This is a whole different league to previous UK photoreal products. It is relatively recent imagery for a start, (Ireland has not even been completely flown yet). This is not satellite imagery, but taken from low flying aircraft under the cloud layer using specialist equipment.
  12. PNW won't include BC or Canada because we cannot source affordable licensable imagery (yet). We'd love to include it but the costs are horrendous right now. The USA has access to free NAIP and USGS imagery so it's more feasible for us to do that, although it will be in smallish chunks. We could not possibly cover the entire US like this in a short space of time.
  13. It will look something like this: Some pre-alpha shots of a UK region exploratory work: It won't look like Google Earth because the 3D objects used there are built using street level and aerial photos stitched together in a very crude fashion and without any error correction. We will use custom autogen buildings using appropriate generic textures local to each area. Will you see your house? Yes, but it will be using generic textures. We may offer a "put my house in the sim" service for those people wanting to pay for it
  14. We are constantly refining and improving the FTX Central code. Always upgrade it when you see the blue update button appear, it usually means better download code has been added. We have many more optimisations coming that will improve throughput immensely. With much larger photoreal addons coming from Orbx in the future we have to ensure our delivery systems match the new larger installation sizes.
  15. That is actually a good idea! We could possibly release Summer only for FSX?P3D then offer season packs later. There are always surprises around the corner Derek