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  1. A few more WIP shots, details are very high for the terminal ..
  2. The tower can’t be far superior in the XP11 version because it’s exactly the same 3D model used for both versions. I think you’re looking for flaws that aren’t there
  3. We don’t use AI for photogrammetry, it’s a manual process using various tools and quite labour intensive. We will be posting Miami preview shots in the coming week.
  4. We feel moving forward it’s better to announce stuff we’ve actually green lit as projects and are in beta rather than dangling carrots. As for the dreadful fires in Australia, whilst I lived in Australia for 43 years (I’ve lived in the UK for 7+ years now) I never saw fires escalate to the catastrophic level I see now. It is the worst in a generation that’s for sure. Fortunately the Orbx HQ is at Essendon Airport in inner Melbourne which is not under threat. However some Australian Orbx developers live in fire affected areas and are joining the volunteering efforts to save towns and forests. Our thoughts are with them at this time.
  5. TrueEarth USA Florida will look closest to the new MS simulator because essentially the same techniques are being used. Our TE series have been in development well before Microsoft’s announcement in June and we are constantly spending money on R&D to improve TrueEarth such as our new TrueColour tech and photogrammetry type of methods for CityScape Miami. However the similarity is purely coincidental. Often in the software industry similar methods emerge from different development teams at the same time. Orbx has been under NDA with Microsoft since 2010 and Lockheed Martin since 2014 so we cannot make any comments about any involvement we may or may not have with those companies. Please respect our position on this. What I can say, and have already shared on these forums and in various press interviews, is that the new sim looks stunning and we very much look forward to getting our hands on the SDK along with many of our peers in the FS industry.
  6. Yes CityScape Miami is included for free as part of the TrueEarth Florida region. No separate install is needed. It uses the same technology as CityScape Honolulu and Melbourne.
  7. I'm not planning to make any roadmap topic at the moment. We have a management planning session at our Australian HQ at the end of this month and we'll decide at that time just what we will share in terms of our plans for the coming year.
  8. Yes they are but the source imagery is a higher quality than the GB series.
  9. Greg Jones was working on the port and progress was very good (it made beta 1) but he’s on vacation for a few more weeks so I’d expect a mid-January release (ish).
  10. Please can we keep things on topic? If you have hardware related questions there is a sub forum for that.
  11. Southern California is about 50% complete, but it’s a big region which we want to do properly and not rush it out. Including in-house full-time developers, beta testers, production staff, IT support and outsourced contractors there are about 50+ people working on TrueEarth regions. This represents about half of the total Orbx workforce. We also plan to port all TE regions to P3D starting with Washington next and then working down the US WestCoast.
  12. Yes we do plan to revisit the Netherlands for XP11 after work on Southern California is completed in the new year.
  13. Reflected clouds in the water is a standard part of XP11. You need to ensure that the reflections slider In your settings screen is on at least position 2.
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