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  1. Hi guys, I’ll let the developers answer a question that Callum from FSElite asked them:
  2. You will easily fit all our upcoming TE regions for P3D into a single 2TB drive. P3D uses a much more efficient BGL format for orthos versus XP11's DDS format.
  3. Within a few weeks, we're close to beta now but Cosford may delay release. However it will be on show at Cosford if you want to come by our booth, plus a few other surprises for P3D!
  4. The new version of TE GB South for P3D is being worked on now and FPS will be drastically improved.
  5. We cannot compete with free imagery downloaded from sources such as Bing or Google. We licensed the area around Courcheval and this was expensive to do. Licensing the entire 1-degree tile would have made the project economically unfeasible. Those who have Ortho4XP mesh will find out how to make it work and soon enough a solution will be posted in the compatibility forum. Please note you will lose the tunnel under the runway when using another mesh.
  6. Welcome to the French Alps! We're absolutely thrilled to announce a new airport on short finals from Orbx's in-house partner studio Gaya Simulations, also responsible for EGNX East Midlands Airport and more titles coming soon. Courchevel Altiport is an airport located at an altitude of 2007 metres in the middle of the slopes of the Courchevel ski station. On a larger scale, the airport is located in the middle of Les Trois vallées ski area, which has nearly 600 kilometres of ski slopes in the Savoie region in France. Its runway is 537 metres long and 40 metres wide, its inclination is the steepest of the world (up to 18.66%) for an international airport. It is also the only one to be cleared of snow all year long. An aircraft with a maximum capacity of nearly 50 passengers can land in Courchevel altiport. The parking capacity is 10 planes for 20 helicopters. The term "Altiport" was created specifically for this platform the 31st of January 1961 after the first inaugural flight because it was the first altiport ever built for commercial use. During the winter season, the altiport offers a unique know-how and service for the total management of the aircraft and the transfer of customers and users who land on the structure. It is the only airport platform that allows to enjoy the ski slopes directly after landing. It is also a few minutes from the most prestigious resort hotels. The altiport offers two free major air show in the region, one at the end of July and the other one at the end of March. The meeting is called FLY COURCHEVEL and brings t manufacturers, flight training schools, federations, pilots and above all aviation enthusiasts. This superb recreation of this characterful airport has full PBR support, great lighting effects on the runway and aprons and is optimised for performance. COVERAGE AT A GLANCE AIRPORT - Ultra-accurate and hand-sculpted mesh up to 0.5m (!) for the whole airport and the scenery coverage - Hand made Ultra HD textures for the airport area and 0.5m/pix for the entire satellite image coverage - Airport developed with close connection with the official Courchevel airport personnel with an outstanding level of detail and accuracy - Accurately positioned fences, terraces, vegetation, vehicles and much more - High quality textures (4k) for the entire airport building. - Accurate tunnel below the runway with custom animated vehicles driving through it , based on native X-Plane 11 mesh work. - Model and accurate placement of the full town of Courchevel which include dozens of POIs all around the mini region and the approach. - Many custom animated cars make it a living scenery include animated clock on the front of the main hangar of the airport - Ultra high quality and accurate PBR runway textures. - Very realistic and dynamic lights in the airport and over the towns in the region. - Custom French Alps autogen buildings populated the villages and towns in the region. - Accurate static aircraft - Well optimized scenery with great performance SURROUNDS - Many custom modeled POI buildings in the airport precinct - Beautifull atmospheric villages, ski resorts and crystal blue lakes We are thrilled to begin our first foray into the French Alps and you won't be disappointed in this incredible destination!
  7. Baggage carts and other GSE vehicles are fully animated.
  8. I live in England. There is NO difference in the grass colour between seasons. If you want to not buy EGLC because there is no snow in London (which happens one in ten years) then by all means don’t buy EGLC. But seriously, don’t waste our time with this discussion.
  9. Main issue for the TE alps region is the cost of licensing source orthos. We are looking at our options.
  10. TE GB Central for P3D doesn’t have seasons so you’d use EGNM set to summer only with that region. However if you’re using Orbx Global or EU England you be able to use seasons. Pretty straight forward really, nothing sinister about any of this
  11. Of course EGNM will have seasonal support for P3D, as will our upcoming EGNX, why would we not do that? EGLC is a lump of concrete in the middle of London and I’d hardly use lack of seasonal textures as a reason to not buy it. ”Finally return to the UK after all these years” - “Ditch support for seasons” - seriously? Are you Swiss always so direct in your comments? Please engage your brain before posting.
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