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  1. We’ll make a point to create one when the new porting team starts in September.
  2. Thanks everyone, it’s appreciated! We have a lovely family restaurant dinner planned tonight. I might be 55 but I feel much younger ‘on the inside’ as they say
  3. Vashon Muni is a freeware airport for FSX/P3D and it will ultimately be ported to XP.
  4. Orbx is not involved. MS have not reached out to us. They did a good job keeping it secret. We have no more information than the trailer and press release. We don’t know if there is an SDK or third party support. We don’t know who they partnered with for content, certainly not us. This does not change any of our product plans at all. Remember MS Flight? I hope MS learnt from that experience This will be Windows 10 first, then ‘maybe’ XBOX later. Finally, “2020” could mean January or December 2020.
  5. Hello all, This weekend we have no fewer than 18 Orbx staff flying in from all over the world to participate in FS Expo 2019 in Orlando. To give you an idea of the cumulative 250,000+ air miles the team has flown, here are the home airports we departed from: EGLC, EGHI, YMML, YPPH, CYYJ, KDAL, KRDD, LSZH, and KDFW. Some snaps from our journeys: We’ll use this pinned topic to post up some photos of the conference over the weekend. 01913BE7-2DAB-40A3-9FA0-D14CF1F71962.MOV
  6. No plans at this stage. We have three P3D demos available already.
  7. Just a small technical issue with John’s video: the default Laminar Space Needle is showing through and our custom modelled theatre and reception centre are not there. This is a scenery order issue which will be resolved by release. Also note the tall white skyscraper has now been removed and replaced with a construction crane. The dock cranes will be replaced by bespoke models for release. Finally, the building textures are only showing the standard SD variants included with the product. With the optional HD pack you can double or quadruple the building texture resolution using the control panel and also have all the airport building upgraded with 3D PBR models, plus get a bonus copy of Israel’s Farm airstrip near Concrete WA. The HD pack will be released a week or so after the initial region release.
  8. Nope - https://fselite.net/originals/developer-month-2019-bill-womack/
  9. It’s been in beta testing for 21 days. There is still new content being added to the final build. I assume you’d like a fairly complete product? We will show it at Orlando and release it around that time.
  10. They will use default X-Plane airports just like for TE GB. In many cases this means runways will not align to the orthoimagery and the original airport authors should update them via the Laminar Airport Gateway. We could try to fix them up but this will put TE Washington out of sync with the default XP11 airports which will cause many support issues.
  11. We’re going to push it out via FTXC3 now, aiming for the weekend.
  12. Seattle night lighting is a WIP. We have new LIT files coming for downtown Seattle which look much more realistic. I’d hold off JL with those night shots until the RTM build at the end of the month.
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