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  1. John Venema

    EGPB Sumburgh My Final Shots.

    Released now.
  2. John Venema

    LOWI for xp

    We intend for all or most of our airports to be ported to XP11.
  3. John Venema

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    I live in the Portsmouth area too, and we have a lot more goodies coming in SP1 due in a few weeks, including: Old Portmouth pubs the BAR sailing HQ IOW Ferry terminal the Qintex frigate radar testing station on top of Portsdown Hill all the forts on the Solent more historic buildings at Southsea (WWII museum, Pyramids, bandstand, etc) more details at Southampton docks more ships on the Solent and the Navy dockyards including the QE and frigates Mary Rose museam Langstone Technology Park in Havant (where the Orbx UK development centre is) Arundel Castle near Chichester and a bunch more stuff! Of course, we have much much more for TEGB South including every stadium over 7,000 seats, hundreds more castles, missing bridges, more correctly modelled lighthouses, new Oxford town centre, London upgrades (the list is too long to recite here). Your suggestions for those POIs above are great, but they need to be added to this topic:
  4. John Venema


    30fps is actual very good for XP11. The sim was not designed to be running at 60fps, despite what most people believe to be the "ideal" frame rate. Don't be hung up on getting 45+fps - 30fps is just as smooth because XP11 automatically increases detail based on your CPU's performance (unless you use fancy lua scripts to force it to do otherwise). I run at 4K resolution and mostly sit around 30-37fps and believe me, it is butter smooth. Sure, I can get 50-60fps by reducing LOD and playing with sliders or flying over coastal/remote areas, but after a few sessions XP11 creeps the fps back down again as it adds in details to compensate. The world looks much better with maximum objects, and if you're getting 30fps then just relax and enjoy the experience.
  5. John Venema


    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! It’s pretty safe to set world objects to Maximum in XP11. The biggest FPS killers are Reflections (turn them off basically) and too high AA settings.
  6. The team has been formed and they have begun preliminary work.
  7. John Venema

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    It is up to the developers making P3D airports to use these vehicles, we licensed them quite some time ago.
  8. Yes we have something in the pipeline
  9. Hi there Frank, thanks for the kind words! We have another four UK airports incoming including Old Warden and one for North; EGPB Sumburgh. We also have a team of developers making brand new UK airports for XP11/P3D concurrently - these will be larger regionals and hub airports and further north, since this is what people have been asking of us for years now. Additionally we will be releasing a few really nice freeware airfields for the UK this year. This plan is for us to provide a bunch of HD destinations all over the UK in the next few years so that the TE GB series remain fresh and exciting. Finally, we have SP1s coming for TE Netherlands, GB Central, South and eventually North. Very busy times at Orbx HQ
  10. John Venema

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    That's at another airport. Nobody has found it yet.
  11. Emmsie will be along with his final shots any moment, but here's a few more teasers...
  12. John Venema

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    We recently purchased new car libraries which are making their way into the new XP11 ports. I agree they look the business though.
  13. John Venema

    The Isle of Arran revisited ....

    EGEC is a new favourite airport for me, and my go-to location to test any changes to water and reflection settings. Brilliant captures and the new LUT is great!
  14. We are trying to put the people into place to make that happen, yes. I myself would like to see how it looks and performs, for sure.
  15. John Venema


    It is an active project. We’ll have more to show soon.