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  1. We’re working on Australia V2 and openLC Africa for the landclass based stuff, and TE in various parts of the world for that style. Hopefully we will cater to all tastes. @macca22au I did spend a lot of my corporate IT career presenting to CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of Fortune 1000 companies as well as speaking to thousands of delegates at once at major conferences, but those days are well behind me now.
  2. John Venema

    POIs of England

    Those are all in there already Matt. What we want input on are man-made structures which are significant when doing circuits and VFR navigation etc.
  3. John Venema

    Can it be any easier?

    We’re actually going to make it even easier. The purchasing part will optionally be able to be done inside FTXC, so you won’t even need to go to OrbxDirect. Just click and purchase right inside FTXC.
  4. Here's a couple of teaser shots from the beta:
  5. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29th, 2018 - Toowong, Australia ORBX APPOINTS AIMEE SANJARI AS MARKETING AND COMMUNITY MANAGER Orbx is pleased to announce that it has appointed Aimee Sanjari as its Marketing and Community Manager effective July 1st 2018. Aimee is a respected flight simulation industry figure having had two successful tenures at Dovetail Games and Flight1 Europe over the past six years. During her time at Flight1, Aimee co-founded the highly attended Cosford Flight Simulation Show, the largest of its kind in the UK. Orbx CEO John Venema today said "I am so very pleased to welcome Aimee to our team! She is a popular flight sim community participant with active business and social relationships with almost every developer in the business, both on the software and hardware front. I don't think there are too many people that Aimee doesn't know and we all agree she brings her welcome smile and unique approach into the flight simulation industry". Aimee added "I am incredibly excited to join the Orbx team. They have completely dominated the flight simulation scenery market, and I'm looking forward to the new challenges and experiences that this job will bring. The company has gone from strength to strength, and I believe we will achieve amazing things together moving forwards. Venema continued "It helps that Aimee is a complete and total flight sim nerd and aviation enthusiast. In other words, she lives and breathes the tech and the culture; for Orbx that is a perfect fit for our team." Aimee will be in charge of Orbx's marketing, social media, community management, press liaison, communications and event management. She can be contacted on aimee@orbxsystems.com
  6. Netherlands TrueEarth for AFS2 is already in beta testing and we are just dealing with some issues with some of the airports ported from P3D and also some animations and then we should be releasing.
  7. We are making good progress with England, we have two tiles to complete and the whole country is then covered with imagery and overlay. Then comes the task of some major colour correction work in towns and cities. From that point we focus our attention on the POI modeling. We have four modelers assigned to this task but it is a huge undertaking to add hundreds, if not thousands of custom 3D models to major city areas. We will begin to provide preview screenshots and videos once it has entered beta, but this is a few months away yet.
  8. Press Release – For Immediate Release Toowong Australia - June 19th, 2018 Orbx sponsors Max Bird Racing Orbx is pleased to announce our sponsorship of young 18 year old racing prodigy Max Bird. Winner of his class in the Dubai 24 Hours and recently a race winner at Thruxton UK, we are thrilled to have our company's logo on his Ginetta GT5 race car! Max is a professional racing driver currently racing in the Ginetta GT5 championship and hoping to progress into British GT in 2018/19. You can follow his season at his personal website to see his results and important updates. http://www.maxbird.co.uk/MaxBirdRacing/ . Be sure to follow his FB and Twitter feeds to get live updates from his events! Max and the Orbx logo at full speed at Silverstone last week Orbx CEO John Venema today said "I've known Max for a few years now (we train at the same gym) and after being invited to see him race at Thuxton recently where he impressed me hugely with a spectacular race win from 8th place on the grid, we agreed that Orbx would be thrilled to provide a modest sponsorship to support the rest of his 2018 season" "Max shows a maturity and level head way beyond his 18 years and I am confident he will have a stellar racing career ahead of him". Max's history Max started karting at 8 years of age racing at local kart tracks Camberley and Forest Edge, building up a good selection of trophies. As a father and son team he first raced at a National Level in 2010. Max continued racing at a club level in 2011 becoming vice champion at Forest Edge, and taking 4th in the club championships at Shenington and Whilton, before joining Fusion Motorsport for 2012 to compete in S1 and Formula Kart Stars. In this final year as a cadet, Max took a number of podiums and fastest laps at National level before moving onto Mini Max in 2013. Competing predominantly at National level Max was 10th in the S1 Mini Max championship, after achieving a number of top 6 finishes. For 2014 Max moved to Rotax Junior Max and again competed in the National S1 championship, finishing 12th overall once again achieving top 6 finishes and fastest laps during the year, including at the Britsh Kart GP at PFI. After winning the prestigious TVKC karting championship for Junior Rotax in 2015 Max entered car racing in 2016 competing in the highly competitive Ginetta Junior championship before moving on in 2017 to the Ginetta GT5 championship where he finished 4th overall after 1 race win, 4 second places, 2 third places a pole position and 2 fastest laps. Max says "2017 was an extremely good learning year for me as I had a 1st in the opening round of the season, then followed by 6 further podiums across the season and also 2 fastest laps and a pole in the final round. A productive learning season with limited testing to ready for the 2018 campaign." Max’s aim is to become a professional racing driver and race sports cars worldwide with his ambition to compete at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Some of Max's races are broadcast on UK television when the Ginetta championships joins the BTCC races. We hope our sponsorship will provide funding for to have a successful 2018 and move to a higher level championship series in 2019. Good luck Max, and we'll be watching your performances keenly and of course enjoy seeing the Orbx logo whizzing around the circuits of Europe!
  9. Yes it’s fine to post links to videos from FSExpo.
  10. Thanks guys, I spent most of my birthday in a plane from LAS to LHR but I more than made up for that confinement by my earlier visits this past week to the Margaritaville bar at the Flamingo
  11. Hello everyone, The show is about to start and we thought we’d do a snap of the Orbx crew on our stand. Left to right: Allen Kriesman, Tim Harris, Ben McClintock, Bill Womack, Ed Correia, Kath Venema, John Venema, Aimee Sanjari, Finni Hansen, Holger Sandmann and Phil Speakman.
  12. TerraFlora and Orbx Trees HD replace the exact same global tree textures, so they are not mutually compatible. Orbx Trees HD are also double the resolution of default Trees and also use optimised models; we were in fact the first to do so by some years. So it comes down to which tree textures you prefer in terms of colour and art style. Orbx Trees HD are specifically designed for Orbx global and region products so they will naturally be a better match to the overall Orbx colour palette. Orbx will not be selling TerraFlora on OrbxDirect as it’s a directly competing product to ours. I hope this clears up any possible confusion.
  13. Welcome! Barton Manchester is the perfect starting point for GA flights in XP11, and it includes a huge photoreal area covering the whole city and surrounds of Manchester.
  14. Press Release – For Immediate Release Toowong Australia and Havant United Kingdom - June 6th, 2018 Turbulent Designs To Publish Through Orbx Over the past 10 years, the team at Turbulent Designs have fully developed or contributed to almost 25 airport projects for Orbx. Today, they are excited to announce the next step in this long relationship. Turbulent will now be working in partnership with Orbx. From today, Turbulent Designs will begin the task of redeveloping all the airport products in their current catalogue, to be fully integrated into the Orbx ecosystem. Additionally, their currently in-production projects will also be made available through Orbx. Turbulent’s team is immensely proud of the products they’ve created. Working as a team of developers and as an independent publisher they have had the freedom to explore different techniques in all aspects of flight sim development. Those of you who have followed their journey over recent years, will know that they are always trying to push boundaries of both visuals and performance. One thing that has remained constant in that time however, was their compatibility with Orbx’s base products and regions. Turbulent Co-Founder and Director Greg Jones said “Publishing our works through Orbx, while armed with our new experience, allows us to focus more on the development aspect and getting everything ‘just right’ while harnessing Orbx’s extensive beta testing network, technical know-how and the massive Orbx community.” “We’re excited about Orbx’s move into the world of X-Plane 11 and, as we have said before, this is a platform we’re now fully adopting. In time, all Turbulent Designs airports will be available for X-Plane 11 via orbxdirect.com.” Orbx CEO John Venema today said “We are absolutely thrilled to once again be working closely with the talented team at Turbulent Designs. They have developed a stellar reputation in the flight simulation industry with a distinct style of products which have been extremely well received by the community.” Greg Jones added “Turbulent and Orbx share a passion for creating top-quality content in interesting locations while maintaining great performance. We see this a re-strengthening of our relationship which will be great news for both Turbulent and Orbx customers alike.” Venema continued “Together, Turbulent Designs and Orbx will closely collaborate on many projects to bring our customers some very exciting new products over the coming years. Both companies share the same vision for attention to detail and immersive destinations and I am sure that working closely together will yield some fantastic results!” Greg finished with “Turbulent’s existing customers will be able to easily transfer their purchases to OrbxDirect at no charge”. He also gave a glimpse into both organization’s future; “As our business' grow and expand together with new team members coming on board, we look forward to producing a much greater variety of content for the Orbx ecosystem. There’s some great things on the horizon!”
  15. England TrueEarth is in development for X-Plane 11 right now, but it is photoreal and a different style of product and not likely to be released for a while yet, it's a huge project.