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  1. John Venema

    TE GB questions

    We will soon be publishing more freeware airfields for XP11, stay tuned!
  2. Playing with light and focal distance.
  3. John Venema

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Yes I am trying the new darker roads which I think work very well. We will make them a third option in SP1 and North.
  4. John Venema

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    This is my laptop: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-Zephyrus-GX501VI-GZ021T-i7-7700HQ-Processor/dp/B073TZGDPS/ - It runs XP11 at 4K between 17-35fps depending on sliders and location, and only at 30Hz because of the HDMI 1.3 connection. It would be considered a ‘mid range’ PC these days. I will be keeping to use at FSExpo and Cosford as a good demo PC. I have an older (built late 2016) Scan 3XS desktop which is in the process of being upgraded with a new x390 mobo, BeQuiet! case, i7 8700k CPU @4.9Ghz and liquid cooling. The Samsung M.2 EVO 960 2TB SSD failed in that so they are replacing that with a new M.2 EVO 970 2TB. I will keep the old GTX Titan X Pascal that was in it, which is as fast as a RTX2080 anyway. That is what I’d call a high end system. For the UK development centre we will be building a ‘Uber-crazy’ flight sim PC with an i9 9900K @5.1Ghz, liquid cooling, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Dual RTX Titan V’s with nVidialink bridge, M.2 EVO 970 2TB SSD and a Dell 8K (yes, 8K!!) 32’” IPS monitor. That should run XP11/P3D at 8K at 60fps. A 8K, each screenshot you take in XP11 will be a 48MB png file! Welcome to insanity...
  5. John Venema

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    What do you want first? South SP1 or North?
  6. John Venema

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    It feels immensely rewarding to fly over our own creations, always has done. UWXP controls the size, amount, and brightness of clouds. This affects the size of the shadows on the ground. Additionally UWXP also allows you to darken the clouds and increase their resolution, making them sharp and more defined. It is the Acer Predator 32”, 60Hz and two years old now but still does a mighty job https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Predator-XB321HKbmiphz-Monitor-Adjustable-x/dp/B017U8Z61W/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1544885920&sr=8-5&keywords=predator+monitor Yes he will if all goes to plan. My 2019 roadmap is out next Tuesday and we will also broadcast on Twitch that evening.
  7. I expect they will resume flights in the spring/summer.
  8. We’re going to add the option to remove or change the decal. I don’t like it either.
  9. Finally hooked my 4K monitor up to my laptop again and took some snaps... Using xVision, UWXP and ASXP.
  10. There is no refund on consumer licenses if upgrading to a commercial license. Commercial licenses do not get discounted during sales.
  11. You need to separate your personal use of your simulator versus commercial use (where you are charging customers to use it with Orbx scenery.) There are two possible solutions: 1. Install a second copy of the simulator software, perhaps on a different drive or partition, and use that exclusively for commercial use. Only license the Orbx software you intend to use commercially. 2. Buy another PC for the commercial business and install the sim and commercial Orbx licenses on that. Only install what you need. In both cases you need to create another OrbxDirect account and tick the ‘Commercial’ box so the prices are relevant and you are under the correct CULA. Option 2 is probably the best because you won’t need to log out/in of FTX Central and its a nice clean separate environment. It may also give you the opportunity to build a PC with better components to deliver your customers the best visual experience.
  12. I doubt we will get an apology from Mr. Vin.
  13. Yes it will the Shetlands and yes we are porting EGPB to XP11.