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  1. I just have to say this .... !! :-)

    Hi Lee, and welcome! Of course you fulfil the LM EULA requirements. Just purchase the Academic License for (I think) $69 which can legally be used to teach yourself pilotage and cockpit procedures just as you would in a flight school simulator. In fact, over 65% of all Orbx customers now use P3D and there is no legal issue at all with using that product. You will be impressed with the improvements to lighting, shadows, terrain, autogen, performance and overall visuals. And finally no more out of memory errors due to it being a 64-bit application. You certainly have the PC to run it very well.
  2. EU Netherlands Photoreal - alpha shots!

    Belgium is not included. There may be very small overlaps at borders but these would be from a technical implementation perspective, not creative.
  3. EU Netherlands Photoreal - alpha shots!

    Status update: Autogen trees are now complete for the whole country, and 85% of buildings are placed. Unique building textures for the Netherlands are being made and many POIs are being modelled. A 5m mesh has been added, traffic is being added, plus wind farms, power lines, and other vertical obstructions. All airports have been upgraded and glider fields added. Dykes and other irrigation infrastructure are also been added. Overall, progress is very good and we should be in beta testing by Xmas or maybe sooner.
  4. Happy Christmas to All.

    Here’s a couple of WIP shots of Netherlands Photoreal to warm your cockles this Xmas
  5. Happy Christmas to All.

    Merry Xmas and a safe holiday season to everyone! Thank you all for your custom and loyalty to Orbx in 2017 and I hope Santa has some surprises in your stocking this year
  6. Regarding animated Jetways, our in-house team is making good progress on our new Jetways module using ESSA as the guinea pig. We hope to have this module tested and released in the new year sometime. At that point KSAN can be patched to take advantage of this new tech.
  7. EU Netherlands Photoreal - alpha shots!

    Yes of course.
  8. FlightSimCon 2018 moving to Dallas Texas

    Orbx is not attending or sponsoring FlightSimCon in Texas, and I doubt much of the FS industry is. Instead we are headline sponsor of FlightSim Expo in Las Vegas in June which has all the major vendors exhibiting and attending. We will be bringing a large Orbx contingent to Vegas in June and be previewing exciting new products. More details coming soon!
  9. Next region

    Hi Pat, We have upgraded all the default airports in the FSX/P3D database and they will have an impact on the OZx airports if the OZX airports have a lower scenery priority and don’t have the proper excludes for each of them. I am sure we will work out a way for everything to live happily together.
  10. EU Netherlands Photoreal in XP using Ortho2XP and W2X

    There are NO active Orbx region projects in place for XP11. There are some airports being ported (without PeopleFlow and Objectflow which do not work in XP11). That is the extent of our XP activities. We are reluctant to spend time and R&D on regions given the availability of freeware tools to create and annotate large areas using photoreal. There is also no native seasons support in XP which again takes away a lot of the attraction of regions. Finally, the landclass based scenery system used in FSX/P3D is very different to the terrain system used by XP. If we did anything at all it would be a photoreal based region with a control panel to allow seasonal switching or a version of ObjectFlow to automate that. This is why I'm asking the question to XP users to see if there is demand. The response thus far leans towards airports which is where we will focus our initial efforts. Hope this clears up the confusion.
  11. EU Netherlands Photoreal in XP using Ortho2XP and W2X

    Why don’t you scroll back up and read my explanations before making statements such as this Tom? We are NOT using Oscar or Tony’s tools, nor would we ever do so without a proper arrangement in place. To infer that Orbx behaves in this way is both insulting and ignorant. Next time read a topic fully before commenting.
  12. EU Netherlands Photoreal - alpha shots!

    Just to address some questions about loading, performance, texture blurring etc. I just installed an alpha build and flew a bunch of circuits around EHAM and Amsterdam city. - It looks absolutely fantastic! - Loading is very quick - Performance very good (30-40fps most weather, GA aircraft, most sliders maxxed) - No texture blurring at all (P3Dv4.1) - Great performance in VR with Oculus Rift (not getting 45fps but no need to use ASW, it's smooth enough).
  13. EU Netherlands Photoreal in XP using Ortho2XP and W2X

    Prepar3D is and will remain our core platform and is our primary source of revenue. There is no reason to abandon any sim over another. With the cost of SSDs falling monthly an internal or external 2TB SDD usually allows most people to run 3-4 sims concurrently. X-Plane has a lot of merit, I have it installed and have used Ortho4XP which is great (but has its limitations of course). I also have AeroFlyFS2 installed and that has its appeal, mainly superb performance in VR and a perfect quick fix with almost zero loading times. Finally I have FSW Early Access installed and that too has its unique appeal. If you are serious about your FS hobby you would keep an open mind about multiple platforms. I am also into car racing sims but I don't choose Project Cars 2 over Assetta Corsa or other sims - I have them both for their own merits.
  14. EU Netherlands Photoreal in XP using Ortho2XP and W2X

    Hi Oscar, I understand that- but it was never our intention to use those tools for our own products, it was purely conceptual stuff. If and when we wanted to use those tools commercially we would firstly contact the authors to get permission and negotiate a deal. Over the years we've used a lot of 3rd party IP and tech at Orbx but we have always licensed it. One example is FTX Vector.
  15. EU Netherlands Photoreal in XP using Ortho2XP and W2X

    Oh the airports are coming, that is an active project which Ed Correia is leading for us. It won't be all of them but certainly a bunch, starting with Meigs Field which is done. @Tony - I feel your pain, OSM can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Fortunately we have the luxury of two concurrent competing toolsets developed in-house which we can feed any data source into with pretty good results, so we're continuing to work on this tech.