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  1. SpainUHD is free for a reason. It just uses the default XP11 overlay and has a lot of issues: Personally I think people are too used to flying over sub-par scenery if you call this "superb".
  2. Have have interviewed about 50 candidates since mid-July. We have made offers to 10 new developers in our UK dev centre and they are starting over the coming weeks. We’re moving as fast as we can!
  3. The region boundaries have not been set yet, it is very early days for this project
  4. Yes, New England Maritimes for FSX/P3D is next after Team Holger finishes openLC Asia.
  5. Don't be obtuse. Poppycock indeed. You said: And as a reward for that sarcasm you need to go find the answer yourself. It's been given on these forums many times before.
  6. Really, these sort of topics are beginning to really irritate me, and the team. If Jack refuses to understand that most of the XP11 releases are ports of ESP content he’s had available for years (sometimes a decade), then he just won’t listen to any explanation. Topic locked.
  7. Northern California is already in alpha build stage and San Fransciso and Silicon Valley look absolutely fantastic in the sim with all the 3D POI models in place. I was flying over Apple’s ‘space ship’ campus on Friday, it looks incredible. But Oregon was a real surprise to me. It is even more diverse than Washington with some beautiful areas just waiting to discover.
  8. I use UWXP (Ultra Weather XP) which gives me a different water/cloud/sky set each time I load the sim, so I could not tell what was used in those shots.
  9. Yes we begin on the east coast of the USA after Southern California is done.
  10. Yes I plan to make those on Monday, please stand by. We plan to release the TE Washington SD version ASAP after Oregon is out, won’t be too long. It will need some re-jigging on the original Washington product name and product page etc, but we’ll manage it.
  11. Washington is already HD (1.2m/ZL17), it’s just not named as such. What you may be referring to is the Enhancement Pack for Washington which adds higher resolution autogen building textures and other extras. This has been delayed because it requires code updates to Orbx Central
  12. Ok thanks everyone for the valued input into this discussion. We will provide two options for all future TE regions: 1. A HD version at 1.2m/pixel (ZL17) 2. An SD version at 2.4m/pixel (ZL16) sharpened, which looks the same as the HD version above 2000FT AGL, but takes 1/4 of the disk space Customers who buy the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who buy the SD version will pay AU$10 for the HD version. The HD version is better suited to customers with video cards that have 8GB of VRAM or more, and no disk space constrains The SD version is better suited to customers with video cards that have 6GB of VRAM or less and who run textures at ‘Max’ settings.
  13. We are doing just that. It's called TrueEarth. We have all of Great Britain and Washington USA now available. Oregon is due next week. North and South California due in the next few months Then we will move back to Europe and then the USA, alternating between the two. If you'd like to try a FREE demo of TrueEarth for X-Plane 11, you can grab it here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/gbr-south-demo-xp11
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