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  1. Nice ones Mark, thanks - going to give your pre-sets a try. ATB, Dave
  2. Breathtaking plane and shots, near me there is one at Midland (Coventry) Air Museum and one at Wellesbourne EGBW to ogle at. You can actually clamber up the ladder of the one at Cov. ATB, Dave
  3. Way to go Jack, love the overhead shot with the plane contrasting with the murk below. Nice day in Scotland I thought
  4. Terrific angles, colour and sharpness. Just makes you want to get up in the air.
  5. Super realistic Iain, great shot.
  6. Tweaked x-vision and added x-visibility auto haze and I think got a much better result.
  7. I had to google your comment... and I am 56 years old! Thanks folks.
  8. Just found plugin x-visibility that adds dynamic haze, this image comes closer to the real thing. ATB, Dave
  9. Afternoon folks, another comparison this time from my flight out to Faro showing Sandbanks Peninsula in Dorset, UK. From the left you can see Swanage, Poole and Bournemouth. 1. XP screenshot. 2. Real photo. ATB, Dave
  10. Evening all, on a recent actual flight from Faro into Birmingham I grabbed a snapshot passing Heathrow with my iPhone. Decided to recreate snapshot on XP11 TEGB for comparison. 1. XP snapshot. 2. Real life snapshot. ATB, Dave
  11. Fantastic colours and composition.
  12. Very nice, can feel the climbout.
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