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  1. Hello, except for a single chopper, I don't have any aircrafts (only people) on the ground I have verified and reinstalled, two times (configuration left to level 1, I have activated everything else) thanks
  2. Hello, I understand that the utility is very young and a few people have problems, so please be patient with my question, because Orbx Central is warning me that if sceneries are working, it's advisable to avoid migration (?): I'd like to transfer all Orbx stuff to the new library location, to free space on the main p3dv45 partition please, can I do it now, or should I wait ? do I have to make any arrangements before doing it? thanks
  3. definitely I was misled by the advertising, according to what you say, UTL is already doing a good job thanks for the links
  4. Hello, first off, thanks for this marvellous product I've start to use recently it looks like I have almost no AI traffic, only a few Q400s and GA aircraft, not one airliner, after a few hours with LOWI up in UTL I've set the traffic to 100%, as well as in p3d45 to 100% as I've read that LOWI is the third austrian hub, and as I am out of ideas to have the airline traffic ( FTX's Australian international traffic unticked), I am asking for help, please, or whether this is how it is supposed to be thanks
  5. ok, thanks I understand that all over the world winter might not be snowy everywhere, after january, so this is the compromise ....
  6. Hello, just for feedback please, is this green patch a Orbx PNW glitch or FDST ? (and sorry if I missed the reply after searching, also at FSDT) thanks
  7. Hello, flying over the KSEA/CYVR area and the Orbx freeware/payware airports, the snowy landscape disappears, after January 2019 (it happens also in 2018) thanks for any suggestion
  8. Hello, I think Vector is correctly up and running (everything is set by default values, save for elevation exceptions of faraway airports), FTX3 is not telling anything about missing updates as I also use FSGLOBAL FTX Ultimate, the issue happens also with FSGUFTX sceneries deactivated
  9. Hello, I've started to explore your South America, beginning from Brazil southern major cities and airports , then to northen coasts and into the Amazonas rio as I've encounter many different places with jagged coastlines (expecially from the estuary up of Amazonas rio), I wonder whether there's something I may do about it, or not thanks
  10. more detailed Denali ranges would be a great addon for those flying the bush iconic planes :-)
  11. hello, any possibility on the horizon that Northern Alaska will be produced? thanks
  12. two days wasted ... thanks yet I'd like to know how can it happen, as I left the PC for five days, regularly closing p3dv4, doing then absolutely nothing on the system, just to find Europe crashing ....
  13. same issue...appdata...what in appdata, please ?
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