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  1. Hello, I've just started crossing the continent and, after four flights (over Arabia), I've noticed that the minor airports are empty please, -is there somewhere some GA traffic to get Africa more alive? (I've tried to set UTL@100% and P3d traffic maxed) -will Orbx produce some traffic utility (just like for Australia), in the future? thanks
  2. hello Nick, after two days of trying everything, sorceries included, I've found the impossible to think-of answer, so I leave the answer for another maybe unlucky pilot : as I noticed that I was practically the only one over the internet with this issue, after two days I started guessing my troubles were local: as a matter of fact, I had 3D vision activated in Nvidia drivers (although my display for P3d is not 3D-vision !), and only when I switched to the 3d-vision display I realized that 3Dvision had been left on so, thanks for your patience, again for Orbx exceptional work, and sorry for "bothering"
  3. that is the default P3D airfield further info: the runway lighting issue appears to be happening only on default p3d airports, while, in Orbx airports and all the other payware airports I own, lighting appears to be correctly positioned so, the difference I see is : - in payware airports runway lights are always positioned correctly, while PAPI lights (and AI aircrafts') shift away (changing, depending on the position of the camera) - in default airports also the runway lighting is affected this is YMML (aircraft exterior lights are not visible because the screenshot timing, yet they are positioned on the taxiway/runway threshold
  4. Hello, so far I had a perfectly working P3dv5 Hotfix1 after I installed, two days ago : Africa and free meshes QualityWings 787 1.3 upgrade ActiveSky Beta3 upgrade EZdok 3.1 beta upgrade AI aircrafts lights, PAPI lights and runways lights are now displaced I've uninstalled and reinstalled: Africa and meshes Prepar3dv5, all components with no results I am not claiming Africa is the cause, rather I ask please where to look for fixing this, as I am clueless thanks
  5. I can achieve the result of your picture, by halving saturation (0,50), yet the surroundings become ...desaturated (Australia V2, files verified) I'm posting this feedback again, as I have lots of Orbx airports, and lots of payware airports from the other major producers, yet YBAS is the only place where night lighting does this; on the opposite, in several airports colors have to be enhanced, at night
  6. Hello again, after reinstalling p3d to 4.5 latest hotfix, with a new PC, and everything Orbx up to date, returning to YBAS I still get this night any news? thanks
  7. Hello, I've just purchased two NZ airports areas, Gisborne, Whangarei : my download rate is around 100 KB/s (?!), while my system is capable of 100Mbit/s (Italy) I've restarted Orbx Central, and the system as well, nothing changed (while my system works regularly at 100MBits/s) just for feedback
  8. solved, it looks like level 2 grants the aircrafts
  9. Hello, except for a single chopper, I don't have any aircrafts (only people) on the ground I have verified and reinstalled, two times (configuration left to level 1, I have activated everything else) thanks
  10. Hello, I understand that the utility is very young and a few people have problems, so please be patient with my question, because Orbx Central is warning me that if sceneries are working, it's advisable to avoid migration (?): I'd like to transfer all Orbx stuff to the new library location, to free space on the main p3dv45 partition please, can I do it now, or should I wait ? do I have to make any arrangements before doing it? thanks
  11. definitely I was misled by the advertising, according to what you say, UTL is already doing a good job thanks for the links
  12. Hello, first off, thanks for this marvellous product I've start to use recently it looks like I have almost no AI traffic, only a few Q400s and GA aircraft, not one airliner, after a few hours with LOWI up in UTL I've set the traffic to 100%, as well as in p3d45 to 100% as I've read that LOWI is the third austrian hub, and as I am out of ideas to have the airline traffic ( FTX's Australian international traffic unticked), I am asking for help, please, or whether this is how it is supposed to be thanks
  13. ok, thanks I understand that all over the world winter might not be snowy everywhere, after january, so this is the compromise ....
  14. Hello, just for feedback please, is this green patch a Orbx PNW glitch or FDST ? (and sorry if I missed the reply after searching, also at FSDT) thanks
  15. Hello, flying over the KSEA/CYVR area and the Orbx freeware/payware airports, the snowy landscape disappears, after January 2019 (it happens also in 2018) thanks for any suggestion
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