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  1. Hello , i Buy today that nice scenery and i have 21 to 27 frames , i have big scenerys of Orbx and give me 35 to 38 frames constants, and dont have the option to configure the scenery Thanks , my only question is why too low frames give me this scenery ? cheers from Mexico City
  2. Thank you very much my dear Neil , im going todownload the last version of P3D , thanks to Marcus too
  3. Hello Dear Marcus , how are u ? How i check if i have the latest version of p3dv4? thanks for all Cheers from Mexico
  4. have the same problem , followed settings for Norway and main building disappears
  5. Good evening everyone, I am a big fan of air simulation years ago, especially the ORBX scenarios, which I use many years ago, I have 100% of the scenarios, every time one comes out I acquire it, my question to the developers and owner of the company is because the scenarios either pull very well in frames or pull very badly, half of the Pacific Northwest scenarios give me 18 to 23 frames, all of England give me some of 13 to 15 frames and I have others that give me 30 to 50 frames, as it is possible that LOWI airport gives me 45 frames just like the whole area of Switzerland, Australia and Norway and for example S43 gives me less than 18 frames in the approximation, my question is why don't they all pull roughly the same? It is unfortunate to have spent so much money on the stages of England and everyone pulls very badly, I am ignorant on the subject but I wait for an answer because some run very well and others very badly, I have an ACER PREDATOR 17X machine, it is not my machine obviously, fortunately most of them pull me well but it is unfortunate to use some airports and land in almost slow motion, greetings to all
  6. Hello Dear Nick and Carlos , thank you very much for your answers , im going to check. have a nice weekend and thanks again . Mauricio
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