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  1. Hello from Mexico , i have a question , are you going to do this airport LYNI Niš Constantine the Great Airport for p3d ? thanks cheers from Mexico City
  2. Great Pics Charlie, and its a plesure for me to give you the present thanks bro
  3. Hello to all , just a question are you going to make scenerys for P3DV4.5 ? I know MSFS2020 its the novelty , but we are much people what we have P3D Thanks Mauricio
  4. Im sorry , i see the solution in another post , please close . Mauricio
  5. Hello good night , today i use this beautiful airport and see a hole in the airport , i verified files and unistall and install the airport and see the same think. thanks for your answer and solution Mauricio
  6. Hi , today i Download the update for Arlanda , with the instructions you recomended and i dont no whats wrong because the floor of the airport its terrible , hope you answer
  7. Hello , i Buy today that nice scenery and i have 21 to 27 frames , i have big scenerys of Orbx and give me 35 to 38 frames constants, and dont have the option to configure the scenery Thanks , my only question is why too low frames give me this scenery ? cheers from Mexico City
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