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  1. I want the same sort of result you have in your Southern Britain screen shots. By the way will you be including the Channel Islands in the future?
  2. I’ve had to buy x-plane 11 now. I didn’t realise just how out of date FSX-SE has become. It my understanding that many, including yourselves have used an add on to improve the colour or the land scenery. What’s the name of the add on, and where from?
  3. Well you Orbx guys, you’ve done it this time! A product that’s too popular, and everyone wants it now for all platforms. You may need Prozac in your coffee machine, lol.
  4. Will this be available for FSX SE? if so when? you said the ES scenery for the Channel Islands as been aquiered. When are you planning to release it as my copy Is unusable and I can’t download it anymore? will it be available for FSX SE?
  5. I’m glad to hear someone has picked up the ES files. I bought nearly all as I live in the Channel Islands. I felt a bit ripped off when they went under. So when I had to reload my FSX I couldn’t get to my files. I can’t even buy any disk version either. Shame as there’s no reasonable scenery for us. Even one working on a new Trislander for FSX SE (see attached)
  6. 1: does this include the Channel Islands? 2: will you be doing a FSX Steam edition?
  7. When you guys, or a talented developer has a chance can they rework Guernsey a bit. There is a large defensive tower between Guernsey and herm that is vey obvious on the approach EGJB 27. The castle on the south pier, St peter Port is relatively short not tall, well not since the 17th century when they blew it up. The south pier is above water seaward of the castle, not submerged as depicted and there are obvious lighthouses on the end of each pier, and a very large lighthouse 3/4 of a mile off the southwest corner of Guernsey. These corrections would add a lot to the enjoyment of the scenery. If anyone wishes I can send photos of the locations if you like
  8. It used to be easy under the old FTX. However FTX3 doesn't give you the option to use FSX default textures, so I've had to disable my VFR France area sceneries until someone creates a patch of fix to resolve this problem
  9. Looks good. You must beat it up with something noisy and fast
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