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  1. Wow, a landing with this long thing without tailstrike, that is a thing. I am confused why you think of surfing or seafood in this environment. I have to get back to my Mitchellwing .
  2. Well trained, Mikee. But obviously you cheated with the season...
  3. Thank you Iain! Thank youfor your comment, Joe. A really nice plane for low & slow excursions over fine scenery... Thank you mate. Quite a remote place, if you are not occasionally arriving with Apollo 11. Thank you Jack. I have to set up a warning: There is no yellow livery for this plane- With todays prices for check-in luggage the handbags get bigger and bigger. ! I could tell you what it is, but we stop here to leave room for speculation.
  4. One of the travellers that suffered the unexpected detour of yesterdays flight NZ9 ... ... was really lucky to have his favourite plastic kit in the hand luggage. OK, he had to negotiate a bit with the check-in desk in Honululu, but at the stopover in Pago Pago this pays off. The trees in my scenery look a bit strange (January, real weather). But surely this did not stop me from following the short hop... ... into the harbour. The Mitchellwing really is a wing. Beware of the powerlines! At least the plane has enough power by itself to climb back over the hill... ... and back to NSTU.
  5. Another nice, short flight from you, Jack. And in the well-expected colour. Unfortunate there were no visible bridges on the route.
  6. Those were the days... with Ana flying. Did you follow up the further flights of VH-ANA after Ansett collapsing? http://www.aussieairliners.org/b-727/vh-ana/vhana.html
  7. Thank you Iain! Luckily enough I have never been witness or subject of a medical emergency. My brother-in-law mentioned he is called on every transatlantic flight... Thank you Don. I was assured there are no troubles left . Thank you Ken. Pago Pago is not a real central hub of global travels, but on todays route it was just fitting too good. Thank you Adam! Thanks, mate. When I saw the routing during my flight preparation this story was nearly obvious... Thank you Jack. Some fantastic sceneries and so close to each other! Thanks John. My pleasure to shorten this flight, and the eye candy was provided by the host of this forum.
  8. Great live report of the weather conditions, Martyn! It did not take me too long to do this, and the installation is fairly straightforward. The trouble is that some airfields not work properly with the (better) mesh of AUv2, but that it a price I pay (and prefer to long fiddling).
  9. I am hoping for "one step after the other" as well. Africa is really lacking payware, but it should be tested if it pays off for the developers as well. I would be in for some places, if I might say...
  10. When NZ9 is pushed back in Honolulu you can already expect where we are going next. Instead of the regular 777 the equipment was changed today in favour of the Dreamliner. The routing is very simple: Direct to DATBE, then follow G347 to TARIB and then "just" land. Some other stunning views of the civilisation on Oahu. The 787 is a nice design. "Flying is hours of boredom, spiced with moments of horror" some say. After 3 hours a passenger reported sharp pain in the breast, together with panic-like rapid breathing. A doctor on board suggested to take him to a hospital asap, so we remembered the flight plan above and took a little detour to the left... Swains Island is a bit too small for us. The next surprise: Visibility on approach gets harder... ... but here we are: American Samoa. There must be a runway, ... ... ah, got it! Looks as if it was intended... Not intended was deboarding in rain for our passengers. No one had an umbrella at hand, and the airport was not prepared for them either. At least the medical emergency car was there. The heart attacked passenger was saved, and the others will have to spend a day in Pago Pago. Let´s see what they discover!
  11. Thank you John. As this is the day work Martyn can easily confirm. I will not post any potential nightlife here! Thanks Iain! Thank you Adam. Sorry, travelling over Oahu in a helicopter gives me no other option but taking this livery. I have never been to Hawaii (yet). So I can "just" enjoy the level of detail and the virtual beauty. Maybe someday I can add this personal emotion... You were too young to be allowed to watch the dramatic action of Magnum PI? Repeat it on Netflix or YT! Magnum on a stick? I know what you are thinking and you got it right.
  12. Thank you Iain! That was easy John. The long-awaited full-fat region Oahu is simply beautiful. Thank you Adam. Someone needed to do it! Thanks Jack. I am sure you also flew around there some times? Thank you for the comment and this scenery provider for giving us so many options to simulate the earth. It is not only the thinking of scenic flights, it is also the difficult relation of cost-to-fun that makes deciding and planning a challenge. At least to those of us who did not win in a lottery.
  13. Great invention. Amazing to see how add-ons can improve a sim.
  14. Showcase shots with lovely weather Frank! The night boarding shot is really something special... I like the evidence of your copilot before he enters the COCKpit.
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