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  1. What happens to engines 2,3, and 4, Mr. firetrap? Looks like a watertrap...? Hope the thrust is still ok?
  2. Fantastic real life details, Rob. Do you have some more for us to enjoy or even guess?
  3. I will surely enjoy to repeat my numerous trips to India in part 1. Hope the real life pictures can fit to the sim‘s weather... Then comes the southern Himalaya, and probably this will fill the waiting time to part 2...
  4. Okay, this one is as familiar to me as the last one. How often did I land on this island, just the short hop from Seattle to Vashon Mun...
  5. Seems to be I can open another thread: "Famous pubs you have visited in real life".
  6. Finally we have received so good news. Not only regarding the long awaited OLC Asia, but - even more - a fresh development of a pure p3d product.
  7. You may already expect that I am more than happy with this announcement. This is one of the cases where I will be an early adopter. My biggest interest is part 3, and I can fully understand the challenges that make this part take longer than the others. Thanks for the good news!
  8. Good to see you back on duty, Don. I have similar time constraints, but life goes on!
  9. I do not expect you mean me with this sentence, but... another important place visited in real life:
  10. Exactly what I thought as well. Quite the risky load... ... and this might be the solution.
  11. I do not remember the level of my settings (and why should I care), I am just pleased with the look and performance. Definetively playable, that is what my experience shows.
  12. Not a good year to celebrate anniversaries. We all have to shift, postpone, remember, and then try to book venues... Life is too short to drink cheap whisk(e)y, I believe.
  13. I do not know that sim, Paul, but you can see my well-working specs from the "hidden contents" below. 4K on a 32" rulez!
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