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  1. What I meant, basically, is: The MSFS looks is so perfect. So perfect that I totally miss a bit of life, like people or cars or any other thing. It looks just too sterile for me. But then - it is a flight sim...
  2. Nice flight and shots, Bernd. I remember the traffic jams on those streets in real life, MSFS looks a bit different in this respect...
  3. Thank you for these kind words, John. Good motivation for me! Thanks John, so you still have winter over there in the northwest? Temperatures increased by about 40 K within the week before and all snow is gone in my state. You are welcome, Timmo! Thank you TT! As @kiwi stu is still hiking he does not need this plane currently. I´ll bring it back when he needs it! Thanks Adam!
  4. Then join me on the way out of Tasmanias state capital, with both city airports below, ... ... over the Tasman Bridge and CBD, ... ... along River Derwent to New Norfolk. A slight detour brings us to Mt. Field NP and the famous Russell Falls... ... before joining Lyell Highway again to get to Tarraleah´s serpentines. Derwent Bridge is a hikers hotspot between Lake St. Clair and Lake King William, ... ... while Queenstown was famous as a miners hotspot for decades. Finally we come the Tasman
  5. Interesting to read, and it will be interesting to read later on. The performance troubles of the old YBBNv1 have been mentioned often enough here, and we all hope for significant improvement by technological learnings.
  6. Amazing. Is this the PW engine that is currently causing the next Boeing troubles?
  7. Thank you Adam. Thanks John. A little education program, maybe you can deduct the cost for your internet connection from the taxes.
  8. Thanks Bernd. My download times for the MSFS scenery were a bit longer, from my desk it took me about 36 hours to get these views.
  9. Founded in 1804 Hobart watches the mouth of River Derwent. The city center around Battery Point summarizes a lot of attractions, be it the Salamanca Market or (Bill) Lark´s distillery. Just a short flight (or a long walk) to the west is Mt. Wellington, ... ... which offers a great view over city and river. Tasman Bridge, rebuilt after a collapse caused by a colliding ship in 1975, is now high enough for the commercial ship traffic. The Cadbury chocolate plant has been added by Terry @teecee. Not shown in the scenery is MONA, a to
  10. Thank you iain! Thanks Jack. Every lighthouse reminds me of your interest in them. Thanks John. To be continued, you know me. Thank you John. Those were the times when travel was possible... Thanks Wayne! You don´t see my first adventure in Freycinet, when we were guided to hike Mt. Amos... Thanks a lot, Gumby. Much shorter way for you to get to these places. I can only recommend to make a http://freycinetair.com.au/flights/ ! Thank you TT. Indeed some hills are now showing up, even next to
  11. Great shots and impressive colours. Obviously a sunny summer day. The Saab makes me think of @VH-KDK once again. Hmm, interesting news for me. I am on my virtual way up to Broome currently...
  12. Grreat shot. And it seems to be even a little improvement to the photoscenery in p3d.
  13. Well suited livery and great landscape shots. You must have had a great tourist day, Pete.
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