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  1. Great flight & shots, Carlos. The area looks very realistic in your presentation.
  2. Thank you Iain! Thanks for watching and commenting, Jack & John. I rated this as a disaster, because I have been there many times for holiday, and it does not look like that at all at Gran Canaria´s southeast corner: No fields, no green vegetation (except in the greenhouses). There should be beaches, rocks, some villages and shopping centers as well as some small industry (e. g. la fabrica de hielo). There is a freeware photoscenery around which gives a better impression (except the autogen), but this is my hope for the upcoming OpenLC Africa.
  3. Great shot, Graeme! Do you remember which island this was?
  4. Due to my troubles ocurred during the switch to Win10 I did not fly & post as much as usual during the last two months. But I am getting back, slowly. Today you see me leaving for a short Easter holiaday, picking a safe Boeing at Hanover... ... climbing over the Wesergebirge... ... and reaching FL350 over the Rhein. Northern France is mostly cloudy, ... ... but at least we can spot Biarritz over the south, to the right. Hours later. Leaving the west coast of Africa behind... ... for a short hop over the Atlantic. Sandy Fuerteventura. Approching Gran Canaria from the south (as usual). You can see the global landclass is nothing but a disaster.
  5. Wow, this series looks totally realistic.
  6. Nice flight. And with this plane you can be sure there is no unsafe software in it!
  7. You´ll feel even more like 007 if you manage to find Skyfall. A name that does not totally fit to flight simming...
  8. Nice shot & explanation, Ian. I´ll fly that bird later this year & get you some RL pictures then. But not from outside during flight, I hope.
  9. Already quite good the first shot, Carlos. Indeed I also long for the OLC update of Asia - though I doubt we get a realistic mesh. Maybe some stuff done as POI?
  10. Great snapshots, Jack. I´ll surely be exploring this region again in the next months - and compare it with the real life pictures I took there last year.
  11. Hot shots of a cool scenery, Richard. Is that Valdez?
  12. So good to read this, Stewart. I am now confident that Martyn is doing well in a tropical paradise and he should be full of energy when he returns to the land of plenty.
  13. I see @VH-KDK has not been on this forum since March 6th. Is he on vacation in SE asia without internet? Or in Antarctica?
  14. Whatever you are talking sounds Greek to me, Jack. But your pictures look good to me, Jack!
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