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  1. Thank you FE. Great light in p3d, I really enjoy the improvements on our way since the early days of flight simming. Thanks Jack. Finding errors / inconsistencies comes along being an early adopter. I trust our friends at Orbx to take this stuff up and correct it, and I am sure with OrbxDirect it will be as easy as finishing off the drink that waits next to me.
  2. Great shots & views, TTM. I was kind of confused with the post title, as I did not know TrueEarth India region was already released by Orbx.
  3. Thank you Andy. I like that view, too, and I hope it does still show traces of Orbx scenery to remain allowed here ...
  4. We took off from Adelaide right into the morning... ... and circled around the CBD, ... ... just to find ourselves lost over the Saint Vincent Gulf seconds later. At least there was another comrade travelling below us. Gladly we reached some land again, at Yorketown. Unfortunately the lakes on the peninsula are totally green currently. Either a landclass error or environmental problems. The western tip of Yorke peninsula. Althorpe Island. And here we reached one of OZx´s highlights: Thistle Island. Always looking fantastic. Soon we arrive at Port Lincoln... ... with a slightly high approach. But successful. And parked, just like Martyn likes it.
  5. Great to see another one of your "by-the-book" flights, Jack.
  6. From what you are doing here I would guess you are a happy camper, Jack. And your graphics settings look great!
  7. This is the great message I take out of this post. Long-awaited-and-often-flown-already-in-pure-Global, that´s how this region is for me.
  8. Outstanding impressions, Carlos. I´d like to say "cool"...
  9. Amazing territory, and good luck finding a place to land up there!
  10. Magnifico, Carlos. And which airline could serve better Spaghetti Carbonara than Alitalia?
  11. Fantastic presentation of this scenery (and your landing attempts), Dario.
  12. Nice G test with that old bird, Jack you push her to the boundaries...! I think you did already manually turn off the Elevation Correction in the vector config tool. And I believe the "hole in the ground" near Tullamarine is normal.
  13. A brilliant flight, showing a) how big that bridge is b) how good Andy´s pilot skills are.
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