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  1. And we are just sitting at home complaining about Corona. That is a number of unfortunate serious hits you had to take. All the best for you and yours, Don. Couldn´t say it better.
  2. Fantastic shots, Graeme, and a well captured climbout.
  3. In Germany the movie is named "Über den Dächern von Nizza" / Over the roofs of Nice. And there we go from Barcelona. Great city views even from the ground, I think. Obviously from the air as well. FFWD. Here we already arrive at the French Med coast, ... ... near Marseille. Descending... ... towards la Cote D´Azur. Into a curved final over the Boulevard des Anglais. Here we are, Monsieur Robie!
  4. Good to see them, and the United light blue looks really great. If only Austrian would do anything else than downsizing and retiring planes... Exactly. Nothing more for us.
  5. A Jack-style takeoff, in adequate colours. Would you mind to add a scottish cross to the livery, OnD?
  6. Luckily I am too young for the war. Unluckily I am too young to be legally vaccinated here now. My most dangerous situations were probably the business rides when I was taken through India... and there is no truck shown in this situation.
  7. Perfect weather to clean your plane. And it seems that could be useful as well.
  8. Two highlights in one shot: Calatrava´s Bilbao terminal, and the RealAir Lancair. I could not fly her in P3D for more than a year, as the sim always crashed when I started the autopilot. I don´t know what has changed in the meantime, but like a miracle this fantastic plane works again! And this city scenery makes me smile even more. What more does a sim need? Leaving Bilbao... ... over some small coastal hills... ... to San Sebastian. From here we turn towards the mountains, across Oloron...
  9. No doubt, I was just saying "before the flight", for good reason !
  10. A fantastic place to travel in dreams and in virtual. Good choice, John!
  11. Good ideas John. This "RL Tetris for simmers" is really an interesting thread, maybe we can see a lot of variations? As I use my desk for working as well, I do not have a fixed arrangement to post.
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