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  1. As far east as you can go.

    The OZx work can not be praised hight enough, it still gives us a lot of pleasure. If this is the farest east end, do not go further, Martyn. You might fall off the disc.
  2. My Completed Cockpit

    Looks really good. Now, what are you going to do with all the spare time you have now with this project finished?
  3. A pair of balloons for Jack

    Well deserved, mate, well deserved.
  4. A pair of balloons for Jack

    +1, i am totally with you, Martyn.
  5. Lusty Lindy

    Amazing plane, shown really good here. Great to see what design can do!
  6. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 2

    Great looking scenery, Jack, considering this is "only" orbx, nothing else.
  7. An Alpine Fortress

    Great light in these totally crisp shots, Fulvio!
  8. ... and another mountain-watching shot:
  9. Sydney Skyline

    An absolutely amazing shot, great creation, Rick!
  10. Spokane Bridges

    Great shots, Magic, and the plane is even half yellow!
  11. A few PTA tests

    Amazing shots, Adam. Looks like global warming has reached the islands.
  12. Trying to reach the Pinnacle

    A great tour along some good old OZx airstrips. Obviosly the gardeners havenĀ“t done their jobs so accurate over the past years, but your yellow bird is good enough even for acrobatic landings.
  13. Inspired by Martyn

    ... but the result looks great!
  14. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 1

    Olc Asia is a key component you will miss (and we will, when watching your screenshots).
  15. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 1

    Indeed this looks like a nice challenge, Jack. And as you can run Heathrow with all sliders maxed, most other places should be fine for you...!