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  1. Thank you Don. I nearly forgot how nice this region had been modeled…
  2. Looks like a refreshing weather up there. And a pricey burger...
  3. Thank you Adam! Thanks a lot, Mikee! My pleasure, TT. You´re welcome, JJJ!
  4. Too much red sand for Perth or Jandakot. Too high a building for Broome. Hmmm....
  5. You are right Bernie, I just saw it after posting. At least I am free now, your turn! PS: That was the baggage claim a decade before. Only two places where this sign could have been posted.
  6. Nice and shiny Adam, even at suspicious weather conditions.
  7. Thank you Wayne! Thanks a lot, Iain. That is what I feared, John. Today I read that hedgefonds and investors buy californian water sources and sell drinking water at huge profit to the people. I mean, to that people that form and own the nation, and pay taxes. For me that is really a big shxx.
  8. You stimulate fantasies, Gumby. Combine the uplift from the copter with the people´s dresses near the airfield... Marilyn Monroe couldn´t have done better. Interesting weather variations in your winter. That is a tragedy, John. Nowadays even mobile phones might not help in these situations once out of connection or battery.
  9. OK, let´s go. I am surprised I do not have many pictures from inside Orbx´ airports. Well, mostly they look like shopping malls nowadays, why would you take such a shot? And there are many faces to be seen, something you might hesitate to post nowadays. Nevertheless, here is one (about 5 years old). Not too many specific items, maybe it is too hard. It will be much easier when I take the black box from the flight identifier away. The carousel itself was quite the invention at that airport, when I was there some years earlier you could grab your bags directly from the cart.
  10. Interesting geo features and lesson, Pete!
  11. My virtual travel has lead me to Benton, CA, and there is clearly a preferred choice when it comes to liveries to be used from there. Starting to the north I crossed Keswick Dam... ... and Shasta Dam. Still filled with water. Is that true also in real life now? Heading southeast I climbed across Lassen Peak, high enough for a snowy scenery. But Honey Lake looked as expected and feared. Which makes it easier for the stuff at Sierra Army depot to stay dry. Reno-Stead airport looks like a free upgrade, not totally fitting into the region pack? South of Reno we met Lake Washoe (to the left) and Lake Tahoe (to the right). Looks like a pleasant refreshment. So we descended towards South Lake, ... ... spotted the Heavenly Ski arena, ... ... before we landed at KTVL. Let´s go hiking!
  12. Thank you TT. This was just a short hop, but in a highlight of scenery. Thanks for commenting Seano. You are right, my wording "harmless" for desert hot weather was wrong. I just meant it is easier to stand than humid heat - at least for a short stay, before you dry out. And that is of course tricky and dangerous. Regarding the recent heatwave at the north american west coast: I am totally with you, even rich countries suffer these days from weather changes and hundreds died. I am no politician, I am scientist, so I do have thoughts on that. But I should talk just about how much I am shocked to see what happens these days. As far as I heard Kiribati will get different challenges with changing climate.
  13. Okay Carlos, now you have to post your kilometres walked each week here on the forum. We will take care for your motivation... !
  14. Thank you Adam. Yes, not only the scenery, also the helicopter looks nice. Thanks Wayne. From what I read 42 deg was already a relief for those on the west coast. On the other hand, the impact always depends on the humidity, 45°C in the desert is harmless, 45°C in India just before the monsoon is a pain.
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