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  1. It appears to me this thread is dead... MSFS absorbs all attention. I just throw "Walter Suttons?" in the field...
  2. Happy Birthday Ebo, and you can be sure I keep my fingers crossed bezüglich deiner Gesundheit!
  3. Now you got it. Great ones, Adam.
  4. Be careful Adam, no Orbx scenery in this screenshot . Wow. that is a real Adam-style picture.
  5. I can understand that, Jack. In fact I have the same issue these days. But, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I´ll be back!
  6. Good to see you here again, Jack. And, like so many other, welcome to the club of people struggling with posting screenies. I stay with p3d, as I have everything there working as I like it. I assume you have it running as well, to minimize struggles?
  7. Impressive shots of that heavy one. They are also on the list for retirement in the remaining airlines, like the 744, the 340 and the 380. Only the freighters keep them going.
  8. Oh, I overlooked this post - happy belated one, Roger. But the Pecan Pie might have helped you enjoy the day...
  9. Great shots indeed, John. I see the same: Is the strech effect by intention or came it by messing up with the new forum design?
  10. There comes a hyped wonder-simulator and it is lacking Story Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge? I can not believe that. But I let others try and report.
  11. Yes it was. It just took me a series of confused attempts to get it working...
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