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  1. So much to see around the Bay, Dario. It is a fantastic place.
  2. Nice shots of the area, and the clouds luckily went away in the right moment. Ah, and how funny these airfields look, programmed and released in 2006 when we were young!
  3. Fantastic ground details, Dario!
  4. Good plan... and do not forget all the other airfields on the way!
  5. Thank you Wain. And you see from the replies how good this forum is! That´s the way this forum helps enhancing the fun. Thank you Ben. Tassie is a great region to Simulate & to travel...! Thank you Iain! You´re welcome, Jack. The Tasman Bridge in Hobart awaits you... Thanks Olivier. My pleasure, Adam! You are a lucky guy havin been able to fly these strips in real! As you could see I had a taste of it already, but this is not enough... At least I can return in the sim whenever I want, and I can even light up the weather!
  6. Same for me, Port Maq was my first small Orbx airfield ever. I think 2013.
  7. Nice and colourful shots, Dario. Now... reveal the other two!
  8. Another day, another morning flight. From Hobart, Tasmania... ... over the road crossings at Sorell... ... and then heading south, ... ... to the historic site of Port Arthur. Up the coast to the nice OZx airstrip of Lagoon Bay, ... ... Maria Island, another historic convict place, ... ... and the villages of Triabunna... ... and Swansea, ... ... leads us to the Freycinet NP. Coles bay to the left, the Hazards to the right. A little round over Cape Tourville lighthouse... ... and to Wineglass Bay. The right place to land here is Friendly Beaches.
  9. Thank you all for watching and commenting, @Iain Emms, @Kev D, Olivier @schtroumf, @Jack Sawyer, John @BradB, @mikee, @TerribleT and @adambar ! Thanks Wain, yes these night lights of the full Orbx pack works great! Sorry for confusing you with the weather, Ben. That is how AS16 believes its real... Thanks Graeme, indeed a nice evening tour. Now for a snack and a drink...
  10. Thank you for the comparison, Landon. I´ll have a look at these settings.
  11. Sounds like an idea, there are not so many steps in the graphics left... but I do not enjoy playing with settings. A search on the web could do for me...
  12. Staying at home convinced me to buy a new monitor. A slight risk, as Doctor Internet told me UHD/4k resolution (3840*2160) would only be working with GPUs 1070 or above, and you can see from my spoiler I use a 1060. Nevertheless it works, frames are ok, the only borderline point is the temperature: As my GPU is utilized between 70-110 % during flying, its temperature raises to about 75°C. This causes the CPU to warm up to 71°C as well, which gives me a BIOS warning. I´ll have to watch this... After the tech talk, we go to the results: Overwhelming. So many more details seen during the flights, not only from the instruments, but also from the scenery. I am enthusiasted. A first test flight lead me over my home town, Hanover:
  13. Not too much to say about the locations on this flight. Unfortunately with some autumn rain. The telescopes of the University of Tasmania were added by TeeCee. I like this light, ... ... but I do not like this weather. Flying down the River Derwent we see the Cadbury chocolat factory, ... ... some industrial complexes, ... ... and finally the harbour. Again, pimped by Terry to my greatest pleasure. Tasman Bridge in its glory. And I can even find the runway!
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