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  1. Another great flight, Lars. With some nice perspectives in these screenshots... Oh yes, China has interesting mountains (not in Jiangsu, but south and inland). It could look really diverse, given a good mesh, landclass or - in reality - less fog.
  2. Thank you, Iain! Thanks a lot, John. My "pleasure", Lars. Great website you linked to, it gives us an impression of the preparation a real pilot would have done before flying there.
  3. Just the same way as I do it with my travel reports. Orbx can´t and must not make all airport sceneries by themselves, so we sometimes have to bite the bullet and use 3rd party. Just to learn how other providers let us struggle with updates and the like...
  4. Just like I did last year in many Australian places. With no impressive reaction... but at least we could find our ways easier!
  5. I like that livery! And we do not see the Nortwest / Kimberly / Pilbara very often here, this might be a plan for next winter...
  6. The classical QantasLink plane (are they the only airline still using them?) at an airport that comes up with a capacity expansion at the wrong time. Looking good!
  7. A great looking place this is, Jack. And well shown. I can understand your travel plan.
  8. For my next leg out of Cuzco I tried to use a real plane. With some local musicians playing in the cabin, probably to overcome their fear after seeing the pilots boarding. The airport is at 10700 ft. Unfortunately at this altitude the engines go hot the moment you fire´em up. Climbing is a bit of stress... But I could follow the roads between the mountains... ... to reach Puno... ... and Copacabana... ... at the shores of Lake Titicaca. By volume of water and by surface area, it is the largest lake in South America. It is also the highest lake with commercial travel in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Titicaca Landing at La Paz was not easy either: When slowing down the engines heat up again. The airport is at 13250 ft, which makes it the highest commercially used airport on the planet. And the ATC at airport "El Alto" even provided me with a go-around. At least the virrtual engines survived and brought us to Bolivia´s capital safely.
  9. Ok, I´ll keep it in mind to combine with a virtual flight. But currently I am busy in South America, so it´ll take a while!
  10. That´s good to hear... Thank you, mate! Thanks Herman!
  11. Great places. Great pictures. Great plane. Sums up to an "acceptable" post !
  12. Thank you John. I like exploring areas like these. Thanks, John. You´ll get more here soon, trust me. Thanks Lars. No problem climbing and landing with a powerful small plane like the KingAir. Wait for my next two flights, then I´ll show you some trouble...
  13. I knew you like this plane. As I stay in p3dv4 for the time being, I don´t bother updates.
  14. Just a glimpse of Africa, to show that we need OLC even for flights not originating or targeting there...
  15. Thank you Iain! You are welcome, Jack. I have now checked it from lower altitude: The Nazca Lines are completely missing in OLC SA, as does Macchu Picchu. Two of the major sights of the entire continent... I´d say this OLC needs more Points of Interest.
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