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  1. The reflection is addictive...
  2. I was just referring to the V-tail of your plane. Not that I suspected any manipulation of views here (who has the time, besides flying?).
  3. Good looking. What was the secret, Don?
  4. Fantastic autumn light, Jack. And you are not only using your v-key this time!
  5. Great sights of your home region, mate. And quite some distance between these places...
  6. You show it: We get to the point where landclass scenery looks more and more like real life pictures...
  7. Thanks for doing the service abroad, Scott! I mean, also the v-key service...
  8. Nice indian summer conditions up in the home area of Mule Air Services. And good to see they all fley down to Aussie Spring, that leaves enough beer & BBQ for those remaing on duty.
  9. Great to see the Mule team performing again, Karl - and what a nice narration. I have not expected Jack circling with his Corvette so far north. Looking forward to the fish curry after your landing attempt.
  10. Don, besides the classical "6 % break to finish your homework" I have similar loading time issues with the recent CityScapes in Barcelona and Gold Coast. I keep them deactivated whenever i can. When I fly there I allow half an hour to load...
  11. Just 12k? He is travelling for about 5 weeks now!
  12. A great route in a well-suited plane, John. And just before Winter clashes in.
  13. What a great shot of two lucky-appearing guys! And what a heavy camera one of the camerades is carrying around the world! I envy you. PS: I hope Martyn waves me when he flies over Northern Germany on his way to Frankfurt.
  14. Wooooaaaah, you are not teaching Martyn this way of flying, do you?
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