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  1. At least we could see you with the anti-camouflage wings!
  2. My first though when seeing these pictures was: "That would be a place for Jack´s Corvette!". But he was faster, not only at the steering wheel.
  3. Lovely visit to Holger´s backyard. You were getting around, Martyn...
  4. A lovely route, and a well suited plane, Bernd. Good to see you slowed her down well for a successful landing.
  5. Thank you, Iain! Thanks Brad. partly because of great scenery, partly because the original is not bad either. Thank you Adam! Not much enough, Jack - just the number of pictures and memories is so high! Indeed a great place to be. We spent there 2 days, and spotted just a bat. I mean a bit.
  6. Lovely shots, and a very well suited plane! https://www.kenmoreair.com/
  7. I suspect the reason was the weather, not the condition of the pilot? If so, I see this as a great proof of realism in the weather simulation....
  8. A surprising use for the intercontinental Connie. Let her fly as she wants, "Overseas"!
  9. Following the afternoon trip... ... we did not stay in Hervey Bay. Instead, we took a seamless connection... ... checked the parking lot of Woolworth Uranagan, ... ... and followed River Heads Road southwards for a short while. River Heads is the place where you park your car, ... ... and wait... ... before the shuttle bus takes you to the barge terminal. From there you "just" cross the bay to Fraser Island ... ... until you see Kingfisher Bay Resort https://www.kingfisherbay.com/: Perhaps you stay aware when walking at the beach... But the resort itself is a perfect place to stay some days. I´ll virtually do so, as I go travelling for the next two weeks (in a region without any Orbx ). (Click on the picture to fully enjoy.)
  10. Thank you for the comments, Joe! Thank you Iain. My pleasure, Karoly...! Low and slow, as the scenery deserves... Thank you John! And you, John, thank you as well! Sorry for no real pics this time, I´ll improve! Thank you jack. Knowing these places is easy, when you have been driving there for 3 hours... The gaps I would close with Plan-G, bit Navmap can do it as well. I did know some forum members live along that way, at least from North Brissie to Noosa. But life is too short (and my family would not be totally fascinated by simmers talk, I guess). Lovely to hear I came through your backyard! Thanks Martyn. Indeed the local sceneries like Cairns, Alice and here Hervey Bay are totally exciting (or a place for geographic education). I can even tell you which roads in Cairns had been changed... Sometimes you need to carry memories in your head, even though we travelled with 4 cameras and 5 mobiles...
  11. You will surely believe I did this so often! Last time was when we returned with family from Singapore: After 40 hours of travelling through 3 continents we landed in terminal 1B, walked 1 h to reach a bus departing in terminal 1B...
  12. Ah, that´s an incident I had heard of, and forgotten...
  13. Nice shots from your short holiday weekend in the mediterranean.
  14. After finally finding the rental car station at the end of the previous post ... ... we went on, using the motorways named in the title. Since I was the driver, there´ll be no real life photos in this post. It was already complicated enough for me to protect the wipers from getting totally worn whenever I had to change lines or directions... Easier was the flight out of blurry Brisbane... ... to the confusing intersections of Moreton Drive into the M1, ... ... along the Boondall Wetlands ... ... and then merging with the M3 into Bruce Highway. Many options for a stop in Orbx/OZx lands: Passing Redcliffe, ... ... Caboolture, ... ... the Glasshouse Mountains ... ... and Caloundra. It is nice to see the roads modeled in 3D, ... ... but not so nice to see Gympies runway also modeled in "3D". The city itself has a remarkable number of traffic lights, all in red of course. Finally we passed them ... ... to the settlements of Hervey Bay. Uranagan below. Can you see the 16 squares of the sunshades left from the middle, just next to the park? That is the supermarket where we grabbed some food for the next leg, wait... With this vehicle we just went downwind... ... into YHBA. The road below us is Booral Road. I was excited to see the airport from the road, but my family did not react quick enough to take a picture! We might have to come back... Touchdown. Stay tuned.
  15. I am not sure if you should better do the maintenance inside a building. Looks pretty cold outside...
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