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  1. Great little airfield this one. Difficult to spot from the air but a dream to fly into on a sloped runway.
  2. Oh now, there's a definite Bernard Matthews moment. Bootiful.
  3. Smashing. You really show off the scenery nicely. The turbo Arrow is one of my favourite aircraft, especially with the GTN750.
  4. Lovely shots of good old London, it's surprising how good this scenery is considering how dense it is.
  5. And it’s out... Sometimes I’m glad I suffer from insomnia.
  6. I found these shots very difficult to look at. I couldn't take my eyes off that first one. Absolutely marvellous.
  7. Now there's an interesting question, where have I lived: Born and spent formative years in South London - Croydon/ Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace area Moved to West London for employment - Brentford first then moved to about 1nm from the start of Heathrow 28L (Concord was fun) Upon retirement moved to Dorset where I currently reside. I don't like moving.
  8. Oh dear. Orbx has ruined the rest of the world for me. I just can't fly anywhere else now. More please. Thank you.
  9. I'm loving the XP11 turnout rate. My wallet doesn't, I do.
  10. Very nice shots Martyn I made the switch to XPlane from P3D4 because of TEGB and haven't regretted a moment of it. I can't fly anywhere else now.
  11. Very nice looking aircraft.
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