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  1. Advertising boards along all the roads and inside airports of course.
  2. I'm now at the 65 mark. It won't be long before we are all claiming the senior discount. Thanks Orbx.
  3. If you do get to have a go with it don't forget the review here.
  4. Hi Condor I'd wait a while for the Honeycomb if I were you. See Austin Meyer's review on YouTube
  5. Well if Austin says it's OK then perhaps I should get one... Austin's Honeycomb Review
  6. Blackrat


    That's nice and moody.
  7. Great little airfield this one. Difficult to spot from the air but a dream to fly into on a sloped runway.
  8. Oh now, there's a definite Bernard Matthews moment. Bootiful.
  9. Smashing. You really show off the scenery nicely. The turbo Arrow is one of my favourite aircraft, especially with the GTN750.
  10. Lovely shots of good old London, it's surprising how good this scenery is considering how dense it is.
  11. And it’s out... Sometimes I’m glad I suffer from insomnia.
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