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  1. I have decided to reinstall FSX. I'm guessing that before I do that, I'll need to "uninstall" all my Orbx add ons, otherwise when I go to install into the new set up, I'll be told they are already there?
  2. I had been using Rex, but I I uninstalled it. Perhaps those settings should have been reversed before uninstalling. It never affecred like this anyway. I'll check that. Meanwhile a couple of screen crops of sky. "VENUS" is a label from AUTOSTARX, which simply adds night objects in the correct positions, no effect on textures
  3. OK, Nick, I've dropped back some of the settings, including cloud draw distance. I opened up the FPS to unlimited as well. The FPS improved, ranging between 20 and mid 40s, which was impressive. Sadly the sky still looks awful, horizontal strips of colour with some sharpish vertical differences too. I'm using detailed clouds and the 1980 x 12?? x 32 resolution. Cheers Mike
  4. Thanks Nick, I'll certainly try that. Cheers, Mike
  5. Hi Nick, Yes Nick, The libraries are installed. OK, if Globals cannot be uninstalled, it sounds like I'll need to reinstall FSX, then skip installing Globals? That should give me the lightweight simulator, which my computer can handle. Regards, Mike
  6. I bought Global Base and Vector, and installed on my old computer. I was impressed with the improvement in detail, but sadly my FPS crashed from 20+ to about 6, unless I'm over open sea. Also, the sky is represented by sharply defined blocks of colour. I went to Central and UNINSTALLED. I was surprised that it was instant, I expected a long un-doing of the files. Tried FSX, and it recompiled the scenery but it is still at 6FPS, and the sky remains blocky. Seems there may be an extra step to do? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi Graham, Success! Never knew that finder existed. Turned out that there was some AI built into a Tasmania scenery file. Moorabbin now has aircraft parked all over the place, they taxied out and did their stuff. Thank you and any of your team who assisted you. Now, if I can just get my computer to load up in less than fifteen minutes..... Kind regards, Mike
  8. Hello Graham, Cut & pasted those two shipping files to another drive. Went to Moorabbin last night, changed time to a weekend afternoon, but none of the expected T & Gs, or any other air traffic. Road traffic very evident, and a few moving people. Found a couple of twin engined stationary aircraft, similar singles and helicopters. Tried again with time set to system time and reset, this afternoon. As you mentioned, it should be alive with actual traffic and training flights; not one movement sighted. I have seen them previously, so something has gone awry with this current installation. Cheers, Mike
  9. All useful information there, Graham! Thanks for locating the Canberra, I missed it among the trees when I "drove" off the freeway, following the freeway signs. Confirmed there are 125 FTX AU folders in Sim Objects/Airplanes. Scenery\World\Scenery Starts with heaps of "elevation adjustment" files, then; ....KSGU elevation; 6 x BNX; 1x bvcf 6 x image globe; 1 x lak Then the traffic files per screenshot below: Sounds like you are saying that I can't edit AI using the ORBX AI, which contains fixed data. I need an external editor? Thanks for pointing out the speed limitation for AI; the batman was there waving like fury, but no aircraft. Yes, Moorabbin is close to my heart as I used to live not too far away, and did some flying lessons there. I was a member of the museum too. If anyone is interested, the Museum add-on, (which was uploaded to OzX, and downloaded about 300 times) is still available. I can give a link to my website, or if you are at all interested in taking it as a free download, I'm OK with that. Refer pic2 Kind regards, Mike
  10. Thank you Graham, and again to the others who have contributed. I now have the 747 visible, happy about that. Still haven't found the Canberra. I have no AI traffic apart from the default in SDK and the AUNZ from ORBX. The boxes are ticked on the control screen, and the world AI has been disabled by ORBX. I've had the settings for traffic at 100% to ensure that nothing was missed. I guess the only way to find out if the Jetstar aircraft are visiting, will be to watch for half an hour at 16x speed, and if nothing turns up in that virtual 8 hours, I'll know that something's not right. Is the ORBX AI an actual editor? As posted above, I haven't found how to launch it. If I can do that, I could probably check the parameters for Avalon then either modify to current timetable, or at least set the sim time to coincide with the parameters to see if the AI is visible. If you prefer me to create a new topic regarding AI, I will do so. Kind regards, Mike
  11. OK Nick, I really can't understand why other installations of YMAV show the 747, but not mine. I've looked at the texture and BGL files, and though there are 63 pages of static aircraft.BGL, here we are with nil static aircraft. There is a texture file for the Canberra gate guardian, and a mention of Canberra in the .BGL, but my search could not find the Canberra either. I was pleased to see that the user instruction manual for YMAV shows two Jetstar airliners at the terminal, (pic2 below) so read with great interest, finding that Avalon can be populated using FTXAUNZAI. I read the manual for the AI package, and though Central verifies the files, I can't see how to actually open that editor, to insert some visitors. The only mention of the facility is a json file in the config folder (see pic1) I have tried watching the runway and terminal before, during, and after Arrival and Departure times according to the real Avalon schedule, but no aircraft become visible ten minutes either side of the timetable, so either they are not part of the package, or the AI was set to an earlier timetable, or again, my installation is letting me down. I do like to see detail, hence my "fly low, fly slow". For the same reason, I added the external aircraft at YMMB Moorabbin Air Museum, as they were omitted from the ORBX version. Hoping that we can resolve the YMAV glitches, and get an explanation on ORBX AI, regards, Mike
  12. Hello Doug, I hadn't seen that V2 tick box when I previously checked the configuration; I'm guessing it was added when V2 installed. Didn't know I had to do that. In short, no, but it I added the tick, went to FSX, it updated the two scenery databases. Went to Avalon, not any difference in any respect, see attachments. I realise that this must be frustrating for you folks, but keep in mind that I tried everything I could think of without success before I even contacted you for help. pic1: Jetstar, no AI, no moving people or trucks, no static Jetstar aircraft. pic2: No 747 with or without paint, hangar is the old style. pic3: Top down, as you can see, not a single parked aircraft. pic4: I have no idea what the V2 control tower looks like, but this is what I've got. I'm hoping that I won't have to uninstall FSX again, but if I have to, I will. Please pass on thanks to Nick, Regards, Mike
  13. Hello Nick, Airport control panel; unsure which you mean, so..... I've attached Scenery library with ticks automatically entered by Central 4.0.35, and the airport selection box with Avalon selected. This is how I get to Avalon, and when I just repeated it, the airport was deserted as in previous shots. (I don't know if this has any relevance, but for what it's worth: I am running Windows 7 Home Premium; I haven't seen any warnings that I need W10. In fact, when I booted this machine as W10, FSX told me that my usual key code was invalid.) Sorry, need to go to bed now, next response tomorrow. Regards, Mike
  14. Hello Nick, I had personally looked, finding nothing, I got Windows to double check me. Today I had the same refusal, so I removed SA OLC; that seemed to do the trick, and let me install AU V2. Verified files, see attached. Went to Avalon, none of the enhancements visible. Shot 1, Jetstar terminal, no Jetstar aircraft, no aircraft anywhere on the airport. Shot 2, Verified. Shot 3, No 747 next to large hangar, hangar detail nothing like the screen shots from 2017, no aircraft nearby, empty Jetstar pad in front of green roofed terminal. No sign of moving baggage handlers or airport traffic of any kind. Thanks for your continued attention. Any other suggestions, please? Regards, Mike
  15. Hi Nick, I had no intention of upgrading to AUV2, but I thought this was the only way I'd be satisfied with the appearance of Avalon. Tried to do as you instructed, and even uninstalled Holger PNG. Searched my entire computer, but the only occurence of scenerylib_AU_HOLGERMESH.cfg is in a 2008 backup on Drive F, so could not delete that. It was not in the Dropbox download, so maybe it gets created when the full installation is performed? Searched ORBX and FSX to be sure, for any mention of Holgermesh; only reference is in OZX, and that's just a note to say it can be downloaded from ORBX. Went into FSX scenery library and ensured no Holgermesh there at all. I let it rebuild the scenery database, then closed. went back to Central 4.0.5, but it gives me the same refusal as above.
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