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  1. Thanks Russ and Iain, Nice work from you both.
  2. That is so very good, flight sim scenery must be hitting the absolute limits, unless you wizards can do sim smells and wind to go with it!
  3. Time for an update on this project. Still chasing permissions for 3 aircraft.
  4. Thanks Graham, I did ensure that the image was presented like the original, as a DXT3. When it appeared inverted, I flipped and saved without effect on the SAMM2 rendition. Any chance of me writing to your authors, please? Here is what I did. The textures are deliberately patchy, as the example on display is weathered. Cheers, Mike
  5. My aircraft folder contains numerous entries starting FTX. These either came with my ORBX AU installation, or from FTX airports. I have been told through support, that ORBX does not object to me adding items to payware scenery. As part of such a project, I wanted to repaint the FTX DC 3 Ansett in a later red & white scheme. Having altered the supplied scheme, I find that the texture applies upside down regardless of orientation of the DDS image. Q1......Is this your way of preventing repaints? Q2......Is there any channel through which I can obtain repaint permission? Thanks, Mike
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