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  1. Appreciate the response Nick. The forum members name is "thommoj". As previously stated its only a request for Westpac Base scenery and liveries. Nothing untoward. Again many thanks....
  2. Hi guys, been out of the loop for quite a while. I'm trying to message a fellow forum member regarding scenery and repaints (specifically AW139 Westpac livery plus Carrara Westpac Base scenery) but keep getting the "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards,
  3. Indeed the MAIW Williamtown Hornets Package for FS9 does contain the Evans Head Weapons Range scenery which will work in FSX. If its just the scenery you want then copy the relevant FS9 Addon Scenery files contained within the package and place them within the FSX Addon Scenery folder. Then manually add the scenery through the scenery library as per normal. As an added bonus the scenery also contains RAAF Williamtown as well as Salt Ash Weapons Range which again will also work in FSX. The entire package can be installed into FSX by coverting a few files to make the aircra
  4. RhinOneSeven you already know what I think....
  5. Some shots from a 2FTS NAVEX flight using navigation aids only (no PlanG!) Flight Plan - DCT PEA W839 GIG DCT RTI W127 JT W114 PH H18 PIY W185 CUN DCT CKL DCT PEA DCT ready for taxi rwy23 RAAF Pearce, WA almost 'feet wet' Departing Rottnest Island City of Perth, WA o/h Jandakot (ORBX payware) Departing PH tracking PIY (Pingelly) Anyone up for some trout fishing? In the turn over Cunderdin (ORBX freeware) 1500ft initial rwy23 YPEA Regards,
  6. Just a few screenshots from various tasking flights.... Airbourne Bowen, QLD Camouflage Suspect Cargo Mornington Island, QLD Near Townsville, QLD Gotta love the 'Top End', NT Regards,
  7. It most certainly can be done using FSX. [media]http://youtu.be/SSwjZwr4LkA Regards,
  8. John your just asking for trouble posting a screenshot like that....
  9. Guys, Just wondering if there's anyway to delete the two static cruise liners stationed just off the Gold Coast. Having lived in Surfers Paradise for over 6 years not once have I seen cruise ships anchored off the coast. If someone could point me in the direction of the files to delete it would be very much appreciated. Hopefully this is'nt in breach of ORBX licensing and/or copyright laws by altering scenery files for personal use. If so could someone PM the file details rather than post publically. Removing these static ships would actually add more realism to the Gold Coast scenery in m
  10. Thanks for the great 'May Madness' offer John! Now I can afford to complete and own the entire ORBX collection released thus far. Ordering now!.... Regards,
  11. AVIRA keeps my system squeaky clean. Plus its also available in a freeware version. And yes, AVG has become quite outdated. Regards
  12. G'day raymar99 Thanks so much for coming forward with my request. The ORBX livery looks amazing. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort with this paint and thus will not share with any third parties. Thanks once again. Very much appreciated indeed. Kind regards P.S. Have PM'd you
  13. Thanks again guys but still no luck. Like i said i've searched the net extensively and been to www.avsim.com, www.flightsim.com, www.simviation.com, www.aussiex.org, www.fullterrain.com plus numerous other sites with no success. Hopefully somone here has them. May even need to post a $ reward.... Regards
  14. John Thanks for reply mate but i already have the aircraft just wanting the ORBX livery textures. Have searched the net high and low to no avail. Regards
  15. G'day Guys First of all i would like congratulate the OBRX team on developing such quality Australian FSX scenery add-ons. Nothing short of absolutely amazing! Im one of the lucky ones who's bought and installed all the products without a single hitch. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the freeware A22 FOXBAT ORBX Texture. I know it was mentioned in the forums a while back but it was PM'd to the requested user with no link given. Would appreciate if any one could send me the texture or at least let me know where to aquire it. Also would the texture work for
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