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  1. I know I jumped on with Nosferatu on this, but is there any other ideas what up? Thanks and have a nice day. Pipe
  2. Same problem here P3D V4.1. I only have ORBX installed and after installing this airport I could not spawn from it. So I restarted after the crash at another airport. I landed on 15 with the crash detection off, stopped and turned crash detection on then watched in spot view as I rolled past the parking on my left with nothing in sight and at a slow roll something unseen caused a crash. I tried this after reading this post. Maybe this should be declared in the release notes.. But then on another note maybe this is a non issue with others? But for those that have enable crash detection this is a problem.. but only at landing.....;) And only 3 Carenados.
  3. Hello and thank you for your time, I do not have a 3rd party Mesh installed for this location and my Mesh is set at 5m. The only other scenery I have is for RTMM and Tongass Fjords.
  4. Just installed CYSE the other night and I see that my installation is missing a few things, not sure if I did anything wrong but here are a few pictures to share with you folks. I would sure appreciate any ideas ya guys have. Thank you.
  5. Well that was the fix that did the trick! Nick, thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day. Roy
  6. I'm on it, Thanks for your response, it seems odd as this has just happened to the last install. Something must have went in a weird way, I will read that info you sent me. Thanks for your time Nick. Roy
  7. No sir, just the Steam version and it looks like the files are in my Steam FSX/ORBX folder in the J drive here is a photo for your review below.
  8. I found the first cfg file exactly where you told me to look but there is also a FSX-SE file next to it and I have attached the cfg file down below from that folder for your review. Both of theses files are on my C drive and I have steam and FSX installed on another drive names J drive. Scenery.CFG
  9. Here it is and thank you, but interestingly it is not in my steam fsx config file just for fyi. Scenery.CFG
  10. Hello all, I have read a lot of posts but i'm not sure where I stand in particular with my problem.. So here goes, I started FSX in steam as a fresh install with Central 3. My boxed versions were approved for install through C3, they installed just fine. Today I purchased the So-Cal region and installed it via C3. Everything seemed flawless as far as I could tell with the download and installation process however when I launch FSX the So-Cal region does not show up in my registry in the FSX scenery library section, all of my other product do though. I show N-Rockies-Pacific Fjords-PNW-Southern Alaska and a few airports that I have purchased. I don't have any Global Base or Vector installed. Southern California does show up in my Central 3 control panel and says it is up to date. I am sure I may have missed something in the forums that pertains to my problem, but I'm not sure if this a Steam based issue or what is really is, as for my other installs were perfect as far as I can tell. I have been away from FSX and ORBX for a few years and I sure would hate to mess up a good thing with my system as it is. Any ideas relating to my dilemma would would be appreciated.
  11. Almost like being there, good shot!
  12. Hi all, I installed the new LIBS130416 and Skagway went wonky on me. Any Ideas what I may have done wrong?
  13. Pipe


    Well I did a Microsoft system restore and it problem has resolved itself, maybe it was a update, I'm not shure why this happened, it was kinda like a baby showing up on my door step. But its gone now. Pipe
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