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  1. I have been using my Credit Cards for online purchases for as long as I can remember. Never had an issue. I just don't get the flat out reluctance to use a debit or credit card online for ORBX purchases. And considering the way PayPal treat long term customers it seems all the more reason to not use their services. In fact, everytime I have an option to use PayPal over Credit Card, I always choose Credit Card. PayPal can stick it..... You will find that internet security for online purchasing has really stepped up over the last 5 years or so. But hey, if you want
  2. Yes I can confirm that turning off automatic seasons sky rockets FPS. My performance is awesome however it's weird that this would be an issue? Strange. Anyway I'm happy now, just need to set a reminder to change seasons manually. Jas
  3. Cheers for this info. I had no idea there were new schedules. Jas
  4. That's a shame that there is a performance decrease being reported. It could be a direct result of the area in general. The original version of Nanaimo works really well for me so I might stick with that. Would be good to strike a good performance balance vs more detail.
  5. Ah cheers Brad. Sorry about that, worked it out, just not familiar with the region. I picked this up last week. Very nicely done. Another home run for ORBX!!!! Jas
  6. My FTX Central hasn't advised me of the update at all. Weird. Anyway I'm trying to download manually now. Wild fluctuations in speed. Jas
  7. Hi Brad, what is this new arcadia scenery you speak of? Jas
  8. Double thumbs up Emmsie. Well done to JM. Looking forward to it. Jas
  9. I agree totally. I will say this. I haven't had to upgrade my PC for a while, I use FSX (DX10) with the Fixer. What I find is that companies like ORBX are actually working really hard at optimising their software and the large aircraft developers are doing the same. My i72700K, GTX970 and 8GB and 1TB HDD moves everything along at high settings beautifully. Jas
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